Saturday, January 31, 2015

Swedish Feminists Drink Blood

One of my Swedish viewers sent me the following link. I met this guy in Budapest, A blonde Swedish man that is not a pussy.

You can translate it in one of the many translation tools. But the gist of the article is that Swedish feminists are going to drink menstrual blood in support of feminism,  Fuckin A. These cultural Marxists do my videos for me.

Sweden is Cultural Marxism on LSD.

I actually like Swedes. I attended many Colorado Avalanche hockey games and Peter Forsberg dominated.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goldman Sachs Goes Greek on Greece

The Leftist Syriza party won the recent elections in Greece. They ran on a popular anti-EU stance. However, now their leader is on his knees before the EU (and Goldman Sachs) and is saying that leaving the EU is like the lyrics in the song Hotel California - "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". So much for the Communist bad ass.

Goldman Sachs helped Greece get into the EU by hiding 5.3 billion Euros.

Of course, the Goldman Sachs leader pulled a Sgt. Schultz:

Meaning, the chairman of Goldman Sachs is advocating more non-White immigration into Europe. So while the Greek people will be economically impoverished, they will be culturally enriched with Somalis.

Funny to see Greek Communists reference an American band:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Muskogee officer-involved shooting

The pro versus anti police argument is one that does not easily identify as a Left versus Right position. On the surface the Left is anti-police - "Damn those fascist pigs in blue!". But in reality the Left needs the police to enforce their rules. For example, speech criminals in Britain will not arrest themselves. You have to hire some goons with guns to enforce your will.

The primary purpose of a police force is to provide the muscle for the politicians. Mostly the police don't care about ideology. They are just loyal to who pays them. Is the target Right wing or Left wing? They don't care. As long as their monthly check is cashed they will follow orders and pull the trigger without a second thought.

This is what happened to Vicki Weaver. Her husband refused to act as an informer for the FBI. So the government had her assassinated by a sniper. She was holding her baby as she was killed. That is the police in action. I doubt the trigger man really cared about her ideology.

However, on a local level the "cop on the beat" rarely gets involved in political matters. They spend most of their time dealing with thugs and losers. And while local cops aren't exactly saints, they usually try to avoid unnecessary trouble. But if you pull a gun on them, they will also kill you without a second thought. That looks to be the situation that happened in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The thug (who happened to be black - not really a shock) ran from the cop and then dropped his gun. Once he reached down to get the gun, he signed his death sentence.  This had nothing to do with race. I would have been shot instantly in such a situation.

Higher than the "cop on the beat" are the SWAT teams. These are police who dress up and pretend they are navy seals. Instead of acting like peace officers, they act like Third World paramilitary thugs. In the video below, a mentally ill man in the mountains with a camping knife is confronted with police officers pretending they are storm troopers out of Star Wars.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Twirlgate! The War Against Beauty

As the Cultural Marxist insanity progresses, it is getting hard to separate satire from reality. A recent example is shown in the video below. In the video Eugenie Bouchard, a tennis player, was asked by the reporter to twirl and show her outfit to the crowd. She blushed and did a twirl. She was happy. The crowd was happy. But feminists were butt hurt.

The problem feminists have is that Eugenie is quite pretty. And her twirl was done in a feminine manner. It was beauty. And Marxists hate beauty. You see it in their degrading art. And in their lives. So feminists would have cheered if Eugenie desecrated a Christian church while topless (e.g., Femen).  That is empowering! But to twirl with a sense of joy and beauty? That is hate.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why don't Japanese, English and Pandas have sex?

So the Japanese, British and Pandas are not having sex. Why? Because some creatures do not have sex in captivity. And the Japanese and most of the West are living in captivity. Pandas watch Panda porn in captivity but don't have sex with female pandas. That pretty must sounds like the typical feminized Western male.

I don't think it is genetic.

Here was a Samurai warrior in 1860.

Here is a modern Japanese male who works in a cube 60 hours a week:

So which of these two guys would sexually arouse Japanese girls? Rhetorical.

Captivity is not in our nature. It kills us as a people. And this has been proven by science.

From the book: Who's Been Sleeping In Your Head?

One of the participants in my research survey, an elderly Jewish woman whose parents perished in 1942 during the Nazi Holocaust, told me, rather shamefacedly, that whenever she masturbates, she imagines a group of S.S. officers in jackboots and other Nazi regalia forcing her to strip naked before strapping her to Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical examination table, where she must submit to probing of the most deadly surgical nature. This fantasy—which we might regard as utterly horrific and completely illogical—also produces the most explosive of orgasms, yet another instance of the compelling nature of the masturbatory paradox. This lady had absolutely no idea why the men who murdered her parents should become the desired objects of her secret sexual fantasy life; and until recently, such seemingly bizarre fantasies have baffled mental health experts 

It is interesting that the survey found ZERO women fantasize about left wing men who do their share of the chores. Left wing politics is a sexual killer for straight men.

Monday, January 19, 2015

American Sniper - Why we like it

The Left is OUTRAGED and butt hurt that American Sniper is doing so well at the box office. Selma, the sermon about the evils of White people, is bombing. RACIST! RACIST! WITCH! RACIST!

The basic problem is that the government counts on people like this:

And this guy represents everything this government hates. He is a White (southern - from Texas) man who likes girls and guns.

To keep in power these people:

An ethnic homosexual who likes to drink coco and complain about White privilege.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Selma - The Best Movie Ever Made?

Selma reminds me of one of the Evangelical Christian movies that is heavily hyped in the churches. And church members are bused to see the movie to try to prove some point.  Invariably, such movies bust at the box office. Because blatant propaganda is just dull to watch.

Selma is a religious movie for the Cultural Marxists. Martin Luther King Jr. is literally held in higher regard than Jesus with these people. As such, he ends up as a cartoon figure. And cartoon figures are boring.

However, the Marxists are busy buying tickets and busing school children to see this film. Of course, the school age kids care nothing about this. This was over a million years ago in their frame of reference. And even an anti-White lecture eventually becomes boring.

Of course, this movie is up for a Best Picture award. But what would be interesting is if it was in completion from one of the yearly Holocaust films. That would be a funny and epic battle. It might be close, but my money would be on the Holocaust movie to win.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lok'tar ogar!

Christmas in January! I got this gift from Blizzard. Looks good on my bookshelf. (Gaming geeks will know what this is.)

I call this statue - "Je suis RAMZPAUL"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Showering While White

This "ethnic" woman claimed on The View that showering every day is a White people thing.

I shower at least once a day. Sometimes I shower twice  - in the morning and before I go to sleep. Is that unusual for other races?

"Glee" star Naya Rivera wants everyone to know that she doesn't shower every day, and that showering habits are different for various races -- or so she says.

"I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics," Rivera said during her appearance on "The View" this week. "I think that showering more than once again, or every day, is such a white people thing."

On an unrelated note, Amren has announced their 2015 Conference. Although I will not be speaking, it looks like there will be many interesting speakers. I highly encourage people to attend. The drinking is the best part.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Nerds Versus Feminists!

Some nerdy MIT professor (Scott Aaronson) wrote a heart felt post of how radical feminism almost destroyed him. At one point he was even considering a sex change because he was so ashamed of his gender. He related how he was always shy and awkward around girls. And he did not think he was a predatory rapist just because he was a male who was sexually attracted to women. He has since married and has a daughter.

Of course, the feminists on the Internet went bat shit insane and they demanded an apology. So he apologized and wrote long and grovelling posts begging for forgiveness. Of course, this only caused a furry of more hate directed to him.

Showing weakness to a girl is like showing blood to a shark. These feminists will ignore Muslims who rape children. But they will not tolerate weak nerds who dare to speak out of turn.

What is interesting is that the feminists also went after me. I think they were expecting an apology and grovelling. I told them to go fuck themselves. That was quickly the end of the matter.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Je suis Charlie Martel

So the sheep in France are crying at candle light vigils crying - "I am Charlie!"

How touching that they support Free Speech!

Meanwhile, France bans a comedian from performing. And it is not Islam that is banning the comedian.

Fuck the censors! Europe will be return to the Europeans. The invaders can go back to their countries. This is war.

We people of European descent of the blood of Charles Martel within us. Act like it.

French comic who is considered anti-Semitic was banned from performing just hours after a court in Nantes said he could go ahead with his show.

This won't save Europe:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Enriched!

So a bunch of Muslims butchered 12 people because they mocked the pedo known as Mohammad.  Hey, diversity is our fucking strength!

But it is illegal in France to question the Holocaust.  So the Muslims have a point. If people are thrown in jail for questioning the Jewish tale of the Holocaust, why is it wrong for Muslims to kill those that question their religious fables? Throwing a person in a cage for ideas is an act of violence. So don't give me the freedom of speech bullshit.

Christianity is the bulwark that historically has protected Europe from the Jews and the Muslims.

Make no mistake. This is war.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feminism, White Girls and Sex Scandals

The Washington Post lists the 16 leading feminists of 2015.  What is interesting is there is only one White girl in the bunch. The rest are women of color or men pretending to be women.

The feminist rhetoric has also become more anti-White and anti-normal sexuality. Feminism does not seem to be an ideology for White women who like men.

The Prince Andrew sex story is a reminder of the sexual market place. The girls desired by the elite and powerful leftists are not the strong, transgendered women of color. No, despite all their talk of supporting feminism and "social justice" these liberal men desire young White girls.

Everyone know this. Hence, feminism at its core is based on envy. Pretty White girls are not welcome.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cruel parents cause transgender teen to kill self

When I was a kid, a boy had a penis and a girl had a vagina. But that was back in the era of HATE. Now many girls have a penis. This is called being transgender. Years ago the technical term was "mentally ill".

But being gay or transgender is now good, especially for White boys. I think it is a hate crime for a White boy to be sexually attracted to a White girl. At least that is what my TV tells me.

Anyway, encouraging White boys to pretend they are girls is the new cause célèbre.

The mother of a transgender teen who killed herself over the holiday season is speaking out, and making it clear she did not and does not approve of what she believes was her daughter's choice to be transgender.

Hat Tip to South Park for doing the original tranny abortion bit: