Friday, May 5, 2017

Are Communists the REAL Fascists?

Conservatives are upset because Google defines fascism as right wing. Are fascists right wing? Or is it - Communists R THE REAL FASCISTS!


  1. That boomer shit is getting tiresome, a divide-and-conquer gift for our enemies. The issue is race, what you need to call them often and loudly is white-hating racist, and rightly say they're guilty of sponsoring black racist violence. Communism isn't seen as bad in large part because it isn't seen as "racist", it doesn't violate the narrative, even though all communist countries were both nationalist and racist. "Fascism" is bad only because it promises to prevent white extermination. There are all sorts of non-white groups and leaders around the world and even within Western countries who could be termed fascist (believing Muslims, for example), they don't bother the left at all. It's all well and good to try to make "communist" an obscene word but it's dodging the real issue - genocide against whites, the same thing you accuse "boomers" of doing. (Lots of quote marks in this response, but reality shimmers, don't it?)

  2. P.S. - a large part of the goal here is to make conservatives explicitly defend liberal white-hating racism and its consequences. They've been running interference for it for decades (and profiting form the effort at the top). Make conservatives big and small go on record as for or against it. That's why the left has to be branded plainly as racists, whether they're communists or not.

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