Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It has been a fun and busy year! It was fun looking at the videos this year. How the "issues" that can seem so important at the time are quickly forgotten. Remember that Kony 2012 hysteria?

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I plan to publish my next video on January 2, 2013.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Demand A Plan For Freedom

A bunch of rich Hollywood actors protected by armed bodyguards have decided to exploit the latest shooting and are demanding the end to the Bill of Rights.

The only way to solve this matter is through the establishment of separate countries. They can have their Marxist police state that celebrates diversity and concentration camps. And we can have a country of free men. Seems like a win/win to me.

Below is their gun grab propaganda video. Notice that the Hollywood pussy's have disabled the comments on the video. They don't want to see regular Americans responding. After they abolish the 2nd Amendment the 1st Amendment is on their list.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

22 Facts About Young Men

A popular article on InfoWars about young men. Unfortunately, the author did the usual "Man up" bit concerning boys. Many of these guys are older and have no idea what the younger men face. So they wag their finger at the younger guys forgetting that they were raised in an era that was not anti-male. 

When are we finally going to admit that we have a very serious problem with this generation of young men in America?  We have failed them so dramatically that it is hard to put it into words.  We have raised an entire generation of young males that don’t know how to be men, and many of them feel completely lost.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I Am Liza Long's Son

So this single Mom wrote an article on her blog (see below) that went viral concerning her "mentally ill" son.

After reading her blog, I have some doubts if the kid is really mentally ill. He sounds like a normal boy that gets in trouble. Of course, as he no longer has a father in his life, his mother is unable to control him. So she resorts to calling the police and pumping him full of drugs.

But even if he is mentally ill, she has no business posting his picture on her blog and dragging his name through the mud. Doesn't she realize that his classmates will read her story comparing him to a mass killer? The more I read of her, the more I think she is the nut case. I feel sorry for the boy.

The author of the viral blog post "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" has given an exclusive interview to NBC News, appearing on NBC's Today show Monday morning -- three days after the horrific Connecticut elementary school shootings that prompted her to write about mental illness and her fears concerning her 13-year-old son.

A critique of her blog can be found here:

A pic of Mother Dearest

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obama must 'exploit' shooting

The usual Police State Nuts are using the tragedy to further restrict our liberties. Their goal is to eliminate the 2nd Amendment so that they can attack the First Amendment.

On a local level, the school administrators are proposing to turn our schools into virtual prisons. Of course, this will not help prevent any shootings. But it makes them look like they care and are in charge of the situation. Such an image can help with their political careers.

Then we have the usual religious conservatives who claim this has happened because God is no longer in the classroom.

During all this uproar, I have heard no one mention that the worst school killing happen back in the good old days of 1927. When I lived in Michigan I remember visiting the memorial.

What was different back then was that people did not clamor for a reduction of liberty because of this crime.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comedy and Whiteness

My slight bogan part aside, I really am the classic middle class, well-educated white male. I mean, there's no point me playing the lottery. By being born in a first world country to white middle class parents, I've already won first division. Big time.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jamie Foxx Makes Controversial Joke

I decided to have some fun and make my own parody of this routine. The problem is that I have to live with the double standard. I can't make a joke about "killing black people" and get away with it like Jammie Foxx.

My censoring of a joke is this video was not planned. Before I release my vids I usually have a friend watch it to check for any potential problems with the censors. She liked the video but she did think that one of the jokes was probably too edgy. So I ended up censoring that joke. It sort of made the point better anyway.

Two weeks ago, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx made national headlines when he called President Obama "Our lord and savior."

While hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend, Foxx joked about how in his new film "Django Unchained," "I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?"

Read more:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas Gives a Gun Control Sermon

Bob Costas, a sports reporter, decided to give the American public a sermon during half time of a football game. Most people watch sports to get away from politics. But I guess Bob now considers himself to be the High Priest of political correctness. The sermon was done in his usual sanctimoniousness manner that we last saw during the Olympics.  (That was a subject of a prior video.)

Of course, the problem is not with guns, but with people. But that is a taboo subject that Bob knows to avoid. After all, it is not the Peyton Mannings of the sports world who murder their girlfriends. It tends to be a different demographic.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Women Holding Up Half the Sky (and most of traffic)

Those wacky feminists are at it again. The are actually everything they claim they are against. They are hateful, fascist and intolerant. In an ideal world, the "Women's Studies" department would be disbanded. And the girls (and their beta orbiters) that caused this violence would be expelled and face criminal charges.

But since they are women, they will get a pussy pass. But they are funny to watch! heh

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jovan Belcher - RIP

A Kansas City Chiefs linebacker from Long Island killed himself this morning in front of the team’s head coach and general manager outside of Arrowhead Stadium — after gunning down his girlfriend earlier, police said.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Butler University Students Told To Disavow Maleness

I am a White Man that likes girls. Have a problem with that? Fuck you.

A political science professor at Butler University asks students to disregard their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom – a practice the school’s arts and sciences dean defended as a way to negate students’ inherent prejudices.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Inspiring Toyota Commercial (Banned)

I am not quite sure how the following ad got past the censors. But showing men (especially White men) in a positive manner is verboten. However, the feminists quickly sniffed out this Thought Crime and started to shriek and demanded immediate censorship. Toyota relented and pulled the ad. But, luckily, we still have the commercial on YouTube.

In the ad below, middle age European White men decide to purchase a sports car without getting Mommy's approval. This act of defiance causes the women to react in a rage. But what is horrible, is that the men don't seem to give a fuck. Showing that White men can resist authority is simply not something that the censors can let slide.

Shocking act of HATE as a White Man dares to say "No"

The commercial is actually a clever bit of film making. The young kid is a metaphor of the lost youth and freedom of the older men.

Compare that ad to the typical politically correct ad that was created by JC Penny's four years ago. In the ad below the men are in a submissive role grovelling to get out of the "doghouse" for failing to buy an expensive enough Christmas gift to appease the woman. This is the standard weak and clownish role that the mainstream media has relegated to men for the past 20 years.

One of my first videos done four years ago:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Transgender beauty becomes Miss England finalist

Aged 16 Jackie Green became the youngest person in the world to undergo transgender surgery.
Now as a 19-year-old woman, Jackie has made history once again by becoming the first transgender Miss England finalist, and a BBC3 documentary to be aired tonight follows the teen's mission to become a beauty queen.

Read more: 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Diversity Dinner: Breaking Bagels & Barriers

There is a furniture manufacture that is running a diversity commercial.  It is the usual politically correct bullshit. And they also get to plug their furniture in the ad.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who killed Twinkie?

This whole Hostess liquidation has been framed as a union versus private equity debate. The truth of what happened is a tad more complicated.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the just announced Hostess liquidation, one that will be largely debated and discussed in the media, or maybe not at all, is the curious cast of characters and the peculiar history of this particular bankruptcy.

Basically this was a wealth transfer of the pension funds from the workers to this guy:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Music

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petition for Texas Independence from US

An online petition that calls for the State of Texas to withdraw from the U.S. and create its own government on Monday reached the required signature threshold to receive an official response from The White House.

Monday, November 12, 2012

California - We Need to Talk

Adios USA. And, no, we are not asking for your permission.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Newsweek Magazine Gives GOP Advice

Your days are done, GOP white man. In its November issue, Newsweek and writer David Frum want you to know that you’re old, you’re white, and you’re finished.

Derp. I wonder why?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Americans no longer control the USA

Electoral Maps: Results Indicate Deepening Racial Divide Among Voters

In 2008, minority voters turned out in record numbers, propelling Barack Obama to the White House. Similar results fueled his second-term victory on Tuesday. A 2-percentage-point increase in nonwhite votes—to 28 percent—sealed Obama's reelection, and data seem to indicate minority influence at the polls has grown stronger in the past four years.

Obama managed to win again, despite securing only 39 percent of white voters--who still represent the nation's largest voting bloc at 72 percent.

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Election - Battle Of The Bulge or Thermopylae?

It is interesting how many White Nationalists and anti-Whites (such as Bill Mahr) both agree that Whites should not vote for Romney. I think both are happy with White self-determination remaining on the fringes. The thought that the Republican Party could become the de facto White party, scare both camps.

“This is the last hurrah for the whites, is it not?” "Real Time" host Maher said. “It’s like the Battle of the Bulge, really.”

We need less "worse is better" and "the Jews are too powerful" and more of the attitude of Sparta.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Economics

It times of natural disasters it is interesting to see how even Republicans assume that a Soviet approach is better than the free market. And then they always act surprised when it leads to shortages.  A Hurricane is time when the usual failed economic policies get trotted out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Silly story about how some people were offended by ghosts at the zoo. They claimed the ghosts were "racist"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Diversity

A hurricane provides a good example of how people react to to disasters.  The ways I have observed include:

1. Ignore the problem

This is the most common. Many people simply refuse to acknowledge that the storm is approaching.

2. Trivialize or embrace the disaster

In 1969 Hurricane Camille approached Mississippi. According to the lore, a party was thrown on the beach to celebrate the on-coming storm. Of the 23 people that attended the party, eight were killed.

3. Defeatism

These are the people who claim "worse is better" and that there is no hope.

4. Preparation

These are the people that take active measure to help survive the on-coming disaster.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lena Dunham: The Morning After

A creepy new campaign video was released by Obama. The younger girls I know have all described the campaign video as "creepy", "awkward" and "sexist". Not really sure what they were thinking with this video.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Hate Hoax

There was a story the other day how the "KKK"set a black woman on fire. At the time I thought the story sounded rather suspicious. Pretty much the KKK no longer exists except for a few SPLC and FBI agents. However, the story made headlines around the globe. People around the world tend to be rather gullible and still think that the South is like it was back in 1870.

