Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT - A Victory Against Globalism!

A huge victory for nationalism and self-determination. Despite non-stop propaganda from the globalist controlled media, the British voted to leave the anti-White European Union.

The globalists may ignore the results of this election. Or they may simply try another vote once they have flooded Britain with more non-Whites. However, they can't change that fact that globalism was defeated in this one instance. This will give hope to people around the world that we can have our homelands and not be controlled by the globalist masters.

I feel it in the air. People of European heritage are starting to come together. The enemy senses this too, and they are screaming in rage. For their day may soon be over. And they will be held accountable.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here I am

J.C. Penny decided to virtual signal for female obesity. Hey, why not? America now stands for everything that is ugly and vile. Let's lie to our young girls that being morbidly obese will make then attractive and healthy.  After all, being obese is one of our core values as Americans. People are born obese and there is nothing they can do to change it.

What we need to do is to change the hateful attitudes of men that prefer thin women. Dating a thin woman is basically a hate crime.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Government Falsifies Orlando 911 Call

Our government is based on corruption and lies. It was announced yesterday that the 911 call text from the Orlando killer would be released. However, the words "ISIS" and "Islam" were censored. And "Allah" was changed to "God."

The text was falsified in order to protect the feelings of Muslim terrorists. Obama and Hillary have been running with the narrative that this latest massacre by a Muslim was the fault of Christian White men who own guns.

And the USA government is so brazen that not only do they lie, they admit that they are lying. And they demand that we believe what they have already admitted is a lie.

The United States makes the old Soviet Union look honest.