Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Femen protester desecrates Notre Dame cathedral

Femen is a "feminist" group in Europe that primarily attacks Christian targets. The group is actually funded by the billionaire George Soros and many of the girls are prostitutes from poor ex-Communist countries.

Below is the link that proves the prostitute connection:

A member of the militant feminist group Femen, known for its provocative topless protests, on Wednesday staged a mock suicide in Notre Dame cathedral in the French capital, less than 24 hours after a far-right historian killed himself there in front of visitors and church-goers.

Femen curiously never attacks mosques or synagogues

Very brave to attack Christian targets

The Man Behind the Curtain

Women in France Opposed to Femen

Hungarian Women Opposed to Femen

Monday, May 27, 2013

Immigrant Youths Riot in Sweden

For the past week, immigrant youths rioted in Sweden. Riots that included the breaking of windows, rock-throwing at police, destruction of property and burning of cars. Swedish police tell the Associated Press that some 220 crimes were reported to them during the violent rampage.

But instead of cracking down on the perpetrators, authorities were busy issuing parking tickets on cars that were burned by the rioters. The conservative Swedish news site Fria Tider reports that owners of some cars destroyed in the riots were fined for parking illegally, while the Swedish police force described a low-key approach to the rioters themselves. Its reporter caught a parking enforcer in the act of issuing a ticket, and shot a photo, published above the headline “Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks While Stockholm Burns.”

Swedish Nationalists fighting back:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

U.K police arrest 85 year old grandma for speech crime

The British have adopted a Soviet styled model of arresting people for politically incorrect speech.  The British government (and many people) have a greater hatred for people that oppose immigration and "diversity" than they do for the African Muslim who butchered a British soldier on a London street.

If you criticize Islam or Judaism in England, you risk jail. Mocking Christianity is legal and is encouraged.

The British public can breathe a big sigh of relief after it was learned a 85 year old cookie baking menace was arrested for raising her voice outside of a mosque in England. Doesn't she know that it's illegal to critique or raise any objections to Islam in a muslim country?. I hope she'll learn her lesson, even if she is in the end stages of Alzheimers. Meanwhile one of the Muslim beheaders was part of a banned terrorist group in the U.K. Ranted and raved in publioc squares calling for jihad for years, and even tried to join al-qaeda overseas, but the Police never so much as gave him a polite ring to stop.

An 85-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly shouting outside 
the Jamia mosque in Gillingham today (Friday 24 May). She is currently 
in police custody for a public order offence.


More of the story at:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Africa in London

London got a taste of diversity today. An African Muslim ambushed and beheaded a British soldier in London.No reports yet of cannibalism.

The only solution to such matters is more immigration and more diversity. This transformation will not be complete until Britain is ethnically cleansed and 100% diverse.

Update- YouTube quote of the week:

it is satire. but it isn't SUPPOSED to be funny you fuck. no one in ENGLAND has a sense of the tragic in art anymore because the tragic so surrounds them on their fucking streetcorners.

Monday, May 20, 2013

RAMZPAUL - IRS Forms for Marxist Party Members

Bill Mahr did a comedy video concerning the IRS targeting Tea Party members. He was joined by the seriously obese Michael Moore. (I swear that guy looks fatter every time I see him.) Michael was good to wheeze and laugh at all of the jokes.

I decided to have some fun and redo his video from the Conservative perspective.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

RAMZPAUL Comes Out of the Closet

The following story inspired me to come out of the closet. I am now an officially protected "victim" and I will sue the ass off any institution that discriminates based on my gender and sexuality.

I encourage young, White men to evaluate their gender and sexual identities. And then take the appropriate legal action against institutions that discriminate (such as Northwestern University).

It really does seem at times that "diversity" just means anti-White.

A Northwestern University student was rejected for a “diversity and inclusion post” in student government because he is a white, heterosexual male, resulting in a sharp rebuke from the university’s student newspaper.

I am ashamed to admit that back in the 70s I had no idea what the following song meant. But now that I am a progressive Nationalist, I can embrace and celebrate the meaning.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family attacked for being in wrong neighborhood

The police did not consider this to be a "hate" crime. Of course, if a White mob attacked a black family it would be a hate crime and international news. The double standard is obvious.

But the interesting question is why would a White guy get gas in an all black area? Was he scared of being called "racist"?

Humans are naturally (with good reason) suspicious of outsiders. How could anyone look at the sub 80 IQ "youth" below and not be wary?

A white family getting gas in Baton Rouge, La., was attacked by three people who said the family was in the “wrong neighborhood,” police say.

The altercation occurred Sunday night at a Chevron gas station.

Attacked a family because they were White
(but not a hate crime)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Outrage as Fascist Censorship Activities Surface

It is quite amusing how the champions of "tolerance" have become the intolerant book burning censors.

The Left are the modern Fascists.


We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who 
Comes on at five 
She can tell you 'bout the racism with a gleam 
In her eye 


Saturday, May 11, 2013


President Barack Obama on Friday touted his health care law's benefits for women, whose response to the program the White House believes will be key to its success.

