Saturday, October 21, 2017

The #MeToo hysteria

The Harvey Weinstein story has triggered a mass hysteria world wide concerning sexual predators. While rape and sexual exploitation needs to stop, the hysteria has now escalated to the point that basically any romantic remarks or gestures can be consider "sexual harassment" based on the whim of the woman.

Notice below that "sexual harassment" is defined as "unwanted" sexual advances or comments. This logically means that "wanted" sexual advances or remarks are fine. As such, men are expected to be telepathic or they could face jail. Men with poor "game" will be now be criminals.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ivanka pushes female empowerment

Ivanka is working with the globalists to push more women into the workforce. It is unclear how more women in the work force is a good thing - but usually something about "empowerment" and "improving the economy" is muttered.

However, the data has shown that increase female participation in the economy has not grown the GDP or increased wages. Prior to women entering the workforce in mass, it was common for a man to be be able to provide for a household. Now it is frequently necessary for both the husband and the wife to work to make ends meet. The small children are typically raised in day care by strangers.

This is obviously just a simple case of supply and demand. And more people enter the workforce, the supply of labor increases which lowers the wages.