Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Parkland and the 2nd Amendment

Like clockwork, the usual suspects jumped on the recent school shooting to attack the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. 

But what was the purpose of the 2nd Amendment? To allow the army to use guns? To allow pioneers to hunt for food? To provide personal protection?

Nope. There was only one reason - to give citizens the power to resist a tyrannical government. For while an AR15 can't destroy account, it can make life quite dangerous to the people who want to rule over us. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

The VAWA Scam

The Violence Against Women Act is probably one of the most unconstitutional bills ever to be passed. Basically, it assumes men are always guilty and it makes it illegal for a man to give a defense. 

One of the provisions of VAWA is that a foreign bride can gain a fast track to citizenship and is provided free legal services (paid by the US taxpayer) if she should claim that she was a victim of abuse. Legally, all claims must be considered true and the man is not allowed to give a defense.

Of course, many of these men are naive and stupid. Eastern women who are willing to marry you in a matter of weeks are not "traditional", they are scam artists basically just a step above prostitutes. 

Watch the video at the following link. It is eye opening.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Blackbeard Campaign

Dan Osarchuk has released his new fantasy novel. It is a fun read and he supports our values.

On February 17 and February 18, you can pick up a free Kindle copy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.