Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NRO and Salon Fight Pedophobia

Now that we have reached peak sodomy, the next Social Justice frontier looks to be defending and normalizing pedophiles. And, no, I am not talking about a 25 year old man who is attracted to 16 year old girls. This is a man sexually attracted to 7 year old girls.

Such a pedophile wrote about his "condition" on Salon magazine.

Of course the poor guy assures us he would never illegally act on his feelings (who would doubt the word of a pedophile?) But he has this "condition" that we must understand. You know, he was born this way and we should accept him as he is (sound familiar?).

The cuckservatives at National Review Online were quick to defend such a nuanced and heartfelt article from this self professed pedo. National Review won't tolerate the extremism of John Darbyshire, but pedos seem to be fine and dandy.

Since these articles were publish, some "Right wing extremists" said some things that hurt the pedo's feelings. Now Salon has an article that explains people who are intolerant of pedos are the REAL monsters.

Vox Day had an interesting article about Tolerance:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bill Maher claims Trump is Hitler.

Is there anyone on the Right Wing who is not Hitler? When the Left uses the name "Hitler" they really mean "Satan". But since they are secular they had to invent a new name for Satan. So Hitler it is. After all, it would sound funny to modern ears for Maher to call Trump Satan. So Hitler transformed from a real historical person into a cartoon figure of ultimate superpower evil. So based on that, even the real Hitler was not like Hitler.

Maher claimed that Trump was Satan, I mean Hitler, because at a recent event Trump refused to correct a trollish question from an obvious plant. You can't stump the Trump. Trump knows better than to get into a spat with an obvious troll.

Below is the question from the plant.  Notice the over the top manner in which he tried to act like an ignorant, red neck Christian.

This plant was busy two years ago trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. He would dress up and act funny much to the amusement of the Left wing blogs.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Donald Trump with Stephen Colbert - No Apologies

You can't stump the Trump.

Donald Trump was on the Late Show hosted by the left wing comedian Stephen Colbert. As such, it was hostile territory but Trump handled it like a boss.

One of the goals was an attempt to get Trump to apologize. Apologize about ANYTHING. It triggers the Social Justice Warriors that Trump refuses to apologize and grovel on demand. After dealing with National Review styled Republican cucks for years, Trump's type of confidence and strength confuses the Left and makes them a little scared. Why won't Trump apologize like a good and respectable Republican?

Vox Day wrote about why the Left needs apologies:

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Clock Boy Hoax

Another day, another racial hoax. This time it was some Muslim kid who took a "clock" to school in a box. His goal was to scare the teachers into thinking it was a bomb. He was successful. And he instantly became a hero of the Left. A brilliant Muslim kid who was prevented from inventing a new type of clock because of those evil, White raycissss in Texas.

Because he was a Muslim, Obama wet his pants in delight and invited him the the White House. He also received much loot from MIT due to his heroics and brilliance.

The only problem is that the "clock" was a hoax. All this Muslim kid did was break apart a store bought alarm clock and stuck it in a box. Seriously, a fucking Chimpanzee could do this.  If you want to learn how to create such a clock for yourself in 20 seconds, watch this video:

And these teachers are condemned as "racists" for reporting their suspicions. Of course, we have had non-stop propaganda from Homeland Security that says - "If You See Something, Say Something". But based on their video, what they really mean is - "If You See Something A White Person Does, Say Something". Reporting Muslims is RAYCISS. As everyone knows, Muslims are peaceful and never engage in terrorism.

The government video warning about White people:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

#NRORevolt - David French and African Trophy Babies

The #NRORevolt continues.

National Review, the old "conservative" magazine and think tank for the Republican Party is in disarray as their preferred candidate, Jeb Bush, is swirling down the drain in the polls.  What makes matters worse is that former mainstream pundits such as Donald Trump and Ann Coulter are now embracing much of the Alt Right ideology. (I am convinced that Donald and Ann have been exposed to Alt Right websites and videos. Hi Ann!)

Meanwhile many of the old fossils of of National Review and the Republican Party have not even heard of the Alt Right. And these dinosaurs are SHOCKED that younger Americans are moving away from the cuckservative platform of lower taxes for the rich, outsourcing American jobs and whoring for Israel.

Poor Jeb Bush looks lost and confused about the change. This was the year he was supposed to be the Republican nominee so he could lose gracefully to Hillary. Then he could cry about what a historic occasion it is to have a President with a vagina. Many, many tears of happiness. (Cuckservatives are always weeping like women.)

"What the Hell is happening???"

Part of this change includes people on the Alt Right using the term "cuckservative" for establishment Republicans who figuratively or literally cuck their people for status signaling. National Review staff writer David French has demanded that the word "cuckservative" be eliminated. It should be noted that David and his wife traveled to Africa to adopt an African baby.

The whole episode reminds me of this clip:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate

I watched part of the Republican Presidential Debate. I would have watched it all, but Wednesday is my night to study the Constitution and watch Japanese pr0n.

Pretty much the start of the debate was Israel, Israel, Russia, Israel, Iran, Syria and Israel.

The old lady who ran a high tech company in the ground (she reminded me of Skyler from Breaking Bad), mentioned that if she was elected president she would immediately call the Israeli Prime Minister for a booty call and then declare war on Russia and Iran. Or something like that.

It was a chaotic debate with these clowns trying to get their rehearsed sound bites out. As such, they frequently talked over each other. Well, except when Ben Carson spoke. When Ben spoke they all got real quiet and respectful.

Jeb Bush was trying to act like a high energy Alpha Male. He failed, but it was cute to watch.

Donald just had his usual "I don't give a fuck" attitude. At one point he insulted Rand Paul's looks. Why insult a candidate's look? I think Trump just does it for the lulz. Good enough reason for me.

The debate ended with Trump and Carson becoming soul brothers.

I could see them doing a Blues Brothers revival.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Joshua Goldberg 1488!

A "Neo Nazi" was arrested in Florida. It turns out that this "white supremacist" was named Joshua Goldberg. At the time of his arrest he was pretending to be an ISIS member and he was trying to give bomb instructions to what turned out to be a FBI agent. Oops..

Joshua Goldberg wrote for the Daily Stormer under the name Michael Slay.  Who could of guessed he was a fake? I am shocked!

Mostly I am sad about the low quality of Jewish trolls pretending to be evil "White Supremacists". It seems that back in the day they put more effort in their deception. Now they just seem to be phoning it in. He described himself as an "advocate for the extermination of all non-Whites". Really? Come on Joshua. If you want to troll you have to TRY to keep it somewhat realistic.

In the 1970s there was a famous evil Nazi who wanted to march on the poor Jews during the same year the Holocaust mini-series was released. (What fortunate timing!).

Frank Collin (real name: Frank Cohn)

Then in the 1990s we had this scary Nazi:

Davis Wolfgang Hawke (real name: Andrew Britt Greenbaum)

Pretty much the entire White Power and Neo Nazi movement from the late 1940s to the present has been composed of informers and ADL shills).

Friday, September 11, 2015

European Invasion - Drowned Kiddy Propaganda

Europe is being over run by the Third World in a manner that was eerily predicted by the novel The Camp of the Saints.

This is not an invasion headed by tanks and troops. This invasion is headed by the unlimited reaching hands of Third World beggars, demanding that The West submit to looting. As locust, this human swarm will devour all in its path, leaving nothing but ruins.

The Third World is learning that the West while powerfully militarily, is weak willed. They are counting on our sense of altruism from gunning them down as they attempt to invade our lands. So more and more will flood into Europe until Europe is gutted and there is nothing more to loot.

The solution is for us to have our own lands that we protect.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Rally Against Iran

One of my disappointments in Trump is his hawkish nature concerning the Middle East. The Iran Nuclear deal seems reasonable to me. And I don't see how it is in America's interest to start yet another war in the Middle East, this time with Iran. Does anyone really believe that Iranians will invade America?

The Republican Party believes that it is wrong to protect our borders, but it is vital to protect Israel's borders However, at least Trump is consistent - he also believes in protecting our borders. I just wish our foreign policy was not beholden to a foreign power.

Go to 16:05 to see the Zionist of America speech:

Monday, September 7, 2015

RamZPaul on the Gavin McInnes Show

I was on the Gavin McInnes show last week. It was a fun interview. Gavin was in New York and I was in Bucharest.

No video today as it is Labor Day and I am goofing off. Next video will be on Wednesday.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

White privilege and original sin

One of the popular Social Justice Warrior memes is that of "White Privilege." The basic idea is that White people are born inherently wicked and need redemption for past injustices such as slavery, etc. This idea is a warped version of the Christian concept of "original sin". In Christianity all people are born sinners and we need the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In Cultural Marxism, all White people are born wicked (i.e., White Privilege) and must be atoned by doing such things such as praising Martin Luther King Junior and making loud proclamations of how they hate "racism" and love "diversity". Good Whites have longed hoped that by doing such grovelling, they will be redeemed from their "White Privilege".

MTV created a documentary explaining the wicked nature of Whites:

I gavea speech at Amren that explained the religious nature of Social Justice Warriors:

The blog The Right Stuff is doing an interesting series on the concept of White Privilege:

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Europe and Biological Warfare

Sad situation in Europe. Hungary is such a beautiful country. What makes Hungary great is the people. People make a nation, not the dirt. And once you replace the people (a nice word for genocide), the nation is gone.