Saturday, July 31, 2010

RAMZ Millennium Scholars

The RAMZ Millennium Scholars (RMS) is a scholarship program in response to the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS). White Students are not allowed to apply for scholarships from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As RAMZPAUL believes that White students also have value as human beings, the RMS program has been created exclusively for White students.

Gates won't allow these kids to apply for a scholarship

If you believe that White kids also should have scholarship options, please donate to the RMS fund. All money donated will be used to provide scholarships to deserving White children.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fallin - The Face of Modern Conservatism

No, Mary Fallin is not a real estate agent, she just looks like one. Mary is actually a career politician from Oklahoma. I can find no evidence from her biography that she has ever had a real job. She married a dentist, had a couple of babies and then went into politics.

Her claim to fame was that she was Oklahoma’s first female Lieutenant Governor (OMG! How Progressive!) While she was Lieutenant Governor she had an affair with her state trooper bodyguard. The state trooper was forced to resign in disgrace, but Mary was unscathed. Once caught, Mary filed a divorce from her husband. There was a nasty custody battle. But, not surprisingly, Mary won custody.

As a congresswoman, Mary is active in the Congressional Women’s Caucus. This caucus works closely with Women’s Policy, Inc., a radical feminist organization. Mary was active as part of this women’s caucus to help form a policy that would help military women win custody during divorces. (As women pretty much always win custody, this is mostly academic. However, Mary pushed for guidelines that would allow military women to win custody even if they are mentally ill.)

So is Mary Fallin just a typical liberal Democrat? No, Mary is hailed as one of the new and exciting conservative leaders in the Republican Party.

Mary has received enthusiastic support from Evangelical Christians:

Received an award from the American Conservatives Union:

And is supported by leading Republicans such as Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush

Western Civilization will not survive with such “conservative” leaders. Time is growing short and darkness approaches. We need real leaders who are not ashamed of liberty.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illegal Penis Pumps

A Minnesota town is outraged over reports that an illegal immigrant was implanted with a penis pump—paid for by taxpayers.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said the expense to taxpayers was more than $50,000.

Taxpayer Stimulus Money

Helping to Prime the Economic Pump

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mel Gibson and Hollywood

It seems that Mel Gibson’s wife secretly taped various phone conversations of him with the intent to commit blackmail. Reportedly she demanded millions of dollars from him else she threatened would release the private tapes. When Mel failed to pay the blackmail money, she released the tapes to a tabloid.

Holywood Villian: Mel Gibson with Wife
Said Naughty Things in a private call

What is interesting is how Hollywood is “SHOCKED” and “OUTRAGED” over Mel’s private comments. (One wonders how these same people wagging their fingers at Mel would like any of their private conversations broadcast to the world)

MTV’s Kara Warner laments that she could not possibly watch Mel Gibson movies after he said such naughty things. Kara writes:

“Instead of bashing Gibson, which is really what he deserves, I'm putting the question to you, the readers. What are your thoughts on this recent turn of events?”

Her statement is then followed by a hilariously biased poll that looks like it should be on The Onion as satire. Your choices in the poll (next to a picture of Mel that makes him look insane) basically allows you to choose the level of his wickedness. The poll just assumes that you MUST find his comments hateful and shocking.

While Hollywood is OUTRAGED over the naughty words of Gibson made in private, for some strange reason they lack the same outrage for convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. In fact, the leading powers in Hollywood (such as Woody Allen, Asia Argento, Martin Scorcese, etc.) have signed a petition demanding his release from Swiss custody.

Hollywood Hero: Roman Polanski
Drugged and Raped a 13 year old girl

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Black GOP candidate slams Obama for exploiting race

One of the GOP’s handful of black candidates for Congress condemned President Barack Obama for exploiting race for political gain.

Allen West, the Republican challenging Rep. Ron Klein (D) in Florida’s 22nd congressional district, sharply criticized the Obama administration for having declined prosecuting the New Black Panther Party on voter tampering charges allegedly for political reasons.

I applaud the fact that Allen West (pictured below) took a stand against blatant anti-white discrimination. However, it is somewhat dismaying that no White politicians had the courage to speak out on this matter.

Of course, White politicians are frightened to speak on any racial matter that does not involve condemning Whites. The fear is that even the mildest from of protect against anti-White discrimination will be met with the cry of RACIST! And politicians fear being branded as a racist by the mainstream media. A typical politician would much rather be accused of being a child molester rather being called a racist.

Allen West is able to safe condemn the actions of the New Black Panther Party because having a black face protects him against the accusation of being a witch racist.

And this is for my homie, King Shabazz:

King Shabazz speaks of the pompitus of love

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who is King Samir Shabazz?

The conservative pundits across the nation (including Limbaugh, Beck, etc) have been in an uproar over a voter intimidation case from 2008. It seems that in 2008 the New Black Panther leader, King Samir Shabazz, donned a paramilitary uniform and went to a Philadelphia polling station while brandishing a Billy club. While at the polling station King Samir Shabazz reportedly made threats against White voters.

Of course, threatening voters with violence is a Federal crime. However, the criminal case against King Samir Shabazz was quietly dropped by the Justice Department. A whistleblower in the department claims that the charges were dropped due to a racial bias against Whites under Obama’s administration. It is Obama’s view that civil rights and protections do not extend to White people.

While I do not dispute that the government has a racial bias against Whites (the anti-White policy is blatant in hiring, etc) it is my opinion that the Justice Department did not pursue the case against King Samir Shabazz because he is in fact a government operative.

King Samir Shabazz, New Black Panther Leader 
Real Name: Maurice Heath (Government operative)

I am not alone in the belief that Shabazz is an operative. Recently, Bobby Seals, one of the founders of the Black Panthers, has made public comments that he believes Shabazz is not genuine. The official Black Panther Party has the following comment about the New Black Panthers:

"The question the Foundation raises, then, is who are these people laying claim to the Party's history and name? Are they reactionary provocateurs, who would instigate activities counterproductive to the people's interests, causing mayhem and death? Are they entertainers, who would posture themselves before the media, and, according to numerous sources, with empty guns, to spin gold for themselves? Are they, given the history of their late-leader Khalid Muhammad, a group of anti-Semites like the very Ku Klux Klan they allegedly oppose? What is their agenda?"

Based on prior interviews, Shabazz seems as genuine as the Borat character played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Some of his quotes that were on

On whites: “I’m about the total destruction of white people. I’m about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy…”

Instead of saying the phrase, “I will get back to you” he says “I will be right BLACK to you.”

When asked a question if he likes the Philadelphia baseball team, his Borat type answer was:

“They can kiss my ass. The Phillies are not doing nothing for our ‘hoods.”

This is not how people who are serious about a political agenda talk. This is more an over the top caricature of an evil cartoon villain.

The fact that the government pays political operatives is not tin foil. A recent example is Hal Turner who played the role of a White Supremacist. In court, it was reveal that Hal Turner was a FBI operative (code name "Valhalla”).

Hal Turner, White Supremacist

FBI Code Name: Valhalla (Government operative)

Based on various documents, I believe that King Samir Shabazz (real name is Maurice Heath) is an FBI operative. Hence, the real reason the chargers were quietly dropped.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hitler Ringtone Lands German Man In Jail

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell

A German man annoyed fellow train passengers even more than normal recently by receiving incoming calls on his cell phone, which had a speech by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as its ringtone.

Now, the man could face as long as six months in prison for the Nazi ringtone he programmed into his phone.