Thursday, October 20, 2016

What Will Happen If Trump Does Not Concede?

The media is in an uproar that Trump many not concede the election if he suspect fraud. But why should he? if the election is fraudulent, he has the moral obligation to contest it.

The idea that Trump supporters will "chimp out" and start riots is ludicrous.  But Trump not conceding will give many Americans the "permission slip" to consider other options than maintaining the Union. If Trump does not concede, I believe that this will be the start of the breakup of the American Empire.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary - Worse Than Nixon's Watergate

I always knew Hillary was corrupt, but even I was shocked to see the depths of her criminal behavior. In an undercover video, Hillary's campaign (more than just one person) was shown admitting, and even bragging, about organizing violence against Trump supporters. They were especially happy that they were successful in forcing Trump to cancel an event in Chicago due to their political terrorism.

Hillary's campaign also admits on camera that they use mentally ill people as pawns to instigate violence. However, they do say they are nice enough to pay for their legal and medical bills resulting from engaging in violence as instructed by Hillary's staff.

To put this in perspective, Nixon was forced to resign because his campaign team was caught trying to spy on the Democrats in the Watergate Hotel. Hillary's team has now been caught trying to disrupt the democratic process through political violence. By definition, Hillary is a terrorist.

The video also shows the campaign explaining how they attempt to violate various Federal Laws via "plausible deniability."

This video made me sick to my stomach.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GOP Establishment Attempts a Coup

Inside sources have confirmed that the GOP establishment leaked the infamous "pussy" tape in a coup attempt against Trump. I can't ever remember a major political party attempting to take out their democratically elected candidate a month prior to an election.

This coup attempt has discredited the legitimacy of the election and the American government. We we now have a one party globalist state with the GOP acting as false opposition.

The Republican Party will be seen now as irrelevant and as sort of a bad joke. The establishment now has to worry about a new serious opposition party arising from the ashes of this election.

Hillary will be elected President. But she will be despised by most Americans from Day 1, and much of the country will start to break in open rebellion.