Thursday, June 8, 2017

Katie McHugh fired from Breitbart for speaking the truth

This was the tweet that got Katie fired from Breitbart:

Of course, everyone knows that what she said is true. But in a society that is now based on lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Breitbart has been blacklisted from most advertisers for not conforming to the Cultural Marxist dogma. My guess it that they hope by throwing Katie under the bus that this will appease the Left. It will not. All that this has accomplished is cutting off much of Breitbart's base.


  1. Ramz, you're right about people not being allowed to speak the truth and the affects upon them. I admire people who speak the truth even if it gets them fired. However, when you say that people "decide to become 14/88 Nazis" because the left will always label us as that isn't really happening. At least not with those I know and I frequent the Daily Stormer.

    Fact is, there are no Nazis. Not since 1945. There are 14/88ers but all that means is that they admire Hitler and want to preserve our people but people aren't doing that because they are being slandered. altho I admit it does get many to actually investigate NS Germany and Hitler. For example, I myself admire what at least Hitler publicly stood for and was trying to do and this before being slandered all the time as a Nazi. And I also want to preserve our people and this before I was labeled a Nazis for simply disagreeing with some leftist as is the case all the time these days.

    What I am proposing to you is that most people accept the label "Nazis" simply to own the slander. It takes the Leftists/Marxists/Jews verbal terror weapon and reduces it to a joke.

    This is how it works as you've even done this before.

    My statement; I believe white people have the same right as everyone else to preserve their majority status in their nations.

    Slander; OMG, you're a Nazi! You're Anti Semite!

    Yup, you got me, I'm a NAAZZZIII, an Anti Semmmmiitttee and dream day and night of turning every last Jew on the planet into lampshades and soap.

    Now, if the conversation goes back to a normalcy I'll go further in that I believe the National Socialists were the good guys trying to save Europe from the Communist Jews and that Hitler was also the good guy (unless he was a secret false op agent) doing what needed to be done to save our people. And no, he didn't mass murder 6 million Jews. That demonstratively fake history.

    And frankly Ramz, I think most people in DS are in the same boat as I although I do concede there are those who are hardcore wannabe NSers who want to revive that movement in America but I don't think that's possible. What's possible is forming a new movement that takes elements of NS ideology and morphs it into something that works for America.

    I say all of this as a move toward some sort of reconciliation.

  2. Bob Whitaker, the man who brought us the term White Genocide has passed away. Honor him. He was a Reagan appointee who could have sold out and made a fortune being another talking head, but instead he devoted his life to his race.

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