Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reality Mugs a Liberal

Ken Foster, a White Liberal commentator for Salon.Com, was mugged in New Orleans a year ago. It seems that he was hit from behind with a two-by-four and knocked to the ground. At that point he was robbed of his iPhone. Ken suffered ear damaged that resulted in a loss of hearing and required surgery.

Ken wrote a piece for in which he lamented the return of the criminal element to New Orleans.

Some people took him to task for not mentioning the obvious – he was attacked by a group of African Americans. Had the races been reversed this incident would have resulted in non-stop national news reports screaming in outrage. But since he is White, the police didn’t even bother to investigate the crime.

Of course, the mention of race caused poor Ken to recoil in horror. It simply MUST NOT BE ADMITTED that the vast majority of interracial crime is that of African-Americans attacking Whites. To mention such unseemly facts could risk one to being called a “racist.” And being called a “racist” is the equivalent of being called a “counter revolutionary” in Soviet Russia. And liberals prefer to live in their make believe land of equality. Not even a two-by-four to the head can shake their religious devotion to Cultural Marxism.

Per his Blog, Ken did erect some “Crime Happened Here” signs. And he walked in an anti-violence march. I am sure THAT will teach those street thugs!

Some dude not named Ken Foster dealing with New Orleans violence

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eat, Pray and Love - A Movie Review

Eat, Pray and Love is a book and a movie that celebrates some middle-age White woman as she runs off and travels the world for a year while engaging in pseudo spiritual bullshit. In reality she just stuffed her face, drank and fucked around for a year while pretending to be some sort of enlightened humanitarian. Feminists love this movie claiming that is “empowering.” (This begs the question - Is there ANYTHING women do that is not empowering?)

An Empowered Woman 

In interest in gender equality, I thought it might be fun to create a similar movie that would appeal to me. My guess is that the feminists who find Eat, Pray and Love empowering would be the first to scream like banshees at the wickedness of my movie. Just a wild guess.

An Empowered Man

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Repeal the 19th amendment

Google celebrated the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution on their home page today. While I am sure Google is motivated by patriotism, I am somewhat skeptical we will see Google celebrating the 2nd amendment any time soon. Just a wild guess.

Of course, the 19th amendment guarantees the right of women to vote. It is hard for modern Americans to understand that the majority of our ancestors were opposed to such a notion. Our children are taught in public schools that the reason people were opposed to women’s suffrage was due to ignorance and institutional sexism. The actual writings from men and women who opposed women’s suffrage are not provided to our children.

Well, from down the memory hole I was able to find as essay written by Madeline Dahlgren. Madeline represented many women who objected to the idea of women voting. The essay can be found at this location:

Here is also a funny video concerning the topic:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is sex with 5,000 men empowering?

One of the results of Feminism (a subset of Cultural Marxism) has been the obliteration of sexual restraint on women. Previously, Western Civilization enforced monogamy through various legal, religious and social pressures. As these restrictions have been removed, we are regressing back to the jungle in which women have multiple sexual partners with a small subset of the male population. In primitive societies this results in the harem. In such an arrangement the top 20% of the males sexually monopolize 80% of the females.

We have seen such behavior for years in the inner city in which women have multiple “baby daddies”. If you should visit a city such as Detroit, you will have a hard time finding a woman who has multiple children from the same father. What is interesting about these arrangements is that the biological fathers tend to be a small subset of the male population within the city. We find that 80% of these women share the 20% of the men in an unofficial polygamous arrangement.

The problem with such a polygamous arrangement is that 80% of the men are left out of the sexual marketplace. And such men tend to be violent and unlikely to be productive members of society. This is the situation that you can find in most primitive countries in Africa.

Civilization is the processed of restricting female sexuality to encourage monogamy and stable families. Without civilization we end up with a host of single mothers creating dysfunctional kids. The girls end up slutty and the guys become violent and unproductive. Civilization breaks and we return to the primitive jungle.