Well, it turns out my suspicions were correct. It seems the woman set herself on fire. (My wild guess is that this probably involved illegal drugs.) I am sure they will still try to spin it as a "teachable moment" explaining that while the story was a hoax, it COULD have been true and more funding is needed to fight Hate and the nefarious KKK. Yeah.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Postracial Elite - Can Freedom and Nationalism Mix?

While I was looking at Amren, I saw that there was a heated discussion about interracial marriage.

Part of my struggle was how to combine my support of Nationalism (a belief in self-determination) with my support of Freedom. Over time I have come to identify myself as a Libertarian Nationalist. Meaning, I support that Nationalist idea of limiting immigration to support the ethnic composition of a country. But I am also not concerned with trying to police the sexual behavior within the country.

In reality, miscegenation is only possible to limit via immigration controls. Attempting to limit it in any other manner is a waste of time.

So, ideally, I advocate a future country that maintains the traditional ethnic composition of 90% White America. Such a ethnic composition was maintained through a couple hundred years through immigration controls.

However, once people are in the country, I think it is foolish (and impossible) to try to maintain some sort of racial purity. People will love who they love. And the law cannot stop that.

Thank you!

I appreciate all of your support! My last video was featured on AmRen!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Unsolicited Opinion radio show on Friday, October 19 at 5:00 P.M. est.

I will be back on Maggie's radio show! It is a Friday evening, so grab a drink and give me a call!

The Unsolicited Opinion radio show on Friday, October 19 at 5:00 P.M. est.  (listen live here)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Declaration of Independence

This video is in response to the French viral video - Déclaration de guerre - Génération Identitaire.

It warms my heart that the young people of France are starting to oppose the genocide of their people. I predict that the future is that of independence and self-determination for ALL people. The ideology of Culture Marxism is old and tired.

Hopefully, we will soon see the day where all people have self-determination.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Candy Crowley - Empowered Moderator

I never heard of Candy Crowley before the upcoming debates. It seems she is demanding a more active role than that of a moderator. I suppose she wants to give her unique female perspective during the debates.

The debate is supposedly a town hall where regular citizens can ask the candidates questions. In reality the questions are screened and edited by CNN. So you are free to ask a question, as long as the mainstream media agrees with the nature of the question.

With less than 48 hours to go before Tuesday's presidential debate, the moderator's role is being questioned because of things Candy Crowley has said on CNN.

Read more:

Here is Candy in a video explaining that there are too many White men in the Republican party.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Virgin For Sale

The following story was in the news last week. What is interesting is how much men value virginity.

A Brazilian student is auctioning off her virginity to help build new and modern housing for underprivileged families in her home state of Santa Catarina.

And the reason that men value virginity is backed by science. The fewer sexual partners a woman has, the more likely she is to stay in an relationship. Once a woman has over 16 partners, a relationship has only a 20% chance of success. This is why it is wise for men to avoid slutty women for serious relationships.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Naughty Numbers - New Commenting Policy

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) is one of my favorite organizations. Ironically, they make their living defaming and slurring people that they disagree with politically. They pretty much claim that anyone that opposes Cultural Marxism is a "Nazi" that is full of "Hate". As they currently don't have they power to arrest people and throw them in concentration camps (they miss the good old days of the Soviet Union) they spend most of their time determining what Americans should be allowed to say and think.

For a long time they had a list of naughty words. Now they have developed a list of naughty numbers. Did you know that the numbers 18 or 311 are hate numbers? Well, now you know!

To avoid HATE, I ask that people avoid using naughty numbers on the comments to by videos. This list of banned numbers includes:


So please refrain from using these hateful numbers. The more words and numbers we ban, the more free we will be.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Third World Problems read by First World Person

This is my video in support of the poor Haitian people who are unable to feed and clothe themselves.  The following ad campaign is designed to raise awareness and increase guilt.

DDB New York has created an ad for the Haitian charity "Water Is Life" that humiliates whiners on Twitter who use the "#Firstworldproblems" hashtag to complain about life's trivial challenges.

Read more:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dealing With Bullies

This video is a tad longer than most. But I wanted to explain ways to deal effectively with bullying, trolling or criticism.

I originally did this vid a couple of days ago. It was shorter and mostly just various jokes. But a friend of mine who previews my videos suggested that I give some real advice. So I reworked this video and made if more educational.

The original story was about some fat newscaster in Wisconsin that ranted on the air because some guy sent her an e-mail suggesting she should lose some weight.

Even though the e-mail was private, the studio released the named of the guy who sent it and asked for his comment. Basically, they decided to try to bully him and I am sure the expected him to apologize and grovel. Instead he responded like this:


Nicely done!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Single Women and Politics

I actually get many questions from guys asking how to find conservative women. What many of these guys fail to understand is that almost ALL girls are liberal when they are single. But when a woman falls in love with you she will naturally morph. This is natural and has an evolutionary reason.

Below is an article that discusses sex and politics.

If President Barack Obama is re-elected in November, a big reason will be his support among women, according to recent Ohio and national polls.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is trailing Obama with women, while staying roughly even the president among men. Ironically, both men and women list the economy as the issue most important to them.

What is interesting is to look at the women for each campaign:

Democrat girl

Republican girl

Yeah, girls on the right are hotter.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lucy, Housework and Love

Is it my imagination? Or are younger men acting more effeminate than in the past? I think part of the reason is that the modern generation has been part of a "gender bending" experiment that has been implemented in our schools for the last 20 years.

Well, now a study has shown that relationships are more likely to end if the man assumes a traditional feminine role (such as doing the housework). This is the opposite of what feminists always claimed. They always spouted the mantra that "there is nothing sexier than a man doing housework". That claim is now proven false.

This entire experiment of trying to change the nature of an animal reminds me of the story of Lucy. Lucy was a chimpanzee who was raised as a human. The idea was that a chimpanzee was just a "social construct" and with proper socialization it could act like a human. The experiment was a total failure. Lucy could never act like a human. And when she got to large and dangerous to be around humans, they put her in the wild. But since her behavior was warped, she lacked the skills to live like a normal chimp. She quickly died.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gay-centric high school proposed

Toronto is proposing a gay centric school.

A new, gay-centric high school could be in the works as members of Toronto's LGBT community considered the plan on Wednesday evening.

Read more:

They already have an Afro-Centric school:

It’s small — only six Grade 9 students so far instead of the 60 it was hoping for — but the province’s first public Africentric high school program has started at Winston Churchill Collegiate in Scarborough

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peruvian Plot To Pork up Americans for Sinister Harvest?

Ground breaking research determines that drinking sugar water (e.g., Coke, Pepsi) can cause you to get fat.

New research powerfully strengthens the case against soda and other sugary drinks as culprits in the obesity epidemic.

I wonder if this obesity epidemic might actually be a Peruvian terrorist plot to steal our precious bodily fluids? This was a plot discovered a couple of years ago.

Police say a gang in the Peruvian jungle has been killing people and draining fat from the corpses to sell on the black market for use in cosmetics, although medical experts say they doubt a major market for fat exists.

Radio Interview today - 5:00 P.M. est.

I will be on  The Unsolicited Opinion radio show on Monday, September 24 at 5:00 P.M. est.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pledge allegiance to Obama

The Obama campaign has launched its “For All” campaign, encouraging supporters to take pictures of themselves with their hands on their hearts and a note explaining why they support President Obama.

Actress Jessica Alba uses the Pledge of Allegiance as an example of the campaign in an email to supporters.

“Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual: We’d stand up, put our right hand over our hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance,” explains Alba. “To me, that gesture was a promise. A promise to be involved and engaged in this country’s future. A promise to work for liberty and justice — and for affordable education, health care, and equality — for all.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I'm Dreaming" (Tribute to Randy Newman)

Randy Newman created an anti-White video. I guess the mainstream media thinks it is quite clever. Years ago, anti-White television programs and movies were a tad more subtle. They are now baring their fangs and being quite obvious about their hatred.

I decided to make my own tribute to Randy Newman and his "special" group. ("special" meaning liberals, of course).

NEW YORK (AP) — Randy Newman is weighing in on the U.S. presidential election with a new song "I'm Dreaming," and the Obama supporter is pointing out racism with its refrain: "I'm dreaming of a white president."

The piano tune is full of satirical, sarcastic — and signature — Newman anecdotes about someone who votes for the president because he is white.

Newman, who is white, is openly supporting President Barack Obama. He says he wants the public to find comedic relief in the song but to know he's serious in thinking that racism continues. He called racism "the great issue of this country."

Monday, September 17, 2012


Below is a Hispanic campaign to provide rights to undocumented workers. I propose that we allow ALL people in the world to be Americans. To suggest otherwise would be discriminatory and hate.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama Flags YouTube Video

I suppose everyone is now familiar with the story of how a crappy YouTube video inflamed the passions of Muslims in Libya causing them to murder three Americans.  Below is the video:

What is amazing is that Obama basically blamed the filmmaker for the killings. And he actually flagged the video in YouTube!

Christians are constantly exposed to offensive videos and movies. And if any Christian should object, he is called "intolerant" and a "bigot". Could you imagine Obama making excuses if a bunch of Christians stormed the Israeli embassy and killed the ambassador over a video offensive to Christians? 

And while Obama was busy flagging videos in YouTube, did he flag the video below? If not, why not?

Monday, September 10, 2012

California nurses go on strike

The nurses in California are on strike. Here are some details:

$136,000 — the average annual pay for a full-time RN at a Sutter Health hospital with an open CNA contract

$105,000 — the average annual pay for RNs who choose to work part-time

Most nurses have the option of choosing a health plan with zero-monthly premiums for themselves and their dependents

$84,000 a year for life — what a 55 year old nurse who retires after 22 years of service will earn

All nurses receive a form of employer-paid retiree health care benefits. Most receive a spending account valued up to $35,000 to help cover the cost of premiums, medications, etc.

Nurses receive up to 40 paid days off a year to use for vacation, sick time and other personal uses.

Meanwhile, taxpayers pay for a murder to have a sex change:

And a woman get stung by a scorpion and get a $83,000 bill:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

University of Montana Requires PETSA Quiz

The new Democratic meme is that the Republicans have declared war on women. And we are in a midst of a rape epidemic.

To help combat rape, all University of Montana students have to pass a rape quiz before they can enter school. The material is created by a group called PETSA - Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness.

Here is their web site and videos:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

California Nightmare

Amazing story. Meanwhile the  diversity pimps continue to preach that bring in Third World labor is necessary to revitalize our economy. California drank that Kool-aid and we now see the results.

California's rising standards of living and outstanding public schools and universities once attracted millions seeking upward economic mobility. But then something went radically wrong as California legislatures and governors built a welfare state on high tax rates, liberal entitlement benefits, and excessive regulation. The results, though predictable, are nonetheless striking. From the mid-1980s to 2005, California's population grew by 10 million, while Medicaid recipients soared by seven million; tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000; and the prison population swelled by 115,000.

California's economy, which used to outperform the rest of the country, now substantially underperforms. The unemployment rate, at 10.9%, is higher than every other state except Nevada and Rhode Island. With 12% of America's population, California has one third of the nation's welfare recipients.

Back when California was the Golden State:

Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong - RIP

Not sure a test pilot could be described as "nerdy", but he was an intelligent and brave man. Neil Armstrong represented the possible future for our people. Sadly, with Ted Kennedy's dismantling our immigration laws, much of our country has regressed into the Third World. And instead of focusing on the stars, we now look inward to ever greater depravity and poverty.

Hopefully, the memory of Neil Armstrong will inspire future generations of young boys to reach to the stars.

Neil Armstrong was a quiet, self-described "nerdy" engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved U.S. pilot he made "one giant leap for mankind" with the first step on the moon.
The modest man who entranced and awed people on Earth has died. He was 82.

Read more:


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bacon Found In City Park - Hate or a Hoax?

Leaving bacon in a park is a hate crime? The more interesting questions is how in the hell does bacon remain in a park without being eaten by animals? Smells like a Hate Hoax.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police are investigating an unusual bias crime on Staten Island.

Muslims who gathered for prayer to celebrate the end of Ramadan in a city park found bacon scattered on the ground, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported Monday.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Marine veteran detained over Facebook posts

Interesting story of an ex-Marine who was arrested for his Facebook comments. Technially, he was not arrested but "detained". Under the NDAA the government now has the power to "detain" a citizen indefinably without a trial.

HOPEWELL, Va. (WTVR) – Protestors gathered outside John Randolph Medical Center where a Marine veteran is detained after allegedly making some questionable Facebook posts. 

CBS 6 News’ Catie Beck confirmed with attorneys from the Rutherford Institute, who represented 26-year-old Brandon Raub during a Monday morning hearing, that he will remain in custody.

Here is his Facebook page. Strangely, the FBI has not yet removed his page.

Video his non-arrest:

Video of Rumsfeld making a "slip of the tongue" concerning Flight 93.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

FRC Shooter Tied to an Extremist Organization?

Law enforcement officials in Washington have identified the man who shot a security guard at the Family Research Council early today as 28-year-old Floyd Corkins II, a volunteer at a “gay” and lesbian center in Washington, and have hinted that the motive may be linked to the FRC’s conservative Christian viewpoint regarding marriage and homosexuality.

There is speculation that an extremist domestic hate group might have inspired the attack on this Christian organization.  The SPLC has gained noteraity for engaging in what experts call "Neo-McCarthyism". This involves smearing and defaming anyone who disagrees with their leftist views. This has created a climate of hate and fear that some experts suggest may encourage violence.

In an article below, Business Insider gives examples of such tactics.

As with any hate group, it is important to avoid contact with such people. If approached, immediately call the police as they are trained to handle such groups.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mohammed retakes top spot in English baby names

Mohammed reclaimed its place as the most popular name for baby boys born in England and Wales in 2011 - convincingly ahead of Harry, in second place, according to data released by the government this week.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Trolling 101 - A Live Video Feed to Indonesia

A member of the U.S. State Department has begun a new anti-terror initiative that is unlike others taken on by the U.S. government. It’s name: “Viral Peace.”

What’s the plan? Wired explains that instead of engaging in traditional warfare, this initiative is going to try to “annoy, frustrate and humiliate denizens of online extremist forums.”

Trolling Class Watching RAMZPAUL

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan is Romney's VP pick

NORFOLK — Republican Mitt Romney reset the race for the presidency as a battle over the size and scope of the federal government Saturday, choosing as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the architect of the GOP’s plans to slash spending and overhaul Medicare.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pussy Riot Putin in Prison

I guess there are real penalties for being "edgy" in Russia.

The Moscow judge presiding over the trial of three feminist punk rockers says she will issue a verdict in the controversial case next week.

Prosecutors have called for three-year prison sentences for the three women, who gave an impromptu performance in Moscow's main cathedral to call for an end to Vladimir Putin's rule.

