Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Blaze - Feel Guilty!. Alt Right - No Guilt

Glenn Beck is having a complete emotional breakdown. His on-line magazine, The Blaze, is in financial turmoil.

Matt Walsh, some SJW looking journalist, went on a rant blaming YOU for the conditions in America. That is strange. I don't remember Americans voting to have our country flooded with Third World people. I don't remember Americans voting to ship our industry and jobs oversea. I don't remember Americans voting to turn America into a Third World shit hole.

But the ruling class is now wagging its finger at us and telling us that we are guilty and it is all our fault. And we need to grow up and vote for an establishment candidate.  Maybe someone like Rubio who will continue unlimited immigration. But we certainly need to stop supporting Trump!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is it wrong not to feel sad about the Holocaust?

Today was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And while I am opposed to any mass killing, I am not sure why we are supposed to feel guilt or sorrow for people who lived before we were born. Do the same people who lament the Holocaust demand that we also remember the Holodmor? And why do we forget the 40 million killed by Genghis Khan?

The answer to these questions is that the Holocaust is used as a justification to prevent White self-determination. But, based on that logic, the Holodomor should preclude ethnic Jewish nationalism in Israel.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hungarian Defends European Women

The video below demonstrates that feminists do not care if women get raped. They only care if the man is White. In fact, calling for the defense of European women is "RACIST."

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A German Girl's Cry For Help

The video below is heartbreaking. A 16 year old German girl created a video asking us for help. The Muslim invaders are attacking German women and the German government is doing nothing. Well, the government did do something. The German government working with Facebook deleted her page and video. I am sure they will attempt to censor the video I have linked, so please make a copy and upload it when you can.

The people who caused this include this ((German )) politician who is openly advocating genocide of a people. Hopefully, these people will one day be made to account for their actions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Roosh, the Alt Right and me

Below is an article I wrote about the Alt Right for The Return of the Kings.

This started a controversy that somehow I "support" Roosh. And then these same people DEMANDED that I explain statements that he has made.

Part of me did not want to comment because it sets a bad precedent. I am under no obligation to explain who are my friends. But then I realized that this is a bigger issue. There is a tendency for some people to act like gossip queens (sadly, even some men).

Guilt by association is a logical fallacy. And in the real world, people work and interact with people with various beliefs and backgrounds. Such interaction does not imply unqualified support for what others may say or do.

And in any movement (including the Alt Right) there will never be 100% agreement on all subjects. When a group attempts to enforce 100% agreement (such as SJWs) creativity is killed and it becomes a cult.

And I am not saying you have to agree with everyone and give up your beliefs. But learn to find common ground and find the best in people.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Amy Schumer butthurt over teen's twitter joke

If you are a vulgar comedian who makes a living by being "edgy" and "insulting" you need to learn how to take a joke. Men typically are funnier and can take jokes better than women. I think it is because we men have a tradition of insulting each other in a friendly fashion. We learn to toughen up and give it back. Women like Amy get butthurt and offended.

Movie critic Jackson Murphy, who is only 17 years-old, tweeted out an obvious joke Monday morning, and a joke that is very much in keeping with Amy Schumer’s bawdy brand of comedy. Proving that with unearned fame comes a brittle diva attitude, rather than laugh along or ignore it, Schumer chose instead to publicly humiliate the teenager.

Kid started out pretty funny.

But then apologized.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm With Him | RAMZPAUL

The Sea Hag (aka Hillary Clinton) created a YouTube video demanding that gun manufactures be responsible for gun crimes. The only way I figure that this is possible without banning guns is for the gun manufactures to put some trigger guard to prevent the wrong people from using guns. Based on crime data, African American fingers are most likely to pull the trigger in an in appropriate situation.

Luckily, we now have the science that can differentiate White fingerprints from Black fingerprints. This will allow gun manufactures to allow only White fingers to pull the trigger, thus drastically reducing gun crime in the country.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

RAMZPAUL Alt Right Response to the State of the Union

There was a State of the Union address. The original State of the Union was just a letter from the President to Congress. We should return to that tradition! But, for now, we are stuck with this vulgar dog and pony show.

Obama brought in some Syrian refugee boy as a prop. Because he is cute that means we have a moral obligation to swamp our country with Muslims. The Founding Fathers would have wanted that.

And then some woman have the GOP rebuttal. She pretty much agreed with Obama that the USA should we overrun with Third World hordes. Luckily, so far only 536 people have watched her response on YouTube. So no one really gives a shit what she had to say.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Should the Alt Right White Knight?

The Alt Right is the synthesis of race realism and sex realism. Meaning, we recognize that racial and sexual differences are real and equality is a myth.

But because we recognize race differences does that mean we must hate other races? And if we recognize that men and women are different does that mean we hate women?

Hatred for other races does not belong in the Alt Right. We just advocate for self-determination for all people. Similarly, we do not need to hate or exclude women. We just recognize that nature has provided us with different functions and roles. For example, it is proper for a woman to be a mother, not a soldier. Pretending that a woman can be an effective Navy Seal is just silly and a denial of reality. We must always focus of what is real, not on how we might wish things to be.

Concerning "White Knighting" - it depends on the motivation. Helping people in need (such as women, children or the elderly) is a noble quality for a man. Such is a healthy form of White Knighting.

But sucking up to a girl in an attempt to gain romantic affections is pathetic and harmful. Boys should be taught to avoid such "White Knighting". Many girls (see link below) will naturally take advantage of naive boys who engage in such White Knighting.

Friday, January 8, 2016

What Is The Alternative Right?

An article I did for Return Of Kings that explains the Alt Right.

In 1969 my Dad and Mom loaded my little brother and me into the family station wagon and we took a drive to Boulder, Colorado. Our goal was to drive slowly through the University of Colorado campus. It was our cheap alternative to taking the family to Yellowstone Park to look at the bears. But instead of looking at bears begging for food, we looked at hippies sitting on the campus lawn smoking dope.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feminism enables rape culture in Germany

A 1,000 Muslim refugees thanked their German hosts by going on a rape rampage on New Year's Eve. The female mayor responded that German women better learn to change their behavior. Feminists are silent. Any questions ladies?

Feminism does not give a damn about women. It was designed just to harm White families.

Below is a video on an eyewitness account. Due to current censorship laws this may be pulled. So watch it soon.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Oregon Standoff

The Oregon standoff is a preview of what could come if the United States breaks apart. Hopefully, it we break apart like the Soviet Union it will be peaceful. But the Founding Fathers put in the 2nd Amendment as a way to give power to the citizens.

This ranchers are really a throwback to an older era. They are not wearing the cowboy gear as some form of cosplay. These are still men that are very independent by nature. The type that conquered the West.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Three Predictions for 2016

Three Predictions for 2016.

1. Hillary beats Trump in a close election

The election will not be Trump vs. Hillary. It will be Trump vs. Hillary, Republicans and Mainstream Media. I hope this prediction is wrong. But I see the elite pulling every dirty trick possible to stop Trump.

2. The Death of the GOP

The Republican Party will never recover from this defeat on a national level. Eight more years of open borders will ensure that there will not be enough White voters for the Republicans to win the Electoral College. California has already flipped from being a Republican state to a solid Democrat state. Soon Texas will also flip and that will spell the end of the Republican Party.

The GOP will still exist - but as token opposition.

3. Rise of the Alt Right

By the end of the year the Alt Right will be seen as the only viable opposition to the Democrat/Republican party. The establishment will pressure corporations to censor dissident speech under "hate speech" rules.

So what are your three predictions for 2016?