Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obama: Americans need to shift religious views

Obama made a statement (i.e., threat) that "Americans need to shift their religious views" and accept homosexual "marriage".

The idea that an American President would make any such religious threats is mind boggling. Because the unasked question is  - what happens if Americans choose not to change their religious views? Based on the experience of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries under Communism, we know the answer to that question. The answer is brutal and bloody.

The United States no longer exists. Yes, the name is still the same. And the same flag flies. But the principles that founded this nation are long gone.

Our goal, and hope, is establishing a new country for our people. The United States cannot be reformed. It is dead and gone.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Should Gone With The Wind be burned?

The usual suspects are frothing at the mouth calling for censorship, book burning and grave desecration. They are pretty much following the same pattern that they established during the Red Terror in Russia and Eastern Europe. People thought that such a thing could never happen in the USA. Well, yeah, they were wrong. During my trips to Eastern Europe I talked to many people who experienced this Trotsky shit. And they warned me that the USA was going down the same path.

The actions of our enemy don't surprise me. They never change their spots. What I find disgusting is the so called "conservatives" who grovel in hopes they will win favor with the Marxists. The lack of spine from most of these "men" is mind boggling.

How in the fuck did these men:

Morph into this?

Fucking collaborators. From history we learn that the Marxists will ruthlessly dispose of such collaborators when they are done with them.

Marxists always love a good old fashioned book burning:

Apple bans Civil War games:

Sadly, my great-great grandfather fought on the wrong side of the Civil War. In his defense, he was only 17 and he could not have known that the United States would descend into tyranny 150 years in the future.

"RAMSEY, William, Springs Valley Herald (March 1, 1923) Obituary
William Ramsey was born in Harrison County, Indiana Feb. 12, 1845 and died Feb. 24, 1923, age 78 years and 12 days.

He served three years in the Civil War in Company C, 24th Indiana Volunteers, which he served faithful."

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Should the Confederate Flag be banned?

Richard Cohn of the SPLC is leading the charge to ban the Confederate Flag. I guess his logic is as follows:

1. Dylann Roof murdered 9 people
2. Murdering 9 people is evil
3. Dylann Roof was seen in a picture with a Confederate flag
4. Therefore, the Confederate Flag must be evil
5. Evil things (such a flag) must be banned.

As an American, I personally don't believe any ideas or symbols should be banned. But Mr. Cohn must be channeling the spirit of his ancestors (such as Bella Kun aka "Cohn") who launched the Red Terror across Eastern Europe.

But what I don't understand is the inconsistency of his logic.  Because in 1946, Zionist terrorists massacred 91 people at the King David Hotel. These Zionists waved the Star of David flag.

So I would think consistent logic would state:

1. A Zionist terror cell killed 91 innocent people
2. Murdering 91 people is evil
3. These Zionists were seen with the Star of David flag
4. Therefore, the Star of David flag must be evil
5. Amazon should stop selling the Israeli flag

It is also curious that White people who want to peacefully obtain a homeland are called  "White Supremacists" . But Jews who support Israel are not called "Jewish Supremacists". On the contrary - if you oppose a Jewish ethnic state you are an evil "anti Semite".

Monday, June 22, 2015

Is NBC responsible for the South Carolina Shootings?

In Dylann Roof's manifesto (you can find in my previous post) Dylann mentioned that the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) helped him understand the epidemic of Black on White violent crime.

The national media typically ignores Black on White violent crime. Local news will cover such crime, but the reporters are instructed (based on AP style guidelines) to not mention the race if the killer is Black. Typically the media now uses code words such as "teen" or "youth" no matter if the killer is 45 years old.

The CofCC links to such news stories to give national exposure to crimes that are otherwise hushed up. The CofCC does not write the stories. They just report the facts and the truth.

Yet, somehow, the Leftists insist that CofCC is responsible for the shooting for just linking to true stories.

Yet these same people ignore that fact that Roof himself stated that it was the Trayvon Martin case that was his primary motivation for his shooting. If you remember, the media hyped the false narrative that Trayvon was a little, innocent black boy who was randomly gunned down by a "white supremacist". NBC led this false narrative by deceptively editing the Zimmerman 911 calls. This hoax created by NBC inflamed racial tensions which would eventual trigger a set of circumstances that led Dylann to shoot up a black church.

NBC lied and people died.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dylann Roof's Manifesto Released

Dylann Roof's manifesto was released. (Do other races ever release manifestos? Seems like such a White thing.)

Is is interesting that people on the Right are trying to claim that Dylann was obviously insane or on drugs. But the manifesto did not really seem like the rant of an insane man. The motivation of his attack was clear - he felt his people were under attack and he had an obligation to strike back.

It is also interesting that he was not raised "racist". His racial views were formed based on his real life experience with African Americans.

If the government was smart they would cease trying to demonize Whites. If they had a program of treating people equally this would defuse much of the anger. But the Left is never smart.

I am sure that the Left will respond with even greater anti-White rhetoric and calls for censorship. More classroom material will be aimed at degrading and humiliating White kids. This will only increase tensions and create more kids like Dylann Roof.

Most of the young generation is extremely obedient and passive. But there is a core of these kids who are extremely radical and hard core. We see this in politically correct countries like Britain in which many young kids are joining ISIS. Unfortunately for the establishment, not every White kid will turn gay and submissive.

The Manifesto unedited:

I was not raised in a racist home or environment. Living in the South, almost every White person has a small amount of racial awareness, simply beause of the numbers of negroes in this part of the country. But it is a superficial awareness. Growing up, in school, the White and black kids would make racial jokes toward each other, but all they were were jokes. Me and White friends would sometimes would watch things that would make us think that “blacks were the real racists” and other elementary thoughts like this, but there was no real understanding behind it.

The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that day. The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?

From this point I researched deeper and found out what was happening in Europe. I saw that the same things were happening in England and France, and in all the other Western European countries. Again I found myself in disbelief. As an American we are taught to accept living in the melting pot, and black and other minorities have just as much right to be here as we do, since we are all immigrants. But Europe is the homeland of White people, and in many ways the situation is even worse there. From here I found out about the Jewish problem and other issues facing our race, and I can say today that I am completely racially aware.


I think it is is fitting to start off with the group I have the most real life experience with, and the group that is the biggest problem for Americans.

Niggers are stupid and violent. At the same time they have the capacity to be very slick. Black people view everything through a racial lense. Thats what racial awareness is, its viewing everything that happens through a racial lense. They are always thinking about the fact that they are black. This is part of the reason they get offended so easily, and think that some thing are intended to be racist towards them, even when a White person wouldnt be thinking about race. The other reason is the Jewish agitation of the black race.

Black people are racially aware almost from birth, but White people on average dont think about race in their daily lives. And this is our problem. We need to and have to.

Say you were to witness a dog being beat by a man. You are almost surely going to feel very sorry for that dog. But then say you were to witness a dog biting a man. You will most likely not feel the same pity you felt for the dog for the man. Why? Because dogs are lower than men.

This same analogy applies to black and White relations. Even today, blacks are subconsciously viewed by White people are lower beings. They are held to a lower standard in general. This is why they are able to get away with things like obnoxious behavior in public. Because it is expected of them.

Modern history classes instill a subconscious White superiority complex in Whites and an inferiority complex in blacks. This White superiority complex that comes from learning of how we dominated other peoples is also part of the problem I have just mentioned. But of course I dont deny that we are in fact superior.

I wish with a passion that niggers were treated terribly throughout history by Whites, that every White person had an ancestor who owned slaves, that segregation was an evil an oppressive institution, and so on. Because if it was all it true, it would make it so much easier for me to accept our current situation. But it isnt true. None of it is. We are told to accept what is happening to us because of ancestors wrong doing, but it is all based on historical lies, exaggerations and myths. I have tried endlessly to think of reasons we deserve this, and I have only came back more irritated because there are no reasons.

Only a fourth to a third of people in the South owned even one slave. Yet every White person is treated as if they had a slave owning ancestor. This applies to in the states where slavery never existed, as well as people whose families immigrated after slavery was abolished. I have read hundreds of slaves narratives from my state. And almost all of them were positive. One sticks out in my mind where an old ex-slave recounted how the day his mistress died was one of the saddest days of his life. And in many of these narratives the slaves told of how their masters didnt even allowing whipping on his plantation.

