Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Man fired for refusing to date fat or black girls

It seems now it is wicked for men to have preferences in dating and sex. As usual, The Left is trying to enforce their morality in the bedroom and dictate who we should love.

Maybe women should be fired for refusing to date short men.Sounds like HATE to me.

'Sleepless in Austin' Jackass Loses Job Because of His Awful Website
Oh, and then there's this — as of Monday, racist man-child Romeo Rose is out of a job due to the fact that he's Romeo Rose.

Monday, October 28, 2013

1 in 3 Campaign - The Silence and Stigma end here

On Monday, pro-abortion groups across the country launched an organized effort to feature women telling uplifting stories of their abortions. The so-called “1 in 3” week of action will feature 100 events in 32 states, and began in Washington D.C. According to the Advocates for Youth, one in three women in the United States will at some point have an abortion.

An Australian feminist group created this flash dance to help end the stigma of abortion:

Please send your abortion stories here. This will help to inspire women to kill their babies.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Israel

Below is a video and a story of how Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire Republican American businessman, advocates that the United States should drop an Atomic Bomb on Israel. (I assume he must be some sort of wacky White Supremacist for making such a genocidal statement.) While old Sheldon might be going senile, what is disturbing is how the students cheered the remark.

The basic logic is that because many Communist Jews were responsible for the Holodomore (the genocide of millions of White Christians), all Jews and the United States share a collective guilt. In his mind, this event that happened over 60 years ago justifies endless aggression on his part against the Jewish people. How anyone could blame a modern Jew that was not even born during the Holodomore boggles the mind. Like I am supposed to believe that my Jewish dentist that lives next door shares some sort of "collective guilt" for an event that happened half the way around the world 70 years ago. Like I said, these White Supremacists are kooks.

Victims of the Holodomore

Extremist kook advocating nuclear war

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boy, 14, 'slashed teacher, 24, to death

A very sad and gruesome story. According to the official police reports a White (ahem) kid went crazy and slashed to death a 24 year old teacher in the girl's restroom at the high school. He then dragged her body outside and dumped her in the woods.

The teacher was lauded for interacting with her students on Facebook and Twitter. I am not sure that is a good thing to encourage.

A teenager who has been charged with murder after his math teacher was found slashed to death with a box cutter, disposed of her body then went to see a Woody Allen film.

Philip Chism, 14, was seen on surveillance footage dragging a recycling bin with Colleen Ritzer's body through the halls of Danvers High School in Massachusetts on Tuesday night then dumping her remains in the woods near campus, according to police sources.

The victim

The Killer

Notice how the police classified his race

Celebrating Hungary's National Day!

Happy National Day!

Hungary has become somewhat my adopted country.

"This is Hungary calling! This is Hungary calling! The last remaining station. Forward to the United Nations. Early this morning Soviet troops launched a general attack on Hungary. We are requesting you to send us immediate aid [...] For the sake of God and freedom, help Hungary!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Streaker Killed by Zero Tolerance

A sad story of how feminist inspired "zero tolerance" laws ruin lives.

A popular 15-year-old student  has committed suicide after he reportedly faced expulsion and being placed on  the sex offenders’ register simply for streaking at a high school football  game.

Christian Adamek, from Huntsville, Alabama,  hanged himself on October 2, a week after he was arrested for running naked  across the Sparkman High football field during a game.

Charged as a Sex Offender

Now this song would be considered to be a RAPE song:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

ABC 20/20 - 'Manosphere'

ABC news hired a a couple of feminists to investigate the "manosphere". The over the top bias would make Pravda blush in the old Soviet Union.The propaganda is becoming so silly that people are laughing at the result.

Deep in the underbelly of the Internet is a hidden corner known as the "Manosphere"— a collection of websites, Facebook pages and chat rooms where men vent their rage and spew anti-women rhetoric.

Protected by the anonymity of the Internet, men feel free to post hateful and violent comments.

Below is ABC's promo video.

Look at the pained expression of the reporterette at 0:47. That is staged and deliberate. And quite funny when you realize that it is staged and planned.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Republicans Crash and Burn on Budget Deal

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Up against one last deadline, Congress raced to pass legislation Wednesday avoiding a threatened national default and ending a 16-day partial government shutdown along the strict terms set by President Barack Obama when the twin crises began.

“We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” conceded House Speaker John Boehner as lawmakers lined up to vote on a bill that includes nothing for Republicans demanding to eradicate or scale back Obama’s signature health care overhaul.

Monday, October 14, 2013

US soldiers hired by Mexican drug cartels

Breakup of the USA? It is already happening. The American southwest is becoming an de facto Mexican country. \

Milestone #1 - Empire admits it is unable (and unwilling) to enforce laws in a territory.

With parts of Northern California's scenic hillsides illegally gouged by bulldozers for marijuana grows, frustrated local officials asked the state for help to protect streams and rivers from harmful sediment and the chemicals used on the pot plants.

They hoped to charge growers under federal and state clean water regulations with tougher penalties than the infractions local officials could impose. But they were rebuffed.

It's too dangerous, the state agency in charge of protecting the region's water said in a letter to county supervisors.

Milestone #2 - Imperial troops become untrustworthy due to tribal divisions

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Golden Dawn and Outlawed Political Parties


If voting could make real change, it would be illegal.

THE arrest of both leaders of an elected party is unprecedented for a member of the European Union. On September 28th the Greek government began a crackdown on Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party, which has 18 MPs in Greece’s 300-strong parliament. Among those put in handcuffs by counter-terrorism officers in bulletproof vests and balaclavas were Nikos Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn, four other MPs and 14 party supporters. Mr Michaloliakos’s deputy, Christos Pappas, gave himself up to police a day later.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Need Halloween Costume Advice

I was thinking of buying this Halloween costume for my dog Dino. I named him "Dino" based on the Flintstones pet dinosaur who they called Dino. So I thought this costume would not only be cute, it would be appropriate for his name. But now someone told me that this could be considered derogatory and hateful.

And given that I have been classified as one of America's top three evil men, I don't want to be now classified as a speciest. I believe that all species are equal and we all bleed red. (Well, except for Vulcans. But they are not real.)

So I need your help. Is this costume fun? Or Hate?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chinese Girl Beats Beta Boyfriend Long Time

So much for the submissive Asian girl stereotype.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – and a video of a girl repeatedly slapping her boyfriend in the street appears to prove that.

The five-minute video, which has gone viral with more than 27,000 views since it was posted on October 6, shows a young man on his knees in a Hong Kong shopping street with his girlfriend standing over him, scolding him in Cantonese for inviting another girl to his apartment.

What I found somewhat amusing was this girl actually paused during the public beating to look at her watch. I guess that is an example of that Asian efficiency. She should write a book - Domestic Violence and effective Time Management.

Much time left to beat you?
(1:40 in the video)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Matt Schaub Stalked at Home

As someone who has been stalked, I found this story to be interesting:

 A source close to law enforcement told The Fred and Ted Show late Tuesday evening that Houston Police were contacted by the NFL after fans approached Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub at his home and berated him for his recent poor play.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Men Like Breaking Bad

A feminist review of Breaking Bad:

Die Like a Man: The Toxic Masculinity of Breaking Bad

“It felt right and satisfying and proper to us that he went out on his own terms; he went out like a man,” Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan shared in a recent podcast, describing the death of Walter White in the series finale.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because we heard Hank – his prototypically macho brother-in-law – say something very similar during Skyler’s intervention, when he defended Walt’s decision to refuse both financial charity and cancer treatment: “Maybe Walt just wants to die like a man.”

Below is a sticker chart designed to reward men for doing their assigned chores:

Walt at the beginning of the series:

Walt after "breaking bad":

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Swiss to vote on income for all

The Swiss really know how to kick us when we're down — while our congress is busy shutting itself down because it's run by soulless opportunists, the Swiss people have gathered enough signatures to force a referendum on whether they should guarantee $2800 in monthly income for all adults.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Belgian Transgendered woman euthanatized

A sad story of a woman who never felt love from her parents.

Nathan, born Nancy, Verhelst, 44, was given legal euthanasia, most likely by lethal injection, on the grounds of "unbearable psychological suffering" on Monday afternoon.

And then there is this guy, I mean girl, I mean guy.

He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”

ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.

Here is where I first heard of being trapped in the wrong body: