Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Advantages of Not Saying You Are Sorry

Every day Europeans/White are expected to apologize for an action which happened long before any of us were born. We are expected to apologize for slavery, the crusades, the Holocaust, colonialism, etc. And no matter how much we apologize, it is never enough.

Yet non-Europeans (except for maybe the Japanese) never apologize for ANY historical or current event. When is the last time you heard of a Muslim organization apologize for invading Europe? Or a Black organization apologize for their high violent crime rate? Never.

In evolutionary terms, an apology was a method to prevent violence. For example, if I was a farmer and my dog killed my neighbor’s chickens, I would be expected to apologize and provide restitution. The neighbor would then be expected to accept the apology and not hold a blood feud. This helped to create peace which allows for civilization.

In primitive areas, there are no apologies. You kill those who offend you. Apologies are a sign of weakness.

While apologies can be good, they are only useful when dealing with people who accept the morality of an apology. Otherwise a person (or a nation) offering an apology will just be considered weak and a target for exploitation.