Friday, March 24, 2017

GOP Health Care Bill Fails

President Trump was elected because people wanted jobs and they wanted to have illegals removed from the country. Health Care was not the major issue.

However, Trump decided to focus on a warmed over version of Obama Care. Yeah, Obama Care is a disaster, but the new bill was not much better.

The fundamental problem with heath care is America is PRICE, not coverage. Third Party insurance (mostly funded by the taxpayers) removes the incentive for health providers to lower their cost. Obama Care or Ryan Care did not address that fundamental issue.

Politically, this is probably a positive for Trump. As Obama Care fails, he can claim he tried to offer a better solution but the Democrats and GOP cucks prevented that from happening.

Update - I am trying to figure out YouTube's new censorship policy. Is it based on the content or the person? I am also interested how their new algorithm censors comments.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pray For London

I am really not sure what to say anymore about these Muslim attacks. The British have kissed Muslim ass for years and this is how they are repaid. I know, shocking.

And, no, this is not an isolated incident of "mental illness." This is an on-going war against our people. Don't believe me, just listen to what the Muslim leaders say for themselves. Just yesterday, the Turkish PM called for Muslims to attack Europeans. And yet we ignore it.

So whatever. I guess the English can have their candle light vigils and sing "Imagine" if that makes them feel better.

Monday, March 20, 2017


When Richard Spencer was physically assaulted for his political views the police pretty much ignored it. After all, we learned that "Nazis" deserve to be punched. But when journalist Kurt Eichenwald received a mean Tweet from a Twitter user named @Jew_Goldstein, all Hell broke loose. Supposedly, the tweet sent by @Jew_Goldstein contained an animated .gif that caused Eichenwald to have a seizure.

Ironically, the Texas judge that ordered the investigation was also named Goldstein.

I would think that if you are that fragile, you probably should not be on the Internet. What is next? Can a delicate woman call the police if she reads an article that causes her to have a fainting spell?

However, I have my doubts that Eichenwald actually had a seizure. He later admitted that he had the AutoPlay feature off. He had to manually clicked on the .gif to play it.

Of course, the real purpose of this criminal investigation is to silence criticism of certain powerful and connected people. Eichenwald considers himself to be part of the secular priesthood that should be legally protected from the riffraff mocking them.

Of course, if you read Eichenwald's Twitter feed he is not shy to smear and mock others. But mocking him is "Hate."