Segregation was not a bad thing. It was a defensive measure. Segregation did not exist to hold back negroes. It existed to protect us from them. And I mean that in multiple ways. Not only did it protect us from having to interact with them, and from being physically harmed by them, but it protected us from being brought down to their level. Integration has done nothing but bring Whites down to level of brute animals. The best example of this is obviously our school system.

Now White parents are forced to move to the suburbs to send their children to “good schools”. But what constitutes a “good school”? The fact is that how good a school is considered directly corresponds to how White it is. I hate with a passion the whole idea of the suburbs. To me it represents nothing but scared White people running. Running because they are too weak, scared, and brainwashed to fight. Why should we have to flee the cities we created for the security of the suburbs? Why are the suburbs secure in the first place? Because they are White. The pathetic part is that these White people dont even admit to themselves why they are moving. They tell themselves it is for better schools or simply to live in a nicer neighborhood. But it is honestly just a way to escape niggers and other minorities.

But what about the White people that are left behind? What about the White children who, because of school zoning laws, are forced to go to a school that is 90 percent black? Do we really think that that White kid will be able to go one day without being picked on for being White, or called a “white boy”? And who is fighting for him? Who is fighting for these White people forced by economic circumstances to live among negroes? No one, but someone has to.

Here I would also like to touch on the idea of a Norhtwest Front. I think this idea is beyond stupid. Why should I for example, give up the beauty and history of my state to go to the Norhthwest? To me the whole idea just parralells the concept of White people running to the suburbs. The whole idea is pathetic and just another way to run from the problem without facing it.

Some people feel as though the South is beyond saving, that we have too many blacks here. To this I say look at history. The South had a higher ratio of blacks when we were holding them as slaves. Look at South Africa, and how such a small minority held the black in apartheid for years and years. Speaking of South Africa, if anyone thinks that think will eventually just change for the better, consider how in South Africa they have affirmative action for the black population that makes up 80 percent of the population.

It is far from being too late for America or Europe. I believe that even if we made up only 30 percent of the population we could take it back completely. But by no means should we wait any longer to take drastic action.

Anyone who thinks that White and black people look as different as we do on the outside, but are somehow magically the same on the inside, is delusional. How could our faces, skin, hair, and body structure all be different, but our brains be exactly the same? This is the nonsense we are led to believe.

Negroes have lower Iqs, lower impulse control, and higher testosterone levels in generals. These three things alone are a recipe for violent behavior. If a scientist publishes a paper on the differences between the races in Western Europe or Americans, he can expect to lose his job. There are personality traits within human families, and within different breeds of cats or dogs, so why not within the races?

A horse and a donkey can breed and make a mule, but they are still two completely different animals. Just because we can breed with the other races doesnt make us the same.

In a modern history class it is always emphasized that, when talking about “bad” things Whites have done in history, they were White. But when we lern about the numerous, almost countless wonderful things Whites have done, it is never pointed out that these people were White. Yet when we learn about anything important done by a black person in history, it is always pointed out repeatedly that they were black. For example when we learn about how George Washington carver was the first nigger smart enough to open a peanut.

On another subject I want to say this. Many White people feel as though they dont have a unique culture. The reason for this is that White culture is world culture. I dont mean that our culture is made up of other cultures, I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as though our culture isnt special or unique. Say for example that every business man in the world wore a kimono, that every skyscraper was in the shape of a pagoda, that every door was a sliding one, and that everyone ate every meal with chopsticks. This would probably make a Japanese man feel as though he had no unique traditional culture.

I have noticed a great disdain for race mixing White women within the White nationalists community, bordering on insanity it. These women are victims, and they can be saved. Stop.


Unlike many White naitonalists, I am of the opinion that the majority of American and European jews are White. In my opinion the issues with jews is not their blood, but their identity. I think that if we could somehow destroy the jewish identity, then they wouldnt cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. Just like niggers, most jews are always thinking about the fact that they are jewish. The other issue is that they network. If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.

