Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Battle of the Sexes was Fixed

On Thursday night, Sept. 20, 1973, 50 million Americans, fatigued by Vietnam and Watergate, tuned in to see whether a woman could defeat a man on a tennis court. Dubbed "The Battle of the Sexes," the match pitted Billie Jean King, the 29-year-old champion of that summer's Wimbledon and a crusader for the women's liberation movement, against Bobby Riggs, the 55-year-old gambler, hustler and long-ago tennis champ who had willingly become America's bespectacled caricature of male chauvinism.

Bobby having some fun

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria - War is a Racket

The usual suspects are agitating for yet another war.

Hey, Leftoids, all we people on the radical Right are asking is that we give peace a chance!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

No race motive in Australian's murder: prosecutor

It seems that the Distract Attorney is "baffled" as to the reason why two Blacks and one mulatto would shoot a White jogger in the back. Just one of those "random" crimes. Obviously it is not racially motivated.

An aspiring Rocket Scientist

Some of Mr. Edwards tweets:

"With my niggers when it is time to start taken life's"

"90% of White people are NASTY.  HATE THEM"

Yet, Duncan's DA, Jason Hicks, can't seem to find a racial motive.

Edwards pulled the trigger. With a sub 80 IQ and poor impulse control, that is all he can do. But people like Hicks are the real ones responsible.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

RAMZPAUL Tells Tim Wise The 5 Things

It seems Tim Wise is lecturing White people again.Tim Wise is a "diversity advocate" that lives in a 97% White neighborhood.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elysium: Pro Immigration Propaganda?

Many conservatives claim that the new Hollywood movie, Elysium,  is pro-immigration propaganda. After watching the movie, I believe that is quite the opposite. Elysium is more of a warning of the results of eliminating borders.

The movie is based 100 years in the future. The hero, Max, lives in Los Angeles which is now primarily Mexican and a sprawling slum. Graffiti, crime and filth are the norm. Spanish is the predominate language. The United States has been reduced to Third World conditions.

So the Marxist goal of eliminating borders has been realized. But this did not lead to the happy diversity land that was promised. Diversity did not enrich American  - it impoverished the country.

And the film shows that White Flight has resulted in the majority Whites leaving the planet to a space station called Elysium. However, it should be noted that this new society is not some sort of White Nationalism utopia. A few token Asians and Africans are seen on the space station (and the President of Elysium is Indian). But the place has a feel of an affluent White neighborhood. Only English is heard to be spoken.

Of course, now that borders have been eliminated on Earth, the people on Earth are desperate to immigrate to Elysium. Because it seems the people on Earth lack the intelligence and ability to create the technology that is found on Elysium.

The chief defense minister of Elysium (played by Jodie Foster) makes a plea to the President that it is important to stop the illegal immigration if they are to preserve their heritage and self-determination. As the President of Elysium is concerned about human right violations, he is opposed to aggressive enforcement. This leads the Jodie Foster character to note that he would care more about the future if he had children.

In the end, the Elysium border fails (just as what is implied happened years ago in the USA) and the hordes invade the space station and loot the goodies. Because the protagonist of the movie led this destruction of  Elysium, many people have assumed that the movie is sympathetic to immigration. But I believe that this was just the thin cover to get by the Hollywood censors and receive the necessary funding.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fan Art

Some fan art that was sent to me. Looks like I am being seduced with an apple? Always good to see Biblical themes in art.

Anyway, thanks for the art!


Someone told me that this art reminds them of this video:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayer for President Barack Obama

Although most Leftists hate Christianity, I find it interesting how many of the same religious concepts enter their ideology. For example, the current Marxist mantra of "White Privilege" is really just a substitute for the Christian concept of "sin". Just as Christianity teaches us that we are all born sinners, the Cultural Marxists teach us (at least Whites) that we are born with Original White Privilege.

And Obama is acting now like a Jesus Christ figure designed to save the world from "White Privilege". As such, I am not surprised children would pray to him.

Some critics are reacting harshly after a video was posted on YouTube showing a young boy saying a prayer to President Barack Obama. There isn’t much context given for the clip, but a description accompanying the short video that was posted by a user named Regina Young reads, “The prayer that he wanted to say for our President is priceless.”

Saturday, August 10, 2013

KHOU TV Defends Accused Child Rapist

KHOU TV reported on a story in which a 10 year old girl was arrested for raping a 4 year old boy. It seems that the rape defense is based on the claim that the alleged rapist is good at math. The actual victim was ignored.

"Community Activist" Quanell X (heh) came out attired with his pimpin bow tie to defend the alleged rapist.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ABC Names First Person of Color 'Bachelor'

If is FINALLY good to see a person of color chosen!

An ABC spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the fan favorite -- a 32-year-old former soccer player from Venezuela now living in Miami -- will become the first non-Caucasian Bachelor or Bachelorette in franchise history. There have been a total of nine Bachelorettes; Juan Pablo is the 17th Bachelor in 18 seasons, as Brad Womack starred on the show twice.

Here is a dreamy vid of the Person of Color:

Gerorge Zimmerman
ABC Racial Classification: White

Juan Pablo Galavis
ABC Racial Classification: Non White

Monday, August 5, 2013

Damsel in Distress - How Video Games exploit Women

Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist who warns people of the danger of video games. As a feminist she is perpetually angry about everything. And this includes 1980s video games such as Mario Brothers. It seems that Mario Brothers is a misogynist game designed to perpetuate the Patriarchy or some such thing. Personally, I just found it to be a fun game. But a feminist can always see politics in everything.

Her latest video was released on August 1, 2013. It is part of an epic series on the evils of video games.

Her rant on Mario Brothers starts at 11:15.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

RAMZPAUL - "White Girlz"

There is a huge controversy about a music video called "Asian Girlz". A bunch of White people (we love status whoring in such a fashion) made a big stink that the video was "racist". Of course, these same people never seem to worry when Black rappers make a racist video. Racism is only a sin for White people.

Today in horrible people doing horrible things: Day Above Ground released a song called "Asian Girlz," and it's about as bad way worse than you could possibly imagine.

Judging by the reactions, "Asian Girlz" is either the most racist thing ever or just the most racist thing you'll see all day.