Saturday, October 21, 2017

The #MeToo hysteria

The Harvey Weinstein story has triggered a mass hysteria world wide concerning sexual predators. While rape and sexual exploitation needs to stop, the hysteria has now escalated to the point that basically any romantic remarks or gestures can be consider "sexual harassment" based on the whim of the woman.

Notice below that "sexual harassment" is defined as "unwanted" sexual advances or comments. This logically means that "wanted" sexual advances or remarks are fine. As such, men are expected to be telepathic or they could face jail. Men with poor "game" will be now be criminals.


  1. My favorite is the Sexual Contact Without Consent. So, if a man asks a woman if he could grab her "pussy" like President Donald Trump supposedly did years ago he would be considered a sexual harasser if he didn't get an affirmative okay reply from the woman?

  2. The net effect of this state-sanctioned hysteria is that decent men are terrified of women, which makes them extremely unsexy. Thus women slake their sexual thirst with criminals and underage boys.

    I suppose the solution is to read Return of Kings (the blog), cultivate a badboy persona that's not afraid of prison, and not have any assets that the government knows about. Or be an incel nice guy who works hard, pays taxes, and helps maintain civilization for the benefit of someone else's children.

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