Thursday, February 27, 2014

Say My Name

RAMZ Fucking Paul is my name.

They stole my image from the vid below. (The gun is a toy gun I got for Christmas when I was 6).

I was gangsta:

(This vid was technically difficult as I added the music after I shot the vid. So I had to maintain the rhythm in my head without the music. Yeah, I am dope.)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pussy Riot - Cargo Cult Radicals

You have probably seen the video of Pussy Riot getting whipped by the Cossacks. But, really, it never grows old watching it. Watching these strong and empowered women squeal and slink off is hilarious. Quite the contrast to the men who fought in the Ukraine.

What caught my eye in this video was how the "radical" Pussy Riot put on their masks AFTER posing for the cameras. What is up with that? The reason radicals wears masks is to hide their identify from the police. If you plan to pose for the camera, there is NO REASON TO WEAR A FUCKING MASK.

But like most Leftists, they have a Cargo Cult mentality. Meaning they mistake the form for the substance. They see radical street fighters wearing masks. Therefore, if they should wear masks that will make them radicals! Poseurs.

Cargo Cult

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sea Hag in 2016

It looks like Hillary is the clear front runner to be the Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election. And as the massive third world immigration continues to pour into what was formerly America, it will soon be impossible for the Republicans to ever again win the Presidency. Once Texas turns Democrat, the game is over.

Of course, the Republicans will attempt to pander to "people of color" and various sexual deviants. But why should these people vote Republican when the Democrats promise to better loot mainstream Whites?

On the surface Hillary is a horrible candidate. She is old and she has the personality of a rattlesnake. If this were say 1980, she would have no chance. But as our country has been enriched with diversity, we are now devolving into a third world one party state.

The good news is that this election should wake up many Republicans to the fact that the old country is now dead. It is time to start new. Time for self-determination.

Good article from Jack Donovan:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine and Nationalism

Will Ukraine be a puppet of the USA/EU or Russia? Or will Ukraine achieve self-determination?

Will Americans one day gain self-determination?

KIEV, Ukraine — The street fighters in Independence Square, kitted out with motorcycle helmets, plywood shields and baseball bats, are an intimidating lot by any measure, and this week they turned whole battalions of riot police officers on their heels in epic, bloody clashes that stunned the world. ...
The exploits and fearsome appearance of the fighters, known as the defenders of Maidan, as the square is known, have been elevated to lore, at least among supporters of the opposition. Old men pat them on the back, children revere them, and women want to be their girlfriends.

We are fighting

For the right of every Ukrainian to human dignity...

For a fair criminal trial of Berkut and other dogs of the occupational system...

Against the humiliation and impoverishment of the Ukrainian people...

Against the war of the government with its own people...

For responsible voters and politicians...

For the election of judges...

Against corrupt and marginal democracy...

Against degeneracy and totalitarian liberalism...

For traditional folk morality and family values...

For Ukrainian families having many children...

For a spiritually and physically healthy youth...

Against a culture of consumerism and eroticism...

Against any form of "integration" on terms dictated from outside of Ukraine...

For unity and worldwide greatness of the Ukrainian nation...

For a great Ukrainian and European Reconquista... Everything is only beginning! From our Maidan, the rebirth of Kyivan-Rus/Ukraine commences, the rebirth of Europe commences.

Glory to Ukraine!

Meanwhile, we have the usual suspects trying to promote their "enrichment" in the Ukraine. (The USA flag with the Chevron logo says it all.)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Five Reasons to Visit Hungary

I highly recommend traveling abroad to see other nations and cultures. Visit a country that has yet to be "enriched" with multiculturalism and you can get a sense of how things should be. Nationalism is natural. Multiculturalism is some demented Cultural Marxist experiment that destroys nations and prosperity.

I will miss my Hungarian friends. And I hope to see them again soon.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Collective Guilt For Communism?

After Communism fell in Hungary, all of the old Soviet statues were dumped in a park just outside Budapest. So now there is a graveyard of creepy Communist statues. I found the place to be fascinating.

One of the things I learned was how the leading Communist figures were not ethnically Hungarian.

As Louis Birinyi observed,

The personnel of the "government" were selected from the ranks of the agitators, about 95% of "whose names tell us that they were of Jewish origin." The country then was divided into districts, and a commissar was installed as the head of each district. It was not uncommon for the Bolsheviks to appoint janitors of Jewish synagogues as commissar with power over life or death of the people in their districts. Terror squads were organized, and the "red terror" was in full swing.

The Communist government was toppled in 1919 and Kun ran off to the Soviet Union. He later went to Germany in the 1920s and attempted to overthrow the German government.

During Kun's reign of terror, thousands of Hungarians were executed for being "counter revolutionaries".  Ironically, Kun himself was executed on the orders of Stalin. His crime? He was convicted of being a counter revolutionary. It is hilarious as the Left devours its own.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Youths Riot at Florida State Fair

Diversity is our strength!

My advice to Europeans - shut down immigration while you still can. Diversity plus Proximity always breeds violence. Look towards America as an example as to what happens when your country becomes "enriched". Insist that the "vibrant" people maintain their enriching cultures in their own countries.

A disturbing picture is emerging about events Friday night that led to the Florida State Fair shutting down early.

Authorities describe scenes where hundreds of teens went on a chaotic spree of stampeding, shoving, and fighting.

The situation was so out of control, and deputies were so overwhelmed and outmatched, that the commander on the scene asked fair officials to shut the whole thing down.

Monday, February 10, 2014

John McCain lectures Hungary over democracy

Sometimes it is rather embarrassing travelling as an American abroad.

I am currently in Hungary and I am enjoying the people I have met. Unfortunately, John McCain (the semi-senile warmonger) was in Hungary last week representing the USA. As Hungary is soon having elections, the USA decided that this would be a good time to lecture the Hungarian people about tolerance and democracy.

Part of the issue is some "extremists" political parties in Hungary are proposing that politicians that have dual citizenship should be identified as such to the voters. Obviously, this is a very hateful suggestion.

The other problem in Hungary is that the new holocaust memorial doesn't seem to humiliate the Hungarians in a sufficient manner. This OUTRAGE has caused an international incident. As such, the USA deemed it necessary to send John McCain over to meddle in Hungary's elections.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Kosher Neanderthal Nationalist

I got my DNA results back from 23andMe.

The results are as follows:

  • Paternal Y haplogroup: R1b1b2a1a1 (Seig Heil!)
  • Maternal mtDNA Haplogroup: K1c1 (Oh vey!)

I am 99.5% European

My primary countries of origin:
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
The K1c1 Haplogroup indicates I may have some Jewish ancestry. I guess I should feel somewhat bad as I eat pig on the Sabbath. But Holocaust reparations would make me feel better.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

University of Montana professor 'unpacks White privilege'

One of the more sinister (and genocidal) memes is that of "White Privilege". Such demonization of an entire racial group other than Whites would be unthinkable in a modern University. Could you imagine ANY university having a "sustained dialogue" session about the "Jewish Problem" and "Jewish Privilege"? Any professor that attempted such a stunt would be promptly fired. And the University would send millions of dollars to the ADL in form of atonement. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to demonize an entire race as long as they are White.

Dr. Tobin Miller Shearer comes across as a mild manner professor speaking in run on sentences and cliches. But when you parse what he is saying, it is quite sinister. The demonization of an entire race is a precursor to justifying genocide.

“To be white in America is to claim an identity that attempts to be de-racialized and is predicated upon the receipt of power and privilege simply on one’s appearance: a racialized appearance from the fundamental equations that whiteness equals access to power and privilege based on one’s racial identity,” - Professor Shearer. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Coca-Cola Trolls America

Coca-Cola released a Super Bowl ad that featured a "diverse" crowd babbling America the Beautiful. Conservatives took the troll bait and objected. And within hours (surprise) The Cathedral was releasing stories scolding such naughty Americans.

Such ads are not designed to sell a product, but to push an ideological point of view. The view is basically that people are fungible. A million cannibal immigrants from New Guinea are just as valuable as German immigrants from the 19th century.  And so what if these people never learn English or adopt traditional American customs? This country is no longer yours! HA HA HA.

We overthrew your country without firing a shot. SUCKERS!

That is the basic message.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Immigration Debate - Dreams of a homeland

Republicans seem to always fall into the "legal" versus "illegal" trap when it comes to the immigration debate. So importing 10 million people from the Congo into America is fine with them as long as it is "legal".  Of course, they make such a stance to avoid being called a witch "racist".

I believe most Americans oppose a Third World invasion because they desire to maintain a First World civilization. It is not so much a debate over which civilization is "superior" but the fact we want a home for our people. This is a natural desire of all people.

Zionism started as as a movement in the 19th century for a Jewish homeland. It seemed crazy at the time. But now Israel is a Jewish state and the USA is required by law to defend Israel as a Jewish state. This is seen as natural and good.

In a similar manner, it is natural and good for us to have a homeland. People who wish to live in "diversity" are free to reside in such a country. But what is wrong with offering a choice?