Monday, February 27, 2017

RAMZPAUL - Swedish Nationalist Conference speech

I had a great time at the Swedish Identitarian conference. Thank you to Red Ice for creating this video.

I am now back in Budapest and it feels like Spring has arrived.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Swedish Nationalist Conference - 2017

"They defecate in our Souls" - anonymous European discussing the globalist agenda.

I had a wonderful time at the Swedish Nationalist (Identitarian Ideas IX – Rising from the Ruins) conference. I was honored to speak to approximately 400 Swedish and other European nationalists.

I was impressed with how radical the nationalist movement has become. 400 people attended an underground conference is amazing. Sweden is not a free country and every one that attended took a risk. But they all have a love of Sweden and its people.

Sweden is a beautiful country. But the cultural Marxists have transformed this country into a dangerous place.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Estonia's Torch Light March

I was honored to be invited to this year's Estonia's Torch Light march. The original march was started four years ago by Ruuben Kaalep. Ruuben is a young Estonian nationalist who is working to keep Estonia for the Estonians.

Four years ago, only 12 people joined the march. This year over 2,000 attended. This is not surprising as people from all over the world are rejecting globalism and are demonstrating their desire to preserve their homelands.

Like most nationalists, Estonians don't "hate" other cultures, no more than the Jews "hate" other people for wanting to keep Israel Jewish. Self-determination is a fundamental human right that we should support for all people.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Estonia - Patriotism vs. Nationalism

I have been honored to attend Estonian's Independence Day on February 24. I will speak at a conference and then I will participate in a torch light parade with thousands of other nationalists.

I arrived in Tallinn this afternoon and I find it to be a beautiful city. I hope Estonia can keep their homeland for their people. The usual suspects are already pushing for Estonia to become "enriched" with Third World immigrants.

Estonia is currently a VERY White country. It seems that every other person has blonde hair.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Is Sweden Fake Country?

We have Fake News. How we have Fake Countries.

President Trump has been using the term "fake news" to describe the mainstream media that creates propaganda instead of news. The goal is to break the media's monopoly on information.

In a similar fashion, President Trump has started to expose events that have been carefully hidden by various Western governments. The recent mention of Sweden was, in a sense, his way to expose lying governments, or "fake governments."

The Swedish government desperately wants to hold onto their theology of human equality. As such, the fact that almost all violent crime in Sweden is committed by Third World immigrants is an embarrassing fact that must be hidden from the public. The article below explains the various methods that the Swedish government has implemented to repress free thought and dissent.

And now President Trump has blown their cover.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn's Resignation and Pizza Gate

Michael Flynn resigned after it was disclosed that he talked to the Russian Ambassador prior to President Trump’s inauguration. He also failed to mention this to Mike Pence during his interview. As this was a violation of protocol, he submitted his resignation.

The media will try to spin this as a big “scandal,” but I don’t think most Americans will really care. No harm was done and this was more of a procedural violation, not criminal.

I never cared for Flynn’s antagonism concerning Iran, so his removal could be a net advantage. Iran is currently fighting ISIS, and they are not involved with the terrorism in Europe and American.  As such, I don’t think we should be looking to start a war with them. Yeah, I know Israel wants us to fight a war. But President Trump needs to put America first.

What was odd about Flynn’s resignation was Hillary’s reaction. She tweeted the following:

This is in reference to the “Pizza Gate” scandal that started the “Fake News” meme that the Democrats were pushing. As the younger Flynn thought that there might be some validity to the story, Hillary is acting as if he is receiving his due punishment for daring to broach the topic.

While I am not sure if there was a pedophile ring within the Democratic Party, there is no denying that the campaign manager has an usual taste for art.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Swedish Ministers Challenge Trump!

Swedish feminist politicians recently tweeted a "empowered" picture designed to mock President Trump.

Powerful women with their arms crossed and "fierce" faces. The usual feminist claptrap.

Of course, feminism has plagued the West for many decades. But in Sweden feminism has taken a strange, cult like turn.  As a recent example of this insanity, feminists in Sweden seriously proposed that their men should not be allowed to stand while urinating because it was a sign of "toxic masculinity."

