Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Communism and Diversity


My reflections on communism and diversity. If both are desirable, why must they be forced on us by gun point?


  1. But remember... it is Capitalism that is forcing Diversity on the West.

  2. As obsession with quality has become universalized in Advanced white societies where TOO MANY go to college, no one wants to marry a ‘loser’ or have ‘loser kids’. So, too many whites think they only deserve good jobs and won’t marry or have kids unless they can ensure quality.

    Menial jