Sunday, August 30, 2009

500 Days of Summer movie Review

500 Days of Summer is a new romantic comedy that was released this weekend. While I usually hate romantic comedies, I heard that this one was more in the off-beat style of Groundhog Day. While it was not as good as Groundhog Day, I must admit that it did not follow the same usually romantic comedy formula. As the narrator said at the opening on the movie, 500 Days of Summer is not really a love story. It is more of a story of a guy who puts a woman on a pedestal and has his dreams crushed. As such, it is actually somewhat a good cautionary tale for young men.

The creator of the movie admitted the movie was about a relationship in his life. (He had a funny tag line at the beginning of the movie.)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A feminist wedding

Ellie Levenson is a feminist writer for the Times Online. In the article below Ellie describes how she attempted to reconcile her desire for a husband and a wedding while maintaining the ideological purity of feminism.

What is fascinating is despite her ideology, Ellie secretly desires a happy home life based on traditional roles. For example, she wants her boyfriend to propose to her, not the other way around. Unfortunately, her ideology causes her to sabotage her relationship with her boyfriend/husband. Instead of looking at a relationship as a mutually loving partnership, Ellie sees a relationship as a political power play. And, as such, she is constantly demanding that her husband assume the submissive position.

Feminism has caused a role reversal in so many relationships. Women are now assuming the masculine and dominate roles, and men are becoming feminized and submissive. And when such a role reversal happens both the man and the woman become miserable. Biology will always trump ideology.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Democrat stages attack on Colorado's Democratic HQ

The night that Ted Kennedy died, the Colorado’s Democratic Party’s HQ windows were smashed. The chairwoman of Colorado’s Democratic Party was quick to blame the incident on “hate.” Today Maurice Schwenkler (see picture below) was arrested as being the culprit. Is Maurice a member of a hate group such as the Skinheads? Nope. Is Maurice some sort of disgruntled Republican? Nope. Maurice Schwenkler is a known operative for the Democratic Party. It seems that Maurice staged this attack in hopes of smearing the Republican Party.

As Ted Kennedy was one of the leading figures that helped establish Cultural Marxism as the dominate ideology of America, it is fitting that a politically staged crime would occur. Such an event is very Soviet in nature.

Gone are the days in which America championed the rights and liberties of the individual. Under Ted Kennedy’s direction, we are now a nation that celebrates the collectivist notion of racial and sexual politics. Such Marxist concepts such as racism, sexism, etc. are now accepted as the ultimate evils by both the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Our little Che Guevara:

Monday, August 24, 2009

'Seinfeld' joke gets man canned for harassment

Per the story below, a man was fired for sexual harassment in part because he played along with a running gag that was the subject of a Seinfeld episode. In the episode, the characters decided that saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezed seemed pretty silly and meaningless. So they decided to say something that would better brighten a person’s day. And this phrase was “you’re so good looking!”

According to the story, the women at the work retreat actually started to play around with this phrase with each other in a joking manner. However, when John Preston repeated this phrase (probably trying to fit in with the group) one of the women became uncomfortable. And a woman feeling “uncomfortable” is now enough legal reason to fire a man.

Ironically, if John Preston was deemed good looking and charming, I doubt any sexual harassment charges would have been filed.

Modern sexual harassment laws are not based on objective rules. Previously, sexual harassment was when a man insisted that a woman provide sexual favors in return for rewards at work. The definition of sexual harassment has now been broadened to include any activity that might make a woman feel “uncomfortable.” Of course such a vague definition leaves most men at risk based on the whims of how a woman should interpret an action. And such whims can definitely be influenced based on attractiveness of the man. For example, the average woman would tolerate much more crude behavior from a powerful and charming man such as Bill Clinton that she would from a short and ugly man.

Corporations are quick to fire the man when there is any doubt. This helps to reduce their legal risk. The only exception is if the man in question should be non-white. In such a case the matter gets trickier because you have to appease the gods of feminism and the gods of racism.

The whole modern concept of sexual harassment is something out of the old Soviet playbook. Like the charge of being a counter-revolutionary, the definition is vague and just the accusation is enough to condemn a man without a trial.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chick Crack

Here is a feel good story out of England. Nileen Namita, single mom of three, wisely spent the equivalent of $400,000 over the past 20 years for plastic surgeries. It seems that Nileen had odd dreams when she was young. And the only logical explanation for these dreams was that she was the reincarnated Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The odds that the ancient queen would reincarnate into a middle aged British woman seem amazing! But it obviously must be true based on her psycho-therapist.

And, of course, the 49 year old Nileen is pulling the old, “I really look like I am 25 years old” card. And, Nileen, if you should read this blog, please stop saying such silly things. It is embarrassing for all of us middle-aged people. We all pretty much look our age. And if you really think you look like you are 25, please look at a picture of an actual 25 year old girl (see below) and compare it to yours. I no longer look 25. And neither do you.

This story also illustrates how so many middle-aged women just love psycho-babble and pseudo-science such as reincarnation, Tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, etc. In common vernacular this is known as “chick crack.” For some reason these sorts of mystical fads always entice older women. I guess younger women are too busy having fun. And men end up with their own weird hobbies such as sports or video games.

49 year old Woman that claims she looks 25 years old.

A real 25 year old French singer:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Husband is Annoying Blog

One of the things I find to be amazing is how many White Guys (especially urban) have become entirely feminized. Throughout history there have always been weak men who have allowed their women to dominate them and rule over them. But we have now reached the point in which some men actually seem to enjoy being emasculated publically by their women.

Such is a case with this guy (at least he claims to be male) named Mark Joyella. Mark and his wife Tiffanie Wong (have to love that SWPL spelling of Tiffany) live in New York City. One day Tiffanie thought it would be funny to create a blog called “My Husband is Annoying.” Pretty much the theme of the blog is explaining why Mark is an utter loser and dweeb to the world. And as Mark seems to accept that he is Tiffanie’s bitch, he is weakly able to muster a smile and nod his head in approval of his public mocking. (see video at link below)

Her blog was a story in the NY Daily News. When men are emasculated it is always sort of funny. Of course, the newspaper would never dare run a story in which the roles were reversed. A blog making fun of a woman would be considered to be “hate.” But as long as it is a White guy being mocked, everything is kosher.

In psychological terms, Tiffanie is testing to see if her husband has any sort of testosterone or dominance left. Sadly, it seems that she is discovering (much to her horror) that this guy has no limit to the abuse he will take.

2009 Urban White Guy. Being consoled by his (mommy) wife.

1490s White Guy. Kicking Ass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

As I long suspected, “White Supremacist” Hal Turner turned out to be an agent provocateur. An agent provocateur is someone that is paid by the State to provide false opposition. Such false opposition gives the State the excuse to restrict liberty.

In this case, Hal Turner was paid by your tax dollars to play the role of a White Supremacist. Undoubtedly, this scam was done in coordination with a so-called “hate” watch group such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Groups such as the SPLC depend on creating false opposition to increase their own funding. Without the boogie man of “hate groups” - groups such as the SPLC (and the ADL) would cease to have a reason to exist. Hence it is in their interest to stage and manufacture incidents. Whenever you hear of a so-called racist incident (such as a swastika painted on a tombstone), you can usually bet it is that handiwork of the SPLC or the ADL.

If you ever see a loud mouth clown such as Hal Turner making outrageous claims and advocating violence, it is a pretty safe bet that he is on the government payroll. Such are the tactics of the Police State.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dumbing Down of The West

Below is an amusing story of how a British kid received GCSE credit for riding a bus. The GCSE are standardized tests that are often requirements for university acceptance. They are somewhat similar to the United States SAT and ACT tests.

In order to ensure equal outcomes (usually due to demands to meet diversity quotas) these standardized tests have been dumbed down across the West. Admittance to university was usually only achievable by the brightest of our young. Now universities pretty much accept anyone, especially if it meets some diversity goal.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Women that women hate

Interacting with all sorts of women over the years, I have noticed that there are certain types of women that other women hate. Of course, hate might be too strong of a word. I suppose a better word would be “annoy.”

Anyway, here are the categories:

1. Skinny Women

All women hate skinny women. This is pretty much universal. Women that are thin are accused of being anorexic and having “issues.” It is also claimed that only gay men could possible find a thin woman to be desirable. And if a straight man should find a skinny woman to be attractive, he is obviously either a pedo or a closet gay.

(Below is Kate Moss. She obviously looks like a boy.)

2. Young Women

With the “cougar” phenomena it has become acceptable for old women to date younger men. What is interesting is that is has almost become taboo for a man to say that he finds younger women to be attractive.

And older women tend to actively despise younger women. I have observed this in the workplace in which older women are frequently complaining about the dress or behavior of younger women. You also see this in Hollywood in which aging actresses bitch about the younger girls getting all the new roles. (Of course these same actresses tend to forget that they were once the young girl who took a role from an older actress.)

(Danica McKellar. You are obviously a pedo if you find her attracive.)

3. Asian Women (or foreign women in general)

Women tend to be much more politically correct than men. Part of this is the desire of women to conform to the herd. As such, women are usually the first to expound upon the joys of diversity. However, this political correctness seems to evaporate once American men find women from other cultures to be interesting. I have seen frequently on various forums in which women call men “losers” for being involved with foreign women.

(Grace Park. Have to be a total loser to find this asian girl to be attractive.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rape Myth

Here is yet another rape conviction that has turned out to be false. In this case the woman, Biurny Peguero, admitting to making false charges in order to save her from embarrassment to admitting that she stood up her friends. Based on this whimsical charge with no evidence, William McCaffrey has spent four years in prison.

What is especially disturbing is that McCaffrey was convicted even though DNA testing excluded him as a possible suspect. The saliva that she claimed to be his did not have a Y chromosome. Meaning, the salvia was not from a man. Yet this man was sentenced to 20 years.

Rape is a serious crime. However, the feminist meme that women never lie about rape has destroyed many men. How many men are now sitting in jail based on false accusations?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Wants Creationism Exhibit

One of the candidates (Anna Falling) for the Mayor of Tulsa is campaigning on including a creationism exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo. As Tulsa has experienced severe budgetary problems recently, the probable cause seems to be that we as citizens of Tulsa have dishonored God.