I dont pretend to understand why jews do what they do. They are enigma.


Hispanics are obviously a huge problem for Americans. But there are good hispanics and bad hispanics. I remember while watching hispanic television stations, the shows and even the commercials were more White than our own. They have respect for White beauty, and a good portion of hispanics are White. It is a well known fact that White hispanics make up the elite of most hispanics countries. There is good White blood worht saving in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and even Brasil.

But they are still our enemies.

East Asians

I have great respent for the East Asian races. Even if we were to go extinct they could carry something on. They are by nature very racist and could be great allies of the White race. I am not opposed at all to allies with the Northeast Asian races.


I hate the sight of the American flag. Modern American patriotism is an absolute joke. People pretending like they have something to be proud while White people are being murdered daily in the streets. Many veterans believe we owe them something for “protecting our way of life” or “protecting our freedom”. But im not sure what way of life they are talking about. How about we protect the White race and stop fighting for the jews. I will say this though, I myself would have rather lived in 1940’s American than Nazi Germany, and no this is not ignorance speaking, it is just my opinion. So I dont blame the veterans of any wars up until after Vietnam, because at least they had an American to be proud of and fight for.

An Explanation

To take a saying from a film, “I see all this stuff going on, and I dont see anyone doing anything about it. And it pisses me off.”. To take a saying from my favorite film, “Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it for the good of society.”.

I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.

Unfortunately at the time of writing I am in a great hurry and some of my best thoughts, actually many of them have been to be left out and lost forever. But I believe enough great White minds are out there already.

Please forgive any typos, I didnt have time to check it.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

South Carolina Church Shooting

When Whites are killed by Blacks the usual spin from the media is that it is sad, but the victims were just "in the wrong place at the wrong time". They collectively shrug their shoulders and quickly bury the story. They are also very careful never to mention race of the killers. The media tends to use words such as "youths" or "teens" instead.

Also the media is quick to emphasize that we must forgive the killers. And it would be very racist to assume that they represent the behavior of an entire race. And it was probably evil "white privilege" that caused these poor youths to kill in the first place.

Of course, when the races are reversed the coverage is non-stop and international. The race of the shooter is immediately noted. The motivation of the crime is also determined before the suspect is even captured. And all Whites are expected to bow their heads in collective shame.

Based on the media coverage an observer from outer space would assume that 100% of the interracial violent crimes in America are Whites against Blacks. The reality, based on FBI statistics, is the opposite - 90% of all interracial violent crime is Black against White.

And, no, I don't believe this shooting is a "false flag". What has happened is that White violence against Blacks is so rare that people assume it must be fake. My guess (only a guess at this time) is that it is what it is - some young White man snapped and struck back.

The interracial violence (observed all over the world) shows why multiculturalism and diversity are disasters. All people want a homeland and self-determination. And all the feel good propaganda in the world won't change that reality.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Modern Joan of Arc

The Marxist mayor of Paris commissioned an anti-White wall mural in Paris. The mural below crossed out the slogan that France belongs to the French. In its place the mural stated that French women belong to Africans.

The point of this "art" was to demoralize and mock the native French.

Then one day a young French girl showed up with a can of spray paint, a stool and a camera. She modified the painting.

She crossed out "Africans" and replaced it "Frenchmen". She also used the word "Collabos" which means "collaborator" or "traitor".

She topped it off with the English phrase:

"Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White".

Unlike Femen which is composed of (literal) whores paid for by George Sorros and the Ford Foundation, this is real resistance.

She had the courage to attack this anti-White propaganda in broad daylight while on video. Inspiring!

I am sort of fond of French girls. That Night Elf dance!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tim Hunt - That is NOT Funny!

The Social Justice Warriors continue their attack on scientists. Previously, the feminists were OUTRAGED when a space scientist wore a tacky shirt at a press conference. This "triggered" the strong and empowered women. So he was forced to apologize and cry.

The Shirt that "triggered" feminists

Now Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winner, was attacked. The reason was for this tongue in cheek joke:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.”

Enemy of Humanity!

This statement caused the feminists to cry. Because this joke hurt their delicate feelings, Tim was forced to resign.

In a totalitarian society humor is not allowed. This is because the nature of humor is that it reveals truth in a subversive manner. Can anyone imagine Stalin or Mao cracking jokes? No. Because there is nothing funny about the "revolution". Leftists demand conformity and obedience.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#WrongSkin - Troll of the year

Grodfrey Elfwick wins the RAMZPAUL troll of the year award. Sadly, proficient trolling has become almost a thing of the past. Now much "trolling" is just mean spirited people acting like retards. But good trolling is a type of satirical performance art. And Elfwick is a master artist.

The problem Cultural Marxists have is that if race is just a social construct, why can't people choose their race? After all, people are now allowed to choose their gender. That may sound good on paper, but how would racial preferences (such as affirmative action) work? Racial preferences can't really work if everyone is allowed to claim to be black.

So Social Justice Warriors are now reduced to determining racial hygiene. How much "black" do you have to be to get preferential treatment from corporations and the government? 50%? 10%? 100%? Do Social Justice Warriors ascribe to the "one drop rule"?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alice in Progressive Wonderland

Just a story about a girl named Alice. Her father was a gay sperm donor. Her mother was a lesbian who married another woman. When she was three her mother went insane and was put in a mental institution. Her mother's lesbian lover got custody of Alice.

The lesbian lover divorced her mom and married another woman. This woman then became a man and called herself "daddy" to Alice.  The woman who pretended to be a man then had an affair with another man. And this woman/man wants partial custody of Alice. Because she has explained to little Alice that she is also probably a boy trapped in the body of a girl.

Social Justice Warriors see nothing wrong with this scenario.


I killed that damn spider. Found him in my bathroom.

Monday, June 8, 2015

McKinney Pool Party!

Another racial incident involving the police was in the news. It seems that some "teens" crashed a pool part and violence erupted (who could of guessed?). The police were called and a White police officer was seen tackling a bikini wearing youth. This caused the usual OUTRAGE from the usual suspects.

But some of the neighbors have claimed that the party was not peaceful and the police were required to restore order.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mattress Girl Makes An Art Video

Emma Sulkowicz was a student at Columbia University who claimed she was raped. The police investigated and did not press charges. Even the Soviet style kangaroo courts of the university could not bring themselves to expel the man accused. (In the modern university, men are considered guilty until proven innocent).

To protest this outrage Emma decided to haul her mattress around college. This was the mattress that she had anal sex on. This mattress became a rallying symbol for feminists across the nation.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand invited Emma to attend the State of the Union address. This was to raise awareness of the "rape culture" in America.

The only problem is that this was not really a rape. Emma consented to sex. And the days after the "rape" she texted  her rapist that she loved him and missed him. After he ignored her, she decided that she was rape.

Emma decided the next step was to create an "art" video to re-enact what happened that fateful night. So Emma took a video of her being fucked up the ass by some guy as part of a feminist awareness campaign.

Years ago such a woman would be put into a mental hospital. Now she is invited to Congress.

Below is a link to the video (NSFW):

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How to Change Your Life

Bruce Jenner was celebrated for making "the change" from a man to a woman. Of course, such a change is biologically impossible. He is just a man who dresses up like a woman. But we are all supposed to deny reality and play along with this fiction.

But a physical change based on surgery is easy. It is much harder to change who you are as a person. And most people never do change. They may want to change, but it is just a fantasy. The wall was too high as you can see. No matter how he tried he could not break free. And the worms ate into his brain. (Listened to too much Pink Floyd in my youth).

Years ago, a program called 7-Up was created in Britain. It documented the lives of some 7 year old children in 1964. The experiment was to see if the personalities of the children would change when they grew older. The answer was no. The majority of us really do not change.  The person you are at 7 years old is basically who you will be at 35. If you were a fuck up at 7, you will be a fuck up at 35.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


People ask what was my favorite video. This.

Yeah,,, my artistic vid.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner - Wins Courage Award

Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic Athlete, has decided to dress in drag and pretend to be a girl. For the courageous accomplishment is he receiving Arthur Ashe award for courage. But I am not sure how it is that courageous as all of the mainstream media is fawning over him.