Friday, January 26, 2018

An Ode to Bayside and our people

I viewer requested that I tell the story of his beloved Bayside, Queens. Bayside is an upper/middle class neighborhood in New York City known for its low crime and good schools. However, the Obama administration determined that Bayside had a diversity problem and needed to be "enriched."

Predictably, Bayside has seen an influx of crime as "diversity" has moved into the once nice neighborhood via HUD grants.


  1. Bayside is still nice and reasonably safe, Bell Blvd is chock full of gin mills and there's a few quit nice hotels around the corner on Northern Blvd. Bayside was one of my favorite haunts, many good nights spent there with lose women!!!! Bwaaahahaha!

  2. Forget Bayside, Flushing is more like Hong Kong then NY. Even the shop windows and signs are written in Chinese or Korean. Flushing is ye!low fever heaven with thousands of young, nubile Asian chicks on the prowl for a quick buck and a pink winky!


    Open borders saves lives?

    I thought Jews were in trouble from Nazis because Nazis smashed down national borders. After all, Jews were safe in Poland and USSR until Nazis violated those borders and came invading. It was then that Jews were under Nazi rule and at their mercy.

    And Jews in France were safe when France maintained its borders with Germany. But Germany defeated France,and French borders were useless before German power. Germans were for Open Borders for the Wehrmacht all over Europe.

    Also, Israel was CREATED after WWII and defeat of Nazism. So, there was no need for a Jewish state. Furthermore, migration of Jews into Palestine led to pogroms and ethnic cleansing of native Palestinians who still live under Occupation. I guess Jews don't care.

    Also, Jews who bitch about the Holocaust never mention why so many people turned against Jews. Jews used communism to kill millions and smash tons of churches. Jewish bankers ripped off tons of people during the Great Depression. If Jews act like that, they will make enemies, and some enemies will be real bad, like the Nazis.

    But Jews never look in the mirror. They fuc* up the world, and when people get angry at Jews, Jews say help me, help me, oh please, we are totally innocent.



    "Both sides VASTLY overestimate the Jewish angle to the war. The war was not started against, or for, Jewish interests. And, yes, even a hypothetical England without a single Jew would not have tolerated German expansion. This was due to economic and colonial reasons."

    That isn't really true. Hitler was a total Anglophile and didn't want war with UK. He admired the British in every way. He made NO claims on any inch of British imperial territory. What he wanted was a partnership between cousin races, Anglos and Germans. Hitler felt contempt for Slavs but loved Anglos and also loved Anglo-US. He loved Westerns of whites taking land from Indians.

    So, why did UK not make an alliance with Germany? And it is here that the Jewish angle IS important. Churchill owed a lot to Jews. And Jews had great power in key sectors in UK.

    But there was another angle. British elites were into class and manner. And to them, Hitler seemed too vulgar and grotesque. They didn't want to shake the madman's hand even if he admired the Brits and wanted a world partnership of British Empire and German Empire(that was to expand eastward).


    Japan got the upperhand in the naval battle, but it not a decisive win. If anything, it ended with negotiations than either side declaring defeat or victory. Japan was drained from the war and pleaded with US to negotiate the peace. One could say Japan won 60/40, and got hold of Korea and parts of Manchuria. But it was nothing like a 'butt-kicking'. When Japan fought USSR in the 30s, that was a butt-kicking. Soviets beat the Japanese so badly that Japan kept its truce with USSR during WWII.


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