Monday, May 29, 2017

Gain access to exclusive RAMZPAUL videos

As YouTube has restricted video monetization, I am now offering access to exclusive, ad free videos for only $5 a month. While these videos will continue to abide by the Terms of Service, I will be able to discuss more controversial topics.

My free videos will continue as usual. However, the public videos will conform to the new “advertiser friendly” policy.

You can gain access via Patreon at the following location:

People with “politically incorrect” views are being silenced with economic attacks. We have seen a recent example with Sean Hannity. The goal to restrict free speech and free thought is totalitarian in nature.

Yeah, you can technically say anything you want in America. But certain forces and un-American groups will attempt to blacklist you from employment and revenue. As such, we need to fund alternative voices (not just me) as much as we can.  

I want to thank you all for watching my videos. As I grow I hope I can be a reasonable voice that advocates for our people. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Star Trek Discovery Embraces Diversity

Of course, it is always "racist" for White people to desire White characters in television and movies. But it is always a GOOD thing for non-Whites to advocate for non-White characters.

The new Star Trek series seems more concerned with having the proper identity politics than in creating an interesting setting and plot. Hey, the show may be dull, but you will get to see homosexuals kiss!

We are told that diversity is our greatest strength and it will one day lead us to the stars. In real life, diverse societies lead us to little girls being run over by trucks or blown up at concerts.

Friday, May 26, 2017

CNN Attempting to Shut Down RAMZPAUL

Logan Whiteside of CNN interviewed me concerning Youtube's monetization policy. I have since learned from the video below that she is attempting to interfere with a contract I have (tortious interference) in an attempt to silence my point of view. Logan's interview of me was conducted in bad faith as she has gone behind my back to smear me in an attempt to harm me financially.

I have ALWAYS followed the Terms Of Service, and I have never violated Youtube's policy in 10 years which represents hundreds of videos.

CNN has not yet released the hit piece, but if they do, I promise I will take them to court for tortious interference and defamation. This is an attack not only on me but on all Americans who wish to speak freely in America.

It is absolutely disgusting that a news organization would attempt to silence Americans.

I am willing to debate ANYONE on CNN. But CNN does not want debate, they want to shutdown opposing views.

As CNN is too chicken shit to allow me to give my side of the story, I hope my viewers can help to spread this message.