"So often [moms] put everything else before themselves," Obama said, tying the event, held in the White House East Room, to Mother's Day. "And that’s particularly true when it comes to things like health care."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flag Mystery at the House of Horrors

While I was reading articles about the girls that were kidnapped 10 years ago and kept as sex slaves I noticed that the flag flying in front of the house changed.  In some pictures, it was clearly a Puerto Rican flag and in other pictures it was an American flag.

Update - two flags were always there. They just switched sides. 

note - some people have suggested that the flag flying was the Ohio State flag. If you look at the photos this is clearly not the case. 

Puerto Rican Flag

American Flag

Ohio State Flag

Here is an image that clearly shows a Puerto Rican (note the white star) flag flying in front of the house:

But, then, the flag mysteriously changed to an American flag:

Update - There are actually two flags (and two poles) here. The American flag is now on our right. Originally the flag was on the left. For some reason that was swapped. 

Yet when I look at the house from Google Maps, this was the last picture taken (the girls were in the house at the time of this picture.)

Update - Before the incident went public the PR flag was on the right. At some point in the investigation, the flags were switched. 

Who changed the flag? And why would you change the flag at a crime scene?

Note - some people have also suggested that it was dual flag? Meaning that the American and Puerto Rican flags were sewed together. If so, how does that work? I have never seen such a flag. Would we see the US flag if we looked at it at the opposite direction? (Honest question.)

To me that just looks like a normal flag. And in the photo (one above this one) the American flag is clearly seen from the basic same point of view.

Note #2 - There were two flags on the same pole. I believe what happened is that the American flag was swapped over when the photos were taken. 

Note #3 - I enlarged the photo and the flags were on separate poles. Previously, the USA flag was on the other side (see pic above).

American Flag was initially on the left side (facing the house)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Golden Dawn - Bad Boys of Europe

The nationalist group Golden Dawn conducted the following SHOCKING economic terrorist attack on toll booths in Greece. This terrorist attack deprived the international bankers thousands of dollars.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Day, 2013 - Young Nationalists versus old Marxists

Typical young American White Liberal Male:

Poetry from Heartiste: 

He submits to the raping of his countries’ largesse by invading foreigners and citizen subversives. He excuses the actions of those who would sooner wipe him from the face of the earth, and whips himself into a fervid masochistic spectacle for imagined sins purged on the altar of social standing. He spits on his brothers for a pittance and he salts the soil from which his dwindling posterity must grow. He amuses himself with parlor games and slick sophistry, while he hypocritically runs from the very heart of his words to outpost gardens that shelter his sermonizing from scrutiny. He has let his women run wild, appeasing their last whim, and in return has been rewarded with their total disrespect for his pleasure, for his dignity, for his presumption. He indulges in stupefying drugs of the belly and the mind, concentrated by his soft-pedal puppeteers for maximum potency, and loses himself in petty pop culture distractions so perfectly crafted to sedate any spark of fighting spirit or any glimmer of awareness at his decrepit prospects. He licks the boots of his self-assumed betters and endures their debt-propped credentialist servitude in hopes of a place at the shrinking table, or he denies betterment and retreats to a spiteful underculture of crass gluttony and exhilarating dysfunction. He dutifully mouths ruling class slogans as he bristles incoherently within a maze of diverse strangeness and under the gaze of cold surveillance. He wars with his masculine essence, surrendering to caricature or to simulated castration.

He farms gold, he uploads, he downloads, he pants loads, he MGTOWs, he cube codes, he Insta-chodes, he’s friendzoned, he faps alone, he dates low, he marries old, he’s sorta ‘mo (he’s proud to show), he cornholes, he corn sows, he’s a cuddle pro, he tucks a micro, he’s equality yo, he’s a harmless bro, he fucks slow (first licks her hole), no means no (as he well knows), he’s wow just wow (brash scares him so), he’s status quo, he’s a quota goat, his girlfriend’s gross (he won’t tell her though), he nuzzles cows, he scrapes and bows, he’s a cog-to-go, he luvs a ho, his titties grow, he’s GIRL YOU GO!, his ex-wife’s boyfriend spends his dough, his girlfriend fucked an asshole…
…he knows no home to call his own.

Typical young American Nationalist:

Good Interview (content is good, audio sucks):

Met these guys at Amren:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feminist Right Wing Sexual Blues

A feminist at the University of Wyoming was supposedly the "victim" of an anonymous Facebook post that advocated sexual violence.

As you can see this anonymous poster claimed that her liberals views were "hot" and made him want to make her his "Republican bitch".

This sparked a campus protest:

The police did investigate. And they determined that the feminist was responsible for posting the anonymous comments. She has been charged by the police. It seems that this was just a hoax. Meg seems to have got some sort of masturbatory fantasy over having a right wing guy think she was "hot" and wanted to make her his "bitch".

I am sure once the police saw the "victim" they realized that the story was suspicious.

Claims Republicans want her sexually

Cited for yet another "hate crime" hoax