Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump, David Duke, KKK and the ADL

The OUTRAGE for this weekend occurred when Trump refused to disavow the KKK and some other groups presented by the ADL. Trump's response was that he would have to research any group before he made a comment. This is a wise position, as the "KKK" really does not exist. There is no KKK trademark, and anyone can claim to be in the "KKK".

The following article written by Shoshana Weismann (disclaimer - she is Jewish) slammed Trump for not bowing to the ADL.

I responded on Twitter. Notice how she tied this to the #AltRight.

Weissmann responded with the usual point and shriek. Notice, she has no logical rebuttal. Her entire argument is a variation of  - WOW! JUST WOW!

I pointed out the hypocrisy of her position.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Donald Trump's rise is a scary - a response

The greatest cause of Antisemitism is not "neo-Nazis", or whatever, but Jews. And as a man that likes all races, I must admit, sadly, that much of the antisemitic vitriol is fueled by videos such as below.

Jews makes up approximately 2% of the population in the USA. However, I was not really surprised when I saw the creator of this Trump attack video, Erza Klein, was Jewish. Of course, Jews are smart and successful people, so maybe that explains the over representation.  But the hard thing to swallow is how he attacks policies for America that he supports for his own people.

Ezra is worried about the fate of Israel. He hopes that his people can always have self-determination. That is a noble sentiment. However, if White people should want the same thing, he slurs us as "dangerous" and "Nazis".

Hand waving and name calling can only work so far. People are starting to NOTICE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

While Kissing Stop To Ask Consent

The SJW craziness continues. Now college students are supposed to get "Affirmative Consent" before, and during, kissing. How in the fuck does that work? You are supposed to stop in a middle of a kiss and ask permission to continue? If so, how many times must you stop and ask?

As evidence of the emasculation of men and coddling of society, students at the University of Southern California were handed out forms with instructions on how to properly seek permission before kissing someone in order to avoid committing what is now considered sexual assault.

Here is a banned song that explains reality:

When you asked me out and I turned you down
Never thought that'd stop you from askin' now
Why did you go and give up so easily?
I thought you'd see

When I say no I mean maybe
Baby, don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin', if it ain't a little hard to get
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes

Ever since woman has talked to man
Every man's been tryin' to understand
What's the harm in a little mystery?
That's how it should be

When I say no I mean maybe
Baby, don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin', if it ain't a little hard to get
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess
When I say no, I mean maybe, or maybe I mean

Yes, it seems like a crazy way to be
But it makes perfect sense to me

When I say no I mean maybe
Baby, don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin' if it ain't a little hard to get
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes

I mean maybe
Baby, don't you know me yet?
Nothin's worth havin' if it ain't a little hard to get
So let me clarify so you won't have to try to guess
When I say no I mean maybe, or maybe I mean yes
Oh, yeah

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dresden Firebombing Anniversary - So it goes

February is the 71st Anniversary of the Dresden massacre. I had a request from Europe to do a video about the subject. I never know what to say. What can you say about a massacre of civilians?

Below is the information passed to me.

 “ group of Jewish intellectuals at Oxford. Among them was Frederick Alexander Lindemann (1886-1957), a Jew from Alsace (which was still part of Germany). After studying physics in Berlin with Walter Nernst, he was appointed Professor at Oxford in 1919 and became the leading British scientist as adviser to Winston Churchill. As a Jew, he hated Nazi Germany, and like Churchill issued strong warnings on the German threat. The word "cosmopolitan" means Jewish in Russia, since there is a worldwide network of Jews from whom Lindemann obtained vital information that the pre-Churchill governments did not have. Everyone wondered where Churchill got his unusual wealth of information. “

Have you ever heard about him? " Lindemann estimated that every 40 tons of bombs "dropped on built-up areas" would "make 4,000 to 8,000 people homeless." This report to the PM stated: "In 1938 over 22 million Germans lived in 58 towns of over 100,000 inhabitants, which, with modern equipment, should be easy to find and hit." Hastings concluded that Lindemann "[h]oped to create a nation of refugees, and no doubt also a good many corpses under the rubble, although he was too genteel to say so." "

“There were of course discussions and disagreements regarding strategic and tactical approaches to the bombing of Germany. But Lindemann's report is considered the basic text behind the wholesale bombing of civilian targets.”

‘They [the British Air Chiefs] argued that the desired result, of reducing German industrial production, would be more readily achieved if the homes of the workers in the factories were destroyed; if the workers were kept busy arranging for the burial of their wives and children, output might reasonably be expected to fall… It was concentrated on working class houses because, as Professor Lindemann maintained, a higher percentage of bloodshed per ton of explosives dropped could be expected from bombing houses built close together, rather than by bombing higher class houses surrounded by gardens.’ Advance to Barbarism, F.J.P. Veale.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Soros claims Russia is the real threat

Soros, the ((( billionaire ))) who has funded many pro refugee groups, now claims that Russia is to blame for the crises.

It seems that Soros fears that the refugee crises could break apart the EU. And one of Soros' primary goals is to eliminate European national identity. The EU was key to break down borders.

To deflect blame and try to preserve the EU, Soros is now agitating that we wage war with Russia. His opinion matter as he is the #1 donor in the US elections. Most of the politicians are his puppets. This is why you see both Democrats and Republicans agitating for war with Russia.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Github states White women are a problem

Github has embraced the new definition of "diversity" - eliminate White people. If anyone should think "White genocide" is just some crazy conspiracy, please  read the article below.

Tweet from Danilo Campos, Github diversity coordinator.

Anti-White Diversity Training

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Superbowl 50 - Sportsball is the opium of the people

Marx claimed that religion was the opium of the people. This statement might have been true in the 19th century. But in the 21st century, sports have become the opium.

Rooting for a sports team in the last acceptable form of tribalism that is allowed for White people. You can wear your team's colors and scream and yell at the television. Grown men end up HATING people who root for the opposing team. At times this hate can result in violence.

The government and media push sports viewership as a way to defuse natural ethnic tribalism. They are quite happy for you to spends hundreds, or thousands, of dollars attending games and buying team jerseys. They love for you to "talk trash" to people who root for the opposing team. For this hijacks your biological need for tribalism. As you root for the Denver Broncos, they become your tribe.

Without sportsball, people may start diverting this natural tribalism into their own people. Obviously this frightens certain people who want to push multiculturalism down our throats without objection.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Roosh Hysteria Sweeps The World

The World has gone mad.

A year ago, Roosh wrote an article in which he discussed the potential consequences if rape should be legalized on private property. Note that nowhere in the article did Roosh advocate that men should go out and rape women. It was a "what if" type of article of what would happen *IF* the law was changed.

Obviously, the law will not be changed to allow rape on private property. So the whole exercise was what we used to call a "thought experiment."

In a free society, thought experiments are useful to help debate and clarify positions. We no longer live in such a society. We now live in a society that real gang rapes by Muslims are ignored or justified because people are scared to be called "racist". So instead they take out their rage on a safe target they know won't get them in trouble - a guy that wrote a "what if" article.

The article above now has resulted in world wide hysteria.