Monday, December 15, 2014

The Real Victims of Sydney

So a Muslim takes a bunch of White Christians hostage and he kills two. Who are the victims? Well, the Muslims, of course, At least that is the official narrative.

Muslims now fear a "backlash". What backlash? Whenever White people get murdered we get a lecture from the Cultural Marxists about our "White Privilege". If a White person should even whisper a mild objection about our people being slaughtered, he is branded as a "NAZI" or a "RACIST".

Could you imagine if the situation was reversed? What if Christians immigrated into a Muslim country and conducted car bombings and decapitated innocent Muslims? Do you think the Social Justice Warriors would be quick to defend Christianity?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Carol, a CNN Host, Raped Me

Susan Patton made some OUTRAGEOUS statements on CNN. She implied that that regret is not the same thing as rape. And maybe women should drink responsibly and not end up having sex that they later regret. Why this type of HATE SPEECH is allowed in America is mind boggling.

Carol Costello, the CNN news babe, demonstrated the brilliant logic of feminist thought.