Wednesday, December 20, 2017

African not sexually harassed. She claims racism.

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An African American woman wrote an article complaining that she was NOT sexually harnessed by Charlie Rose.

In her words -

"his not sexualizing me was an expression of racialized power dynamics.:

The entire article is of an angry black woman who hates White people. In is also rather obvious that she is jealous of White women.

What is interesting is that she was adopted by a White couple and she was raised as "White". Yet she now has a seething hatred of all things white. More evidence that race is not a social construct.


  1. hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    what a stupid person she is.

    or is that

    'what a demagogic type of racist she is'?

    'let's not talk about charlie's actual horn-doggy behavior, let's get back to spittin on white folks for stuff they are not responsible for'

    jerk she is

  2. Come on Ramz. If you had been raised by two creeps like these two you would be a little screwed up in the noggin too.

  3. Watch the old Charlton Heston movie "Arrowhead". Jack Palance plays an indian who was raised white and/or white educated and becomes an enemy of the white man.


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