When asked by the media why she chose to emphasize this exhibit as part of her campaign, Anna responded -

"Some may ask why this issue during a Mayoral campaign? And I say why not?"

I must admit that I am a sucker for women with such intellectual powers of reasoning. Anna continued -

"Today we are announcing that God will be glorified in this city. He shall not be shunned. Upon our election, we hereby commit to honoring Him in all ways that He has been dishonored," said Anna Falling.

Amen Anna! That is why I am campaigning to have the Finnish creation theory also presented as an exhibit in the zoo. Kids need to be exposed to competing theories. And I have found many kids are not even aware that the Earth may have been created from a bird laying an egg.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A couple of items in the news today.

The first was in regards to Miley Cyrus performing at the Teen Choice Awards. It seems that 16 year old Miley danced on an ice cream cart with a stripper pole. There has been lots of buzz of this being an example of how Disney sexualizes children.

Then there was the story of Hillary Clinton having a fit because someone asked her what her husband thought.

Forgetting the politics, it is interesting to observe how women transform during their lives. I always admire women who are able to keep a youthful sense of joy and wonder.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Exotic Dancer Rapes Man!

A strange story of a woman who is accused of raping a man.,,25854393-911,00.html

BUCK'S night reveller was completely naked and on his hands and knees when he allegedly was raped by a stripper with a "statuesque'' pink sex toy, a court has heard.

Stripper Linda Maree Naggs, 40, will argue the rape of the best man at the party in the bayside Melbourne suburb of Mornington in September 2007 was an accident.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dating Game From Hell

Charles Manson and George Sodini were both psycho mass killers. Beyond that the similarities end. Manson is a little man that is only 5’2”s tall. Sodini was a tall guy that was a weight lifter. Manson was a druggie criminal who rarely had two dollars to his name. Sodini had a respectable job and was able to save $250,000. Manson was considered to be a psycho asshole for most of his life. Sodini was always considered to be a nice guy that played by the rules.

Given all of that, Sodini was unable to find a girl willing to give him the time of day over the past 20 years. Manson had a harem of women that were willing to do ANYTHING for him.

Girls R CRAZY.

George - celibate for 20 years:

Charles - had a harem of young girls willing to kill for him.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Women Super Glue Man

Here is a weird story out of Wisconsin

It seems that four woman took revenge on a guy who was sleeping with all four of them. They lured him into a hotel room and super glued his penis to his stomach.

I guess the story received international attention because it is always sort of funny when a man is attacked or harmed in a sexual manner (see Bobbit). While the guy in this story seems to be a total loser (the women involved also are quite ugly), that does not justify an attack on him. If four men were to attack a woman in a similar manner, the four men would be facing life in prison for such an attack.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Needy Men

Here is another sad story about a guy who went crazy and killed a bunch of women. This story reminds me much of the Korean student (Seung-Hui Cho) who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. In both cases the killers were guys who were obsessed and desperately craved female validation. When these guys were unable to obtain such validation, they became angry, bitter and homicidal.

Too many modern men have become emotionally weak and unable to live a happy life on their own terms. For such men, their lives have no meaning outside the validation of women. And if they fail to receive such validation, they feel as if their lives are meaningless. This causes them to become bitter and angry. And they end up hating all women for the pain that they feel.

The irony is that such men are actually unable to love a woman. What these men crave is a surrogate Mommy that will always pat them on the back and tell them that they are special.

Monday, August 3, 2009


TWITS is the new term for 'Teenage Women In Their Thirties.’ Basically this term describes older women who pretend that they are teenagers. While I am a Libertarian and I don’t really care what people do, these women do run the risk as being seen as somewhat pathetic.

Women that are over 30 can be quite beautiful and fun. I don’t believe that there is any need to such women to pretend they are back in High School. It has been my experience that people seem more attractive and happy when they are comfortable with their age.,27574,25869964-36398,00.html

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Diversity Thoughts in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the truly diverse cities in America. It is freedom of association that preserves such diversity, not political correctness.

Freedom of association allows a group of people to maintain their heritage. For example, Chinatown in San Francisco is populated almost exclusively by people of Chinese descent. Then literally just a block over is North Beach which is Italian. San Francisco is composed of other neighborhoods that maintain a cultural tradition. This includes Japanese and Russian neighborhoods.

Political Correctness maintains that it is wicked for a people (especially if they are White) to maintain their cultural traditions. The idea that you can have a neighborhood that is almost exclusively of one ethic background is anathema to the diversity police. However, it is the ability to form such associates that actually maintains diversity.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

RAMZPAUL in San Francisco

I headed to San Francisco today to visit my brother. My brother is pretty good at woodworking and he will be featured in Wood magazine in a few months.

When I first started to create videos in YouTube it was just a private video to my brother. But at the time I didn’t know how to make a video private, and other people started to subscribe. When we lived near each other we would just drink and bullshit about various topics. Anyway, this video was basically just my brother and I bullshitting like the old days.

Will get back to the political stuff tomorrow.