This process is well under way in Britain. In this article, Shelly Tomes, 31, admits to having more that 50 sexual partners. Based on the picture, Shelly is obese and looks to be closer to 50 than her real age of 31. And, yet, such a woman was still easily able to find 50 random men to fuck her. Shelly is a walking (or lumbering) example of the sexual differences between men and women. As women are sexually hypergamous, it is unlikely that a fat and ugly man could have 50 sexual partners. But as men tend to be willing to fuck ANYTHING, a fat and ugly woman can easily obtain sex if she should be willing to lower her standards.

31 years old and 50+ guys

As such, it is not a great accomplishment for a woman to find many sexual partners. It does not mean that men find such women to be pretty, attractive or loveable, only easy. So while such women now lack any sense of shame and brag about being “empowered”, most men just think it is gross, like being a public urinal.

Here is another link of a lovely British girl who brags about having sex with 5,000 men.

Contrast the proud-to-be-an-empowered-slut to this girl. Nellie Wong claims to be a virgin. And no matter her race, the average guy could MUCH easily fall in love and want to have a family with a Nellie versus all the other British sluts.


If civilization is to survive we must stop celebrating slutty behavior. White British girls should be wives and mothers, not public urinals.

Monday, August 9, 2010

RAMZPAUL TV: I'll Tear Down the Synagogue

It seem that the ADL is opposed to the construction of an Islamic Center to be located a couple of blocks away from the World Trade Center site.

Per the ADL:

Proponents of the Islamic Center may have every right to build at this site, and may even have chosen the site to send a positive message about Islam. The bigotry some have expressed in attacking them is unfair, and wrong. But ultimately this is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right. In our judgment, building an Islamic Center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain—unnecessarily—and that is not right.

The Christian Zionists (such as found on World Net Daily, etc.) have joined the clamor demanding that the government block the construction of this mosque.

New York gubernatorial candidate, Karl Paladino, has made this the central issue of his campaign. The “conservative” Paladino advocates that the government used eminent domain laws to seize private property. (see ad below)

In a similar manner, RAMZPAUL advocates that the government should use eminent domain to tear down a Jewish synagogue that is also located in the shadow of Ground Zero.

RAMZPAUL released the following statement to the press:

Proponents of the Jewish Center may have every right to reside at this site, and may even have chosen the site to send a positive message about Judaism. The bigotry some have expressed in attacking them is unfair, and wrong. But ultimately this is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right. In our judgment, maintaining a Jewish Synagogue in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain—unnecessarily—and that is not right.

Much of our trouble with the Middle East stems from our unconditional support for Israel (our BFF). The Jewish lobby has hijacked our foreign policy which has led to wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran. We here are RAMZPAUL feel that a synagogue located so near the results of that policy to be offensive and painful. As such, if I am elected governor of New York I will use eminent domain laws to seize this private property and tear it down.

Friday, August 6, 2010

U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

One of the primary reasons the United States has gone from a creditor to a debtor nation is due to the willful destruction of American manufacturing and technical jobs. Whereas the Founders of the nation stressed the need for America to become economically self-reliant, the current Cultural Marxists are engaged in a battle to gut American industry. The original founders of America were men who were nationalists who had a patriotic love of the nation and its people. Our current rulers are aliens who are following the Marxist agenda of destroying wealth in the name of equality.

American Nationalist

A recent example of this gutting of America is the Obama’s administrations tax payer funding to train people in Third World shitholes (Sir Lanka in the case) to export jobs away from America.

U.S. To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Worker

Despite President Obama's pledge to retain more hi-tech jobs in the U.S., a federal agency run by a hand-picked Obama appointee has launched a $36 million program to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in South Asia.

Obama’s henchman to carry out this assignment is an Indian named Rajiv Shah. Shah’s prior experience was working for the Bill and Melinda Gates “White kids need not apply” Foundation.

American Globalist

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama Proposes Latino Museum

President Obama has created a commission to determine the feasibility of a major new museum on the Mall—the National Museum of the American Latino. Hispanics want a tax payer funded museum to celebrate their race and culture.

It seems that is it all the fashion to create separate museums based on race.

The proposed Latino museum:

Siesta Time!

The Indian museum:

Any scalping exhibits?

The African American museum


Of course, it would be RAYCISS and HATE to have a White American museum. But if there should be such a museum, I suggest using this picture:

A non-pussified White Man