Go to 2:20 to see Putin's comments. Hilarious.

And here is the result the last time Marxists controlled a country:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mars rover Curiosity safely lands on Mars

Curiosity, the largest and most advanced spacecraft ever sent to another planet, stuck its extraordinary landing Sunday night without a hitch and is poised to begin its pioneering two-year hunt for the building blocks of life — signs that Earth's creatures may not be alone in the universe.,0,4026507.story

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gabby Douglas Wins, Bob Costas Gives a Sermon

Gabby Douglas won the gold for the USA! I enjoyed the event and I was happy to see her win. But I did not care for the mandatory PC lecture from Bob Costas. NBC immediately turned this into a racial story when Gabby herself just thanked God.

And then the Leftists screamed RACISM when they say the Monkey commercial that followed the event. Of course, this commercial was scheduled long before it was known who would win. So I am not sure why these "progressives" found the commercial to be insensitive?

What is also interesting is that the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, participated in the Maccabiah Games. These games are off limits to all people except to those of a certain ethnic group. So while Brian Robert's organization is preaching "diversity" he competes in a racial restricted event. Think the Left will protest this "hate"?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boycott Chick-fil-A!

The unemployment rate in the city of Chicago is approximately 9.8 percent, well above the national average. Since Monday night, one 17-year-old boy has been shot and 13 others have been wounded in shootings across the city. And that’s just the most recent wave of shootings to plague the city – dozens more have been shot over the last few weeks.

And Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking action: he’s banning Chick-Fil-A.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart

We are all devastated about Kristin Stewart cheating on her fiance, Robert Patterson. It is times like these that can make us lose faith in love. While poor Robert was penning sweet love songs for Kristen, she was trying to make babies with her director.

Robert Pattinson has said he was busy writing love songs for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart before her affair with director Rupert Sanders came into light.

The ‘Twilight’ star revealed in an interview with Black Book magazine prior to the scandal that he would pen tunes for his muse, reported Examiner online.

Below is a country love song that always touches my romantic soul when I think of former loves.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Hip Hop Horsey Olympics

David Cameron is facing mounting pressure to condemn a Tory MP who branded the Olympic opening ceremony "leftie multicultural crap".

I honestly never heard of this sport until today. Below is a video of the rap dancing horse.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Aurora Shooting

I never quite understand the logic of the Left.  A crazy guy shoots up a theater while wearing a mask, so people think that the solution is to ban guns and masks. How exactly would this work? Are we supposed to believe that a nut willing the commit mass murder would respect a ban on masks?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Thoughts #1

When I was nine years old (in 1972), my Dad took my brother and me to get a haircut. Back then men went to barber shops, not hair salons. And the barber shop was a male only space littered with magazines such as Field and Stream. Not a People magazine in sight. It was a great place.

On this particular day, there was a big blonde haired man wearing cowboy boots in the barber’s chair. He talked to my Dad and the barber about various things. Then the subject of his occupation was raised. He was a running back for the Denver Broncos and his name was Bobby Anderson!

Yes, they actually did have White running backs in those days.

I was thrilled as a kid to meet a Denver Bronco. And every since that day I became a Bronco fan.

Yesterday I saw a story in which a Denver Bronco, Elvis Demervil, was arrested for felony aggravated assault in Miami.

This is not the fist time he has trouble with the law. Previously, he was arrested when he punched a security guard at the Denver Broncos’ practice facility for having the temerity to ask to see his id.

A couple of years ago Dumervil received a $61 million dollar contract. So the theory that poverty causes crime seems not to old true. Actually, crime causes poverty.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Next video July 23

I've created a monster, cuz nobody wants to
see Paul no more they want RAMZPAUL I'm chopped liver

Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
cuz we need a little controversy,
cuz it feels so empty without me

See you all in a week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NAACP Boos Romney

HOUSTON (AP) — Unflinching before a skeptical NAACP crowd, Mitt Romney declared Wednesday he'd do more for African-Americans than Barack Obama, the nation's first black president. He drew jeers when he lambasted the Democrat's policies.

"If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him," Romney told the group's annual convention. Pausing as some in the crowd heckled, he added, "You take a look!"

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Macabre Beauty Pageant

When I was a small child the word "holocaust" had not even been coined. The concentration camps in Germany were seen as a minor footnote to the War. Years later this has developed into a huge industry complete with yearly movies, museums and, now, beauty pageants. Of course, it is illegal in many European counties to debate or discuss this event. And, really, once such laws are passed a debate or review is no longer needed.

(Reuters) - A beauty contest for Holocaust survivors stirred deep emotions in Israel on Friday, with organizers hailing it an affirmation of life and detractors calling it a macabre spectacle.

Fourteen women who survived the Nazi genocide took the pageant stage before a packed hall in the city of Haifa. Each of the contestants shared a bit of their personal stories before the capacity crowd.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adios California

This is Nationalism in action. Much of California and the Southwest will become semi-autonomous from the Federal government.

SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - The California Senate passed a bill on Thursday that seeks to shield illegal immigrants from status checks by local police and challenges Republican-backed immigration crackdowns in Arizona and other U.S. states.

The Democrat-led state Senate voted 21 to 13 to approve the California Trust Act, dubbed by supporters as the "anti-Arizona" bill. It blocks local police from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.

Here is some leftist circle jerk celebrating the transformation of California into a third world country:

A very different California.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report Truth, not Bullshit

So Drudgereport and Infowars got all the right wing types in a hysteria today with this report:

 Snapshot of the DrudgeReport headline:

OMG! If you love liberty Homeland Security says that you are a terrorist!

I guess these news organizations are lucky most people don't bother to read the source material. I do.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2014 Amendment to Obama Care

The logical conclusion of the Supreme Court decision. The government can now mandate anything if they call it a "tax".

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

No, the big news last week was not that the Supreme Court ruled Obama Care legal. The major story was that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing! OMG!

Tom claims that he will fight for custody of his daughter. And while I think it can be cute to see a grown man so naive, the reality is that the USA is a matriarchy and fathers no longer have any legal claim over their children. This has led to the explosion of women having multiple "baby daddys" instead of fathers. And, of course, the results are disastrous.

A behind behind the scene note:

Tom Cruise did a famous "jump on the couch" incident when he was on the Oprah show a few years ago. I guess that he was so much in love with Katie that he had to leap with joy onto the couch. This incident was parodied by South Park, Family Guy, etc.

So I decided I would experiment with my own parody. I set up the camera and then did a practice jump. Things went wrong and I ended up falling off the couch onto the tile floor. When I was a kid, I used to do pratfalls for fun. But this was the real thing. I decided to use the raw video.  heh.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Honesty on Fieger - Presidential Election 2012

Jeff Fieger is a famous lawyer in Michigan. He is pretty much a high profile ambulance chaser that takes cases with the goal of generating maximum publicity. He also ran (unsuccessfully) as the Democratic nominee for the governor of Michigan.

Fieger recently aired the following ad in Michigan. Michigan is a key battleground state for the election and Feiger is attempting to intimidate Whites into voting for Obama. His primary argument is that White people who criticize Obama are "racist".

Interesting, he uses as his prime example the people who question Obama's birth location. According to Fieger, these people are obviously racist. And his evidence of such racism is his claim that Mitt Romney's father  (William Romney)  was foreign born (born in Mexico) and no one cared back then because William Romney was White. But people now care because Obama is an African-American.

Of course, people DID care about William Romney's  birth place and this was a huge controversy with the Democrats at the time. So much so, that William Romney dropped out of the race.

So a simple search on the Internet proves Jeff Fieger's central example of racism was false. The only possible explanations are:

1. Jeff Fieger is a liar


2. Jeff Fieger's legal firm is woefully incompetent in researching basic matters

Such is rather ironic in that Fieger titled his commercial "Honesty on Racism".  Life is always amusing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona Immigration Law

A pretty major decision by the Supreme Court today. The court has overturned much of Arizona's immigration law.

Justice Scalia wrote the dissent. As this is freely available to all Americans, I thought I would copy his response here. This way you can see what he wrote instead of hearing that the MSM claimed he wrote.

No.11-182 - Arizona v. United States

For almost a century after the Constitution was ratified, there were no federal immigration laws except one of the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts that was discredited and allowed to expire. In that first century all regulation of immigration was by the States, which excluded various categories of would-be immigrants, including convicted criminals and indigents. Indeed, many questioned whether the federal government had any power to control immigration—that was Jefferson’s and Madison’s objection to the Alien Act.

The States’ power to control immigration, however, has always been accepted, and is indeed reflected in some provisions of the Constitution. The provision that “[t]he Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States” was a revision of the provision in the Articles of Confederation which gave those privileges and immunities to “inhabitants” of each State. It was revised because giving that protection to mere “inhabitants” would allow the immigration policies of one State to be imposed on the others. Even that revision was not thought to be enough, because the States were not willing to have their immigration policies determined by the citizenship requirements of other States. Hence the Naturalization Clause of the Constitution, which enables the federal government to control who can be a citizen.

Of course the federal power to control immigration was ultimately accepted, and rightly so. But where does that power come from? Jefferson and Madison were correct that it is nowhere to be found in the Constitution’s enumeration of federal powers. The federal power over immigration cannot plausibly derive from the Naturalization Clause. Not only does the power to confer citizenship have nothing to do with the power to exclude immigrants, but, as I have described, the Naturalization Clause was a vindication of state rather than federal power over immigration.

Federal power over immigration comes from the same source as state power over immigration: it is an inherent attribute—perhaps the fundamental attribute— of sovereignty. The States, of course, are sovereign, the United States being a Union of sovereign States. To be sovereign is necessarily to possess the power to exclude unwanted persons and things from the territory. That is why the Constitution’s prohibition of a State’s imposing duties on imports made an exception for “what may be absolutely necessary for executing it’s inspection Laws.”

