Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oliver's Tale of a White Privilege mugging

Oliver Friedfeld, a Georgetown University student, was robbed at gun point by a couple of "youths" while walking home. Thankfully, Oliver overcame the trauma of the event and he was able to write an editorial in which he blamed "White Privilege" for the incident. I am shocked!

Last weekend, my housemate and I were mugged at gunpoint while walking home from Dupont Circle. The entire incident lasted under a minute, as I was forced to the floor, handed over my phone and was patted down

Floor? Odd word choice for being outdoors.

Oliver continues:

And yet, when a reporter asked whether I was surprised that this happened in Georgetown, I immediately answered: “Not at all.”

Note that this was published on November 18 (a Tuesday). So this editorial damning White people was penned within 72 hours of the supposed mugging.

My question is how in the Hell did a news organization know that Oliver was robbed?  I looked up the police reports for both Georgetown University and the city of Georgetown, and I found nothing that matches this crime.

And why would a news organization send a reporter to interview a victim of standard street mugging? Is this a news event? And what else is mysterious is that Oliver never states who interviewed him. Was it ABC? CNN? The New York Times? I don't want to accused of "street mugging denial" but this story seems very odd.

But I guess this "crime" had a silver lining. It allowed Oliver an opportunity to wag his finger at White people.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black boy with toy gun fatally shot

A black boy in Cleveland was killed by the police when he pointed a toy gun at them. I think more people would have more sympathy for this boy versus the "gentle giant" who was a thug who robbed stores and attacked police. However, the media already shot their wad with Michael Brown. The planned riot backfired as it showed Africa-Americans with their butts hanging out looting liquor stores. The hash tag #Chimpout was trending high on Twitter.

Obviously, the media does not want to show African-Americans acting like... Africans. This is why whenever a flash mob of blacks attacks Whites, they never mention the race. They instead use the words "youths" and "teens", But with the riots it is impossible to hide the race. And I get the feeling that people of all races are getting sick of thugs acting like chimps in the zoo.

As such, I expect the media to quickly shut down coverage of the riot. Cold weather without TV cameras will end any riot.

Monday, November 24, 2014

No Charges! Will the promised looting disappoint?

A Grand Jury decided that there was not enough evidence to charge policeman Darren Wilson for the  shooting death of the "gentle giant" Michael Brown.  The Gentle Giant spent his last morning robbing a convenience store and assaulting an Asian clerk.  He then attacked the policeman and was subsequently sent to the great Swisher Sweet in the sky. Truly, the World lost a scholar and a gentleman.

Of course there was outrage as it is politically incorrect for a White man ever to shoot a youth, even in self defense. This sparked the initial riot in August. The looters expressed their sorrow by stealing plenty of liquor. Liquor helps to dull the pain.

But now the professional protesters have taken over. And it is rather cold. Looting is more fun in jungle like weather. So I doubt much will happen.

The obvious solution is to have separate countries. One with European civilization and one with African... tribalism. Seems like a win win solution to me.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why we oppose amnesty? Because we live here

Obama ignored Congress and the Constitution and passed amnesty by an imperial decree. He pretty much is running the United States as as an African chieftain. Which makes sense, as Obama is not really an American. He is a Kenyan born African who was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia by Marxists.

At this point it is too late to reform the United States. We as Americans need to push for our own homeland.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#PantsUPDontLoot - The Billboard Rises

Many people are calling the Pants Up Don't Loot billboard racist. That does not make sense to me. The billboard does not mention race. Unless that is the reader ASSUMES that people that have sagging pants and loot must be "youths". But wouldn't that assumption make them racist?

I personally assume the billboard is targeting old Jewish women.So that would make it anti-Semitic. And ageist. And sexist,

Supporters of Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson have raised thousands of dollars with the intention of putting up a billboard in the St. Louis suburb that reads "#PantsUPDontLOOT."

Monday, November 17, 2014

#ShirtStorm - Space Scientist's Shirt Scandalizes Softer Sex

Matt Taylor, a European scientist, successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet An amazing technical accomplishment for mankind. Matt conducts interviews. Feminists complain about his shirt.

Yeah. Sometimes I think feminists troll themselves.

Matt wore a shirt that was gift from a female friend. She made the shirt. He was happy to wear it. Now angry feminist are claiming that this shirt will prevent millions of young women from studying science. You see, women are very delicate creatures.

This shirt will scare girls from doing their math homework

Matt later did a video where he cried and begged for forgiveness.

He probably should have told the feminists to suck his dick. And then announced that he was selling the shirts as a symbol of academic freedom. He would make millions.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Drunk Girl In Public - a Feminist Hoax

Social Justice Warriors (SJW) had a rough couple of weeks. The video that was made in New York City to demonstrate how wicked men are has backfired. After 10 hours of walking the streets, the big chested feminist was only able to get a few harmless comments. And what made matters worse was that most of the "harassment" came from diversity.

As such, another video was made in Hollywood of an actress pretending to be a drunk girl. In this video two White guys and two black guys attempted to take advantage of the poor girl.  Finally the feminists now had video PROOF of how evil men of all races are concerning poor helpless (but always empowered) women.

Well, it turns out the video was a hoax. The men were told they were part of a student video project and they were given lines to speak. These guys had no idea that this video would be released showing them as real sexual predators. They were just nice guys willing to help out a film crew.

Now over 10 million people have watched this video and assume that these guys are creeps and potential rapists.

The piece of shit that conned these innocent men is named Stephen Zhang. Hopefully, these men will get legal representation and sue the shit out of Stephen Zhang.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No Love Julien Blanc Long Time

Time Magazine (Time is still in print??? The average reader age has to be like 75) declared that the the most hated man in the world was some 23 year old guy named Julian Blanc. So who is Julian Blanc? Is he a serial killer? A rapist? No. He is a Pick Up Artist (PUA) who acted obnoxious in a video toward Japanese girls. They giggled and did not really seem to mind the attention. However, some chubby Chinese Social Justice Warrior (SJW) named Jennifer Li objected in a Youtube video.

The whole thing went viral because the SJWs FINALLY found a White guy for their street harassment meme. Their previous street harassment video backfired as all the harassers were vibrant diversity. So now that they found their White guy villain they are in an orgy of two minutes of Hate.

 Below is the video that started the hate frenzy.

In the comments Roosh lists evidence of her anti-White Tweets.

Jennifer Li's Anti-White Tweets:

Here is the video of Julian Blanc being the "Alpha Male".

Monday, November 10, 2014

Man smacks the soul out of girl - A Response

Below is a viral video making the rounds. I think people like to see the obnoxious girl getting pimp slapped. I am sure she was surprised a White guy would respond to her attack in such a fashion.

The guy looked to be of Slavic origin. They don't exactly respond like American hipsters. She chose the wrong guy to hit.

Reminds me when "Pussy Riot" brought their shit to Russia. Some young Russian boys acted in a rather thuggish fashion.

Reminded me of this movie:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Three Things My Dog Taught Me

My dog died on Tuesday. On Monday, I pretty much knew he was facing the end.

I took him to the vet Tuesday morning. And the vet recommended euthanasia. Although I was expecting that statement, it was still depressing to hear. So I took him home and decided to spend a few remaining hours with him. I fed him a hot dog (his favorite food) and he slept by my feet while I did some work.

I was looking for an excuse to keep him alive another day. But he could barely stand and he looked like a skeleton. His kidneys had shut down and his body could not get nourishment from food.

I had him perform one last trick (barking on command) and then I took him to the vet. I held his head while he got the end of life drug. Within seconds his head dropped and he was dead.

Below is a video I did 6 years ago with Dino on how to train a dog to ring a bell. He was a smart dog that I was able to use in quite a few videos.

Anyway, the last couple of days I thought of some of the things he taught me. I trained him. And then he returned the favor.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Stand By Your Man

It looks like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She is already busy on the campaign trail. Earlier this year, Rand Paul floated the idea of attacking Hillary based on Bill's indiscretions. The idea is to suggest that Hillary is a hypocrite for standing by Bill during the scandal. I supposed a strong empowered woman would have dumped him. But she stood by him despite her feminist ideology. Per the article below, she also mostly blamed Monica describing her as a "loon".

Personally, I see her actions as a virtue, not a shortcoming. Whatever their issues, she obviously loves Bill. People like to see love placed over ideology.

Reminds me of this old country song:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Britain vows to get tough on heretics

Britain is continuing its crusade against heresy. Theresa May, the chief British censor, is threatening to jail all who hold beliefs that fall outside of the political orthodoxy.

Loner Garron Helm was jailed due to a heretical tweet. The British government promises to weed out all heretics that threaten their progressive and benevolent government.

Theresa  - Good luck stopping the spread of ideas!

How they dealt with "extremist" thought back in the day in England: