Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Diversity for thee, but not for me

My response to the interesting Tucker Carlson video.


  1. God bless Tucker Carlson for his reporting on this.

  2. Reinstituting slavery with Mexicans is ruining this country! Business owners using illegals for labor need to be given massive fines when caught with repeat offenders imprisoned.

  3. A simple children's game can demonstrate what is better for world peace. Homogeneous nations or diverse nations.

    The game is played thus.

    Take Europe. Erase all national borders and redraw borders to either (1) Maximize homogeneity or (2) Maximize diversity.

    So, you can draw borders around Poland to maximize Polish Homogeneity OR you can draw maps so that Poland breaks up into 5 parts, each of which is included with OTHER nations.

    So, in Maximizing Homogeneity, Poland is mostly Polish.
    But in Maximizing Diversity, a map is drawn so that a nation includes a part of Poland, part of Germany, part of Hungary, part of Czech Rep, part of Ukraine. Likewise, there is no single Germany but Germany is divided among five other diverse nations.

    Now, which will be more peaceful? Max-Hom Poland or Max-Diver Poland?

    We can do this game in the Middle East too, where much of the problem today stems from maps that maximized diversity than homogeneity. Just ask the Kurds who cause problems for every nation and for whom every nation causes problems because they don't have a nation of their own.

    Anyway, let's suppose we erase all current maps in the Middle East and can draw fresh new ones to either (1) Maximize Homogeneity or (2) Maximize Diversity.

    Which would be wiser? To draw a map so as to give Kurds their own nation or to break up Kurdish areas to be included into other nations that are made up of excessive diversity?

    Or, we can play this game in crazy-quilt region of SE Asia. Suppose we erase the current map and draw new borders to either (1) Maximize Homogeneity or (2) Maximize Diversity.

    Would it be better to draw maps to create Vietnam for Vietnamese, Cambodia for Cambodians, Laos for Laotians, Thailand for Thais, Burma for Burmese, OR would it be better to draw arbitrary borders so that one nation(shaped like a longitudinal snake) is formed that is 1/5 Vietnamese, 1/5 Cambodia, 1/5 Thai, 1/5 Burmese, etc.

    What does history tell us? I think even a child would figure this out.


    1. Or what would be better? To draw borders to maximize Jewish homogeneity in Israel or to break up Israel into 3 parts and include each of the three parts with other diverse entities. So, northern 1/3 is joined with Lebanon and parts of Syria.
      Middle Israel is joined with Jordan and part of Saudi Arabia. And Southern Israel is joined with part of Egypt and part of Libya. Would it be better to draw maps to maximize the Homogeneity of Jews within a nation or to divide up Jews(like Kurds) and place them in other diverse nations? Isn't the main problem facing Israel due to diversity caused by Occupation of West Bank?


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