Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canadian niqab kabab

In Canada there is a big debate if Muslim women should be forced to show their faces before becoming Canadian citizens. I would think that if they do not want to adapt to Canadian customs they should stay in their own homelands. After all, it would be considered "racist" for us to go to their homelands and demand that they change their customs for us. But when they flood our homelands it is "racist" if we don't accommodate their culture.

These Muslims immigrants don't really want to become Canadians. They want to keep their own culture with the associate "gibs me dat".

Monday, October 5, 2015

Germany threatens to take children from parents

Germany has announced they will take another 1.5 million "refugees" (mostly Arab and African young men). And if you should criticize this policy, German has threaten that they will take your children and get you fired. This is why we fought WW2! For Freedom!

The German (heh) woman to head up the police state styled spying is Anetta (((Kahane))).

She will be watching what you say

Previously, Miss Kahane stated in an interview that Europe was no longer to remain White. Europe must embrace the multicultural model. Nationalism will no longer be tolerated! Curiously, Miss Kahane was silent on Israel. But I am sure Miss Kahane agrees that Israel must embrace multiculturalism and accept millions of refugees.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chris Harper-Mercer - First Black White Supremacist?

Christ Harper-Mercer murdered nine White Christians the other day on an Oregon Community College campus. The media claims that Chris (who was an African-American) was a White Supremacist. He was also an atheist who had radical Muslim friends and he supported the BlackLivesMatter movement. Oh, and he also liked Satan and the occult.

Chris was the product of a black mother and a White father. His parents divorced and Chris was raised by his single mother. His father turned gay and was sued for playing grab ass with male employees.

Chris represents the total poz condition of modern America. I nominate him as the patron saint of Dildoween.

Satire eventually becomes real life: