Monday, August 31, 2015

Eight Things About Living in Romania

I had a great time in Romania. I highly recommend people from the United States to visit Eastern European countries. So far, the demographics have not been destroyed by the nation wreckers as has been the case with Western Europe. For the most part, Romanians (i.e., White people) live in Romania. Sadly this might change as Soros and his minions of genocide are now looking to the east. The EU is already demanding that nations such as Romania be "enriched" with Africans.

Below is an amusing video that Romanians showed me. Gypsies who immigrated to America lived in the same place as African Americans. This wonderful mosaic of diversity resulted in a Christmas war zone.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

TV Reporter Murdered Live On Air

I predicted that such a shooting would happen. Anti-Whites have been increasing their genocidal speech against Whites. Just a few weeks ago a writer for Salon was advocating "White Wounding".

In their minds "racism" is worthy of death. I would not be surprised if Alison's "racism" was refusing this creature's sexual advances.

Nationalism is the only solution.

Note - There is an effort to censor the video of what happened. It does not fit the "narrative". So the actual shooting vid is being pulled down fast.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Should Roosh's Books Be Burned?

Arthur Chu, a former Jeopardy Champion who now writes for Salon Magazine, is calling for a good old fashioned book burning. This particular witch hunt is targeting books written by a man known as Roosh.

Roosh is a former Pickup Artist (PAU) who now writes self-improvement books for men. As Roosh opposes feminism these books are now considered to be "hate" and must be banned from Amazon. Yeah, this short and obese Asian really thinks he should be able to decide what Americans are allowed to read. Maybe he secretly wishes he was Kim Jong-un?

Arthur Chu's Twin Brother?

Below is a video that explains how Canada lost free speech:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trump Claims Heidi Klum is no longer a 10

The media is attempting to play the worn out "war on women" meme concerning Donald Trump. It seems that Trump made a comment in 2005 on the Howard Stern Show that Heidi Klum is no longer a "10". Trump was recently asked about this comment in a NY Times interview.

This is the state of the modern media. They really think that Trump's opinion of how some aging model looks is relevant. The mainstream media is getting more idiotic by the day.

Heidi responded (i.e., her handlers responded) with a sexy video that claims she is now a 9.99. The video is sort of cute. She does look nice for her age. But she is no longer 20 and it shows.

But after the cute video, Heidi seemed to get all butt hurt about Trump's remark. Heidi, the woman who made her millions by being prettier than other women, now claims it is wrong to assign a number to a woman and that all women are 10s. Yeah. That makes sense.

This is an example of politically correct talk that is toxic. Because we all KNOW that a 95 year old woman is not as sexually attractive as a 20 year old model. We all fucking know that. But we have to play make believe to placate this weird politically correct egalitarian fantasy than no one really believes.

This is reminiscent of the craziness people under Communism were required to believe. For example, in Romania, people were required to proclaim the scientific brilliance of a semi-literate peasant woman.  They had to keep a straight face as the "world renowned chemist" made it clear she had no idea what CO2 is.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Jesse Benn - Advocates "White Wounding"

The Huffington Post published an article by Jesse Benn in which he advocates "White Wounding". The idea that we should harm someone because of his race is repulsive. I am surprised that a major web site would publish an article that advocates harming others based on race. Did the Huffington Post run this by their legal team? Potentially they could face legal issues if some nut should take Benn's advice and decide to "wound Whites".

Trigger Warning - I usually will not link to sites that advocate racial violence. But I think this is important to see.

Jesse - if you should read this post I hope you get some psychological help. Your rambling screed about wounding people based solely on their race is disturbing and potentially criminal.

Below is a video that Jesse loaded to YouTube that shows burning an American flag.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton Has Problems

What the Sea Hag (aka Hillary Clinton) and Jeb Bush have in common is that both are despised by the majority of Americans. However, the globalist leaders who buy politicians have determined that these are to be our choices. Hillary is deigned to be the Democratic nominee because it is "her turn", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. And Jeb Bush has a last name of Bush. And since the last two Presidents named Bush were failures, hey, why not go for three?

The only talent Hillary seems to have is breaking the law and creating scandals. If I were to move Top Secret documents to a private server, I would be in jail. But she is connected, and our political whores don't have to abide by the same rules and laws as the rest of Americans.

Hillary reminds me of Elena Ceausescu. Both were women who got their positions from sleeping with the right men.

RAMZ "Aqualung" Paul

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why are nightclubs closing?

BBC had an interesting article stating how the nightclub industry is dying in the UK. From the people I have talked to (I never attend nightclubs myself) they say a similar thing is happening in the USA.

My theory is that the traditional clubs are dying for two basic reasons:

1. The Internet

2. Diversity

Girls no longer need to go to bars to meet guys. They can easier screen guys via texting and the Internet. And the guys that are left at the bars tend to be more vibrant and sexually aggressive by nature. This discourages many girls which reduces the number of girls who go to bars to meet guys. And, of course, this results in less guys attending which starts the death cycle of a bar.

Personally I love to attend pubs that focus more on other interests. As I am a gamer, I love a club called Nexus in Bucharest. It is a pub full of video games and traditional games. Geeky people can hang out without the loud music that prevents conversation.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders Interrupted at Seattle Rally by Black Lives Matter Protesters

Democratic Presidential hopeful,  Bernie Sanders, speech was taken over by Black Lives protesters. Bernie rolled over and exposed his belly.

This photo has fucked his chances. Poor old Bernie is hanging his head in shame as he covers his genitals. He has spent his life advocating for "youths" and now they are ready to throw him in a pot and eat him.

Meanwhile, Trump inspires respect:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Megyn Kelly's Monthly Period To Decide the Presidency?

Living during the death of an Empire has some amusing moments. In the nation founded by men such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson we now live in a country of bread and circuses in which some blonde's menstrual cycle is a primary issue facing the land.

This whole farce started when Megyn Kelly decided to ask Donald Trump a ridiculous question at the Republican Debate. The standard of living in America is deteriorating, the borders are being swamped turning the country into the Third World and mobs of "youths" are rioting and killing innocent people on sight. But Megyn decided the question most on the minds of Americans was why did Trump called some woman fat on Twitter.

Trump responded well and the audience exploded into a spontaneous applause. Trump stated we no longer have time for such politically correct bullshit. Poor Megyn could only sit there and look like she just ate a lemon.

After the debate Trump commented:

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever"

There is some debate if he meant to say "whatever" or "wherever". If it was "wherever" people assume that he meant blood was coming out of her vagina. Although, at her age, I am not sure Megyn still bleeds every month. For the good of the Republic, I think this question should be resolved.

Trump's comment caused cuckservative Erik Erickson to dis-invite Trump from his event. Erik has decided to White Knight for Megyn's hurt feels and exclude the leading Republican candidate from the Republican event. Hilarious.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Olga Kuzkova Stripped Of Beauty Title for Beliefs

A Russian beauty was stripped of her title when it was discovered she had politically incorrect beliefs. (She believes that Russia belongs to Russians, not Africans). The Social Justice Warriors demanded she recant and she replied -

"I will not deny my views and beliefs, so take your shitty title back"


The Russian clubs did not back down and many of the men supported her courageous stand against the usual witch hunters.

Holodomor links:

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Michael Savage - Nationalism for Me, Not for Thee

Michael Savage, a radio show talk host, discovered the word "cuckservative" the other week. Poor Mike was somewhat confused as he is older and I think his view of the world pretty much comes from Fox News. So internet memes are confusing to him.

But once he read that "cuckservative" had to do with the interests of White Americans he was immediately triggered. In the video below (starts at 6:00) Michael makes the following statement:

"White European American interests are reserved for the dustbin of history"

What is curious, is that Michael Savage is a strong advocate of ethnic nationalism for his people.