Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Foley beheaded - Financed by USA

John McCain is a traitorous piece of garbage.

Last year McCain worked with the "Syrian Emergency Task Force" to help overthrow the Syrian government. Investigative work (see the detailed article below) revealed that this task force was just a front organization for AIPAC.

McCain met with known terrorists, including the infamous al-Qaeda. Yeah, the terrorist organization that was behind 9/11 received aid and comfort from John McCain.

In January, 2014 the US congress secretly agreed to fund various Islamic  terrorists organizations in an attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. One of these "moderate" organizations became to be known as ISIS. Your tax dollars at work.

Burn in Hell John.

(Reuters) - Light arms supplied by the United States are flowing to "moderate" Syrian rebel factions in the south of the country and U.S. funding for months of further deliveries has been approved by Congress, according U.S. and European security officials.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hands Up! (and down) For Michael Brown

The Ferguson protesters (when they are not looting liquor stores) are protesting the killing of Michael Brown by showing their hands up. Well, and from the picture below, some have their hands a tad down.

Yet again, the protesters took to the sidewalks and streets, facing a row of police guarding the St. Louis County prosecutor's office. "Hands up!" they chanted, their arms aloft. "Don't shoot."

"This is how the boy died!" Kendrick Strong, 42, hollered at police officers Tuesday morning. "This is how the boy died! With his hands up in the air!"

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ferguson Shooting Press Conference 8/16/2014

The people of Ferguson don't want some White Governor "whitesplaining" to them. These people are in pain. And while the pain of losing Michael Brown can never be eliminated, looting stores helps with the grieving process. So the police should get out of town and let the "youths" do their thing.

In a Nationalist system this sort of thing would never happen. People want self-determination. As such, I am officially a Black Nationalist. Allow these people to have a country where they never have to see a White police officer again.

Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri on Saturday imposed a midnight to 5 a.m. curfew in this small city, declaring a state of emergency after violence flared anew after a week of street protests over the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.