Thus, this Court’s cases have held that the States retain an inherent power to exclude. That power can be limited only by the Constitution or by laws enacted pursuant to the Constitution. The Constitution, as we have seen, does not limit the States’ power over immigration but to the contrary vindicates it. So the question in this case is whether the laws of the United States forbid what Arizona has done.
Our cases have held, with regard to claimed federal abridgment by law of another inherent sovereign power of the States—their sovereign immunity from suit—that the abridgement must be “unequivocally expressed.” The same requirement must apply here; and there is no unequivocal congressional prohibition of what Arizona has done. It is not enough to say that the federal immigration laws implicitly “occupy the field.” No federal law says that the States cannot have their own immigration law.

Of course the Supremacy Clause establishes that federal immigration law is supreme, so that the States’ immigration laws cannot conflict with it—cannot admit those whom federal law would exclude or exclude those whom federal law would admit But that has not occurred here. Arizona has attached consequences under state law to acts that are unlawful under federal law—illegal aliens’ presence in Arizona and their failure to maintain federal alien registration. It is not at all unusual for state law to impose additional penalties or attach additional consequences to acts that are unlawful under federal law—state drug laws are a good example. That does not conflict with federal law.

In sum, Arizona is entitled to impose additional penalties and consequences for violations of the federal immigration laws, because it is entitled to have its own immigration laws.
As my opinion describes in more detail, however, most of the provisions challenged here do not even impose additional penalties or consequences for violation of federal immigration laws; they merely apply stricter enforcement. The federal government would have us believe (and the Court today agrees) that even that is forbidden.

The government’s brief asserted that “the Executive Branch’s ability to exercise discretion and set priorities is particularly important because of the need to allocate scarce enforcement resources wisely.” But there is no reason why the federal Executive’s need to allocate its scarce enforcement resources should disable Arizona from devoting its resources to illegal immigration in Arizona that in its view the Federal Executive has given short shrift.

Arizona asserts without contradiction and with supporting citations the following: “[I]n the last decade federal enforcement efforts have focused primarily on areas in California and Texas, leaving Arizona’s border to suffer from comparative neglect. The result has been the funneling of an increasing tide of illegal border crossings into Arizona.

Indeed, over the past decade, over a third of the Nation’s illegal border crossings occurred in Arizona,” Must Arizona’s ability to protect its borders yield to the reality that Congress has provided inadequate funding for federal enforcement—or, even worse, to the Executive’s unwise targeting of that funding?

But leave that aside. It has become clear that federal enforcement priorities—in the sense of priorities based on the need to allocate so-called scarce enforcement resources—is not the problem here. After this case was argued and while it was under consideration, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced a program exempting from immigration enforcement some 1 .4 million illegal immigrants. The husbanding of scarce enforcement resources can hardly be the justification for this, since those resources will be eaten up by the considerable administrative cost of conducting the nonenforcement program, which will require as many as 1.4 million background checks and biennial rulings on requests for dispensation.

The President has said that the new program is “the right thing to do” in light of Congress’s failure to pass the Administration’s proposed revision of the immigration laws. Perhaps it is, though Arizona may not think so. But to say, as the Court does, that Arizonacontradicts federal law by enforcing applications of federal immigration law that the President declines to enforce boggles the mind.

The Court’s opinion paints what it considers a looming specter of inutterable horror: “If §3 of the Arizona statute were valid, every State could give itself independent authority to prosecute federal registration violations,” That seems to me not so horrible and even less looming. But there has come to pass, and is with us today, the specter that Arizona and the States that support it predicted: A federal government that does not want to enforce the immigration laws as written, and leaves the States’ borders unprotected against immigrants whom those laws exclude.

So the issue is a stark one: Are the sovereign States at the mercy of the federal Executive’s refusal to enforce the Nation’s immigration laws?

A good way of answering that question is to ask: Would the States conceivably have entered into the Union if the Constitution itself contained the Court’s holding? Imagine a provision—perhaps inserted right after Art. I, §8, ci. 4, the Naturalization Clause— which included among the enumerated powers of Congress “To establish Limitations upon Immigration that will be exclusive and that will be enforced only to the extent the President deems appropriate.” The delegates to the Grand Convention would have rushed to the exits from Independence Hall.

As is often the case, discussion of the dry legalities that are the proper object of our attention suppresses the very human realities that gave rise to the suit. Arizona bears the brunt of the country’s illegal immigration problem. Its citizens feel themselves under siege by large numbers of illegal immigrants who invade their property, strain their social services, and even place their lives in jeopardy. Federal officials have been unable to remedy the problem, and indeed have recently shown that they are simply unwilling to do so.

Arizona has moved to protect its sovereignty—not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it. The laws under challenge here do not extend or revise federal immigration restrictions, but merely enforce those restrictions more effectively. If securing its territory in this fashion is not within the power of Arizona, we should cease referring to it as a sovereign State. For these reasons, I dissent.