Sunday, July 2, 2017

Illinois is bankrupt - judges orders payments anyway

The failure of socialism continues. 

In this case it is the state of Illinois. Illinois is a deep blue state (I.e., Democrat controlled)  that has been very "progressive" in providing lavish pensions to state workers.  The majority of the state is fairly conservative except for the largest city – Chicago. And based on its size, Chicago calls the shots in Illinois. 

Unfortunately, Chicago is a failed city. While Chicago has a long history of being corrupt, much of the city is now basically a war zone thanks to "diversity." And this diversity demands more and more from the taxpayers. 

As the taxes have risen in Illinois, many business and people have made the rational decision to relocate to nice states.  After all, why pay extremely high taxes for the privilege of living in a diversity war zone? 

This migration of productive people has resulted in a worsening of the economic situation. If Illinois should raise taxes again, this will only force more people out of the state resulting in lower tax revenue.  A vicious cycle has begun. 

The other option is to cut spending, but that won't happen as the parasites will continue to vote to get their "gimmes."  

As such, Illinois is in a stalemate. The state has not had a budget in three years. And now some judge is ordering Illinois to pay. But Illinois does not have any money. So how will this judge enforce her ruling? Attempt to arrest the governor


  1. Poverty is part of the Globalist strategy, poor people are easily controlled....

  2. Unarmed poor people are easily controlled. As long as you keep them in an urban "corral".

  3. The other 49 states need to keep Illinois libtards from moving to their state. A huge tax might be required.

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