Monday, June 30, 2014

Home Depot Declares War on Women

The Supreme Court continued the War on Women by ruling that Home Depot cannot be forced to provide contraceptives to its employees. It should be noted that the CEO of Home Depot, Frank Blake, is a known virgin with a small penis who hates women.

But the bigger bombshell that the media has not reported is that Home Depot also does not provide free food for Women or People of Color. And food is probably even more necessary to life than contraceptives. (Not sure. Have not seen any scientific studies on this matter.) Yet the greedy Home Depot expects their employees to buy their own food. This has to stop.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling that some employers can refuse to provide contraception despite a federal insurance mandate.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Whitesplaining the Mexican Soccer Chant

White liberals are SHOCKED that Mexican fans are using a crude taunt at the World Cup games. It seems that the word "puto" can roughly translate as "faggot".  And as the year 2014 has officially been all things gay all the time, this crude chant simply will not do! Something needs to be done!

The problem is that Mexicans are... Mexicans. People of Color. Do White queer-lesbian-gay-transgender-transspecies have any moral right to lecture People Of Color? Who trumps whom?

RIO DE JANEIRO—World Cup fans from Mexico have gotten a yellow card from activist groups and FIFA after bringing a slur often used against gays to the world stage.

For years, Mexican soccer fans have shouted the Spanish insult "puto" in unison at opposing teams' goalies during goal kicks. The word is an offensive synonym for "gay man."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

RAMZPAUL makes Chris Gethard Sad

So mainstream television and movie writer, Chris Gethard, did a 9 minute rambling video psychoanalyzing me. Ummm.... creepy.

Chris seems to think that I am some sort of angry and depressed men's rights activist that rants on message boards all day. WTF? I never post on any message boards. So I am not sure where Chris got that idea.

And angry and depressed? Where did he get that idea? I love life and I am always joking around. It is like he had some feminist stereotypical image of what Red Pill men are like. I guess we are supposed to always be angry and depressed and hate women. I guess that is the official narrative.

And rapey? I admit that I do like girls. But rapey like a sexual predator? Whenever I hear of the word "sexual predator" I think of a velociraptor with a six foot long penis raping women across the world. Yup, that sounds about right!

Anyway, the Cathedral is getting very nervous. Too many of you guys are getting BAD IDEAS. KNOW YOUR PLACE AND QUIT GETTING UPPITY IDEAS!

One of Chris's commode routines. Jokes about his forehead and his mother getting raped.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


No matter how much they are discredited, the neo-cons never seem to go away. "Conservative" Charles Krauthammer is now making the talk show rounds agitating for a war with Syria. In a sane society he would just be dismissed as a warmongering kook. But, sadly, Krauthammer is part of the power structure of Washington D.C. (He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations).

Krauthammer is Left wing or Right wing depend on which way the wind is blowing. However, no matter if he is playing the part of a Liberal or a Conservative his dedication to his nation (hint, it isn't America) is unwavering.

On Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer argued for a more proactive approach in dealing with the ISIS threat in northern Iraq as it continues to seize more and more territory.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Army to fight 'White Privilege'

The local new station in Colorado Springs, Colorado broke a story about leaflets found at Ft. Carson. And the Ft. Carson authorities are "investigating". Investigating what? Why is this a story? Has the First Amendment been repealed? Why is this an issue?

I say fuck them. If the "authorities" try to censor writings, I will give them free publicity. Nice job Cultural Marxists. If you did not attempt to violate the First Amendment only 10 people would have seen this literature. I will make sure 10,000 now see it. Retards.

Multiple fliers from an apparent white supremacist group have showed up inside Fort Carson.

The fliers have the Northwest Front organization's name on them along with some racist messages.

According to the Northwest Front website, the organization plans to create what they call an "independent and sovereign White nation" in the Pacific Northwest

Friday, June 13, 2014

RAMZPAUL Responds to Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard, a mainstream comedian, has released a video warning men to stay away from the "manosphere". Reading sites such as Heartiste can give a young man very naughty and politically incorrect ideas.

According to Chris, you really should just focus on getting a high definition TV and a girl that somewhat likes you. The Manosphere will just give you uppity ideas.

Comedian Chris Gethard adopted his epic Tumblr response to the Men’s Rights backlash from #YesAllWomen into a 2 minute video for Now This News, and it’s pretty great. “Sure, a pretty girl will get into a club before you, but you know what else a hot girl has to deal with?” Asks Mr. Gethard. “Six dollars less an hour than I would get. And I’m lazy. I’m very lazy.”

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraq Collapsing

Another war that turned out to be a total waste. Yet another American defeat while fighting an unconstitutional war for a foreign power. The amount of blood and money pissed down the drain is staggering.

And the psychos that brought us the Iraq war are now demanding we spill more blood and money in Syria. I guess they figure all that have to do is wave the American flag and sing God Bless America and that will fool the dumb fucks.

Iraqi forces sought to check the rapid advance of Islamist militants who had seized major cities, as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded to the greatest threat to his government since taking power.

Monday, June 9, 2014

America 2034

American Renaissance is asking various writers an interesting question - "What will America be like in 2034?"

Below is my prediction for each category:


The Southwest United States will be a quasi independent country (Rep├║blica del Norte ). Based on massive immigration and Hispanic birth rates, the Southwest will act as a Latin American country. The United States flag may still officially fly, but Spanish will be the official language and the people will pretty much ignore the laws and edicts from Washington D.C.

The small percentage of Whites and Jews that still reside in the Southwest will live in gated communities. These typically will be the Hollywood and tech elite. The African-Americans that have not been ethnically purged will live in poor barrios.

The rest of the country will be diverse but segregated. We will start to see White flight on a regional basis. And pressure for a "traditional America" (read White) homeland will build.


The United States will resemble the Soviet Union of 1975 - Marxist and ossified.  The Southwest Hispanic state will resemble Mexico. A semi-Capitalist state rife with corruption.


 In a landmark decision the Supreme Court will rule that the First Amendment does not protect "hate speech". In practice "hate speech" will be considered any speech opposed to the government. Dissidents will be jailed for political views.


As the United States slides into Third World status, the electric grid will become unstable.  As such, we will see a regression in technology for the average person.

However, there will be advances that will be available to the elite. Genetic research will allow for cellular regeneration that will halt and rollback aging.


The USA will become effectively a one party state. The Republicans will act as the official token opposition. However, the real politics will reside with the semi legal Nationalist movements. These Nationalists parties will eventually be declared illegal by the regime.


Frequent crop failures will be blamed on the weather and "climate change". Of course, "climate change" (which can mean hot, cold, rainy or dry weather) will be blamed on evil Whites.

Friday, June 6, 2014

RAMZPAUL 2014 Amren Speech

Below is my speech at the 2014 American Renaissance convention. I lost my notes so the speech was somewhat improv (but I did have the PowerPoint). My guess is that a Communist snuck in the conference and stole my notes when I got up to take a piss. But it will take more than that to stop the neo-reaction!

Thanks to Amren for making these speeches free to everyone.

Please go to Amren's site and check out the other speeches. It was like being at a Nuremberg Rally.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hot Legs! Fighting the Patriarchy!

A brave high school girl, Lindsey Stocker, is fighting the patriarchy! She is rebelling against her school's dress code. Her belief is that she has the right to wear revealing clothes and the boys should be taught not to look at her in a sexual manner.

Lindsey, I can promise you that all of the boys in your school will stand behind you in your crusade! You go girl! Fight that Patriarchy! (And please send more pics).

A Montreal high school student has unwittingly started a revolution by refusing to change out of a pair of shorts that high school authorities deemed too short.

Lindsey Stocker, a grade 11 student at Beaconsfield High School, donned a pair of denim shorts on May 21, one of the first hot days of the season but was ordered to change by her school’s vice principals.

She refused, and instead printed a poster that she plastered over the school, questioning why girls’ bodies were the focus of the rules instead of boys’ behavior.

Take that Patriarchy!

Stop those boys from looking at me!

OMG! Tell them to stop looking!
(Can I pose for another pic?)

Good luck with that!

I was 14 years old when the song below was released. We were not as progressive back then. Pure sexual objectification. And we loved it.

"Who's that knocking on my door
It's gotta be a quarter to four
Is it you again coming 'round for more
Well you can love me tonight if you want
But in the morning make sure you're gone
I'm talkin' to you
Hot legs, wearing me out
Hot legs, you can scream and shout
Hot legs, are you still in school
I love you honey"

Monday, June 2, 2014

POW Swap - Choose a Narrative

The POW swap is the big story today. As such, I decided to choose that as the subject of my video today. The video was pretty good. I had pretty much all the Republican talking points. Of course, as I have some WN types that watch me, I decided to add some references to Israel and our foreign policy. Video by check box. That is pretty much what all the famous commentators do. Their videos are always the same. Conservative or liberal, people stay in their box and say what people want to hear.

Do you trade your reality for a role?

Freed hero or traitor? As the only U.S. soldier held by the Taliban is released, the doubts over his story and its unsettling echoes of a controversial TV thriller