Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Legacy of Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is a movie about the famous British retreat from France during World War 2.  Although I suppose I should use quotes around the word "famous" as most younger people today have little knowledge of WW2 except for the Holocaust. I doubt that one in a hundred Americans under the age of 30 knew what Dunkirk was before this movie was released.

Dunkirk represented a humiliating defeat for the British. The Germans easily defeated France and had trapped the British army against the sea. If Hitler followed the advice of his generals, the German tanks would have rolled in and destroyed the British army. In political terms, this would have forced the British to sue for peace and have ended the war.

Hitler choose not to attack the trapped British (except for air strikes). His reasoning was that he had nothing against the British and he thought by sparing these lives he would be seen as a "good guy" and the British would quickly come to terms. Obviously, Hitler was wrong and this had disastrous consequences that we still feel today.

To be fair, there are typically more than one reason for a decision, and this was the case at Dunkirk. Dunkirk was at the extreme range limit for the Luftwaffe. And there was some confusing if the British really were fleeing, or if they planned to use Dunkirk as a beachhead for a counter attack. These factors could have also influenced Hitler's decision to halt the tanks. He did not want to rush into battle unprepared.

Nevertheless, this bad decision by Hitler was one of many throughout the war. Invading Poland was . the height of recklessness as Germany and France made it (somewhat) clear that such would mean war.  And as Hitler wrote about how the Soviet Union would eventually be the enemy, he was putting Germany, yet again, in a hopeless two front war.  Yes, he probably had the moral justification concerning Danzig. But that is probably of little comfort to the Germans, and other Europeans, that are now losing their own homelands as a consequence of Hitler's poor judgment.

Even if the modern 14/88 crowd is correct that Hitler was a righteous man and had good intentions, there is no escaping that his actions created a disaster for our people. Hitler's recklessness and poor judgment are not traits that we should admire and seek to emulate.

A leader has a terrible responsibility to act prudent and responsibly. Hitler did neither.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ADL targets Mike Cernovich and Gavin Mcinnes

The SPLC and the ADL are two organization that were formed to fight defamation and violent hate crimes. The popular image was that of the SPLC fighting the KKK from harassing Africans in the South. Or the ADL defending the small Jewish business owner from neo-nazi intimidation and defamation.

However, over time, these two groups have simply become Marxist organizations that use slander and defamation in an attempt to silence political views.  They do this is by placing individuals on "hate lists." The sad thing is that the mainstream media validates the SPLC and the ADL as a serious source. As such, if you get on a "hate list" you quickly find that you are blacklisted from employment and other activities.

We also have evidence that the ADL and SPLC audience is inherently violent and has used these "hate lists" as a target guide for political murder.

The SPLC "hate map" was directly responsible for a shooting at the Christian Family Research Center:


More recently, James Hodgkinson, the gunman who shot congressman Steve Scalise had a "hit list" that looked to be inspired from the SPLC. James Hodgkinson was a Leftist who followed the SPLC on Facebook.


If a White organization published a "list" of Jews demonizing them as hateful enemies, and if their followers then attempted to kill these Jews, it would spark a national outrage. The FBI would investigate and such groups would face potential RICO charges as well as Civil Rights violations.

The good news is that as the SPLC and ADL starts to call the most reasonable and mild people "NAZIS" and "WHITE SUPREMACISTS" it chips away at their credibility. Some of the mainstream media such as Tucker Carlson and National Review are starting to doubt the integrity of these groups.

Personally, I am on the SPLC's "Hate List" as a "white nationalist" despite the fact I have done multiple videos explaining why I am opposed to White Nationalism. But facts don't matter to these organizations. They don't like my political views, so these huge organizations that are worth millions, think it is fine to defame and smear individual Americas.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Is Speech Violence?

The enemies of liberty are always creating interesting arguments. Lisa Barrett wrote an opinion piece for the NY Times arguing that speech can be violence. She used Milo as an example of someone that is "hateful" and should not be allowed to speak. She claims that when people such as Milo speak they can cause physical stress in people which can cause them health issues.

Of course, I doubt Miss Barrett would like *her* speech censored by people claiming *her* speech is violence. Oh, no! She is very much for free speech and health debate as long as *she* approves.