Despite their "you go grrrl!" posturing, what is interesting is how submissive these women become in the face of Islam. In the picture below, these same women happily don the hijab as a sign of submission to the patriarchy.

Sweden for years was a model socialist-lite society that was hailed as an example for other Western nations. The Swedish people had generous welfare and violent crime was almost unknown. Then Sweden decided to import massive amounts of Third World immigrants into their country. Within just a decade, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. And the primary demographic who has supported this Third World invasion has been feminist women.

Heartiste helps to explain this seemingly contradictory behavior.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Milk - Makes A Nation Great

Did you know that milk represents White Supremacy? I didn't either until I watched the video below. If you can drink milk it means that you are pretty much literally Hitler.

Below is a map of lactose intolerance.

The fact that Europeans evolved an enzyme to process milk within 10,000 years is another example of the differences between the races and how quickly evolution can change our biology.  The idea that race is just “color of the skin” is incredibly stupid. But people still cling to this notion to maintain their faith in human equality.

Milk also represents how quickly the Europeans evolved intellectually compared to Africans. For millions of years it never occurred to sub-Saharan Africans to domestic any of the wide variety of animals around them. Yet, the domestication of animals occurred quite rapidly in the Middle East and the Europe.  So I can see why a BlackLivesMatter activist would consider milk to represent “White Supremacy.”

Friday, February 10, 2017

Drain the Swamp! - The Ninth Circuit

Restoring judicial sanity must be one of the key elements of President Trump's promise to "drain the swamp."

The Marxist 9th Circuit appeals court overturned (as expected) Trump's immigration order. The court did not bother to cite the Constitution in their ruling. At this point the court's judgments are strictly based on politics without regard for the rule of law. The courts do NOT have the constitutional authority to ignore the laws as established by the will of the people. They only have the power to determine if such laws violate the Constitution. In this recent immigration decision, the 9th circuit one again engaged in judicial tyranny.

Congress has the power to break up the 9th Circuit and restore balance and sanity to our legal system. In order for us to restore The Republic and stop our slide into a Marxist state, it is key that President Trump uses this opportunity to drain the swamp known as the 9th Circuit.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear White People - A Response

NetFlix is producing a new "comedy" series that is based on hating and mocking White people. Of course, if such a series was based on mocking any other group of people it would immediately be shut down for "Hate."

The degree of hatred that is now directed towards White people is amazing. I have no doubt that if the Left ever gains power they will do all they can to exterminate White people. And groups such as the SPLC and the ADL will be happily cheering the slaughter.

The Netflix video is remeniscent of what was created in Nazi Germany concerning the Jews.

One positive development is that many people are starting to object to this overt hatred directed toward the White race.

Compare the amount of Likes vs. Dislikes for this video. The overwhelming number of people are disgusted at this Netflix hate video.

Based on the negative feedback, I doubt that there is really a strong market for such an anti-White "comedy". But I am sure Netflix will go forward with the show no matter how low the ratings. For the people (and they are not black) behind the production of these shows have a genocidal hatred of the White race. They are quite willing to lose money in order to promote their hate propaganda.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Is it OK to punch a Nazi?

For some bizarre reason the NY Times is actually debating if it is OK to punch a Nazi.

If it is OK to punch a Nazi, then it is logically OK to punch a Communist. After all, communists killed many more people than Nazis.

And NY Times reporters have historically had Communist sympathies. So, logically, it seems OK to punch a NY Times reporter in the face. Right?

This normalization of political violence  has real world consequences. A recent Milo event was cancelled in Berkeley when Leftists responded with violence. Including this attack on a girl who was giving an interview. Was she also a Nazi?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Right And Mass Protests

Below is a link to an interesting article at Heartiste discussing why the Right does not seem to engage in the mass street protests that we see from the Left.

When was the last time we saw Right wing protesters attack people who attend a Left wing conference? Why don't Right wing protesters block traffic? Set cars on fire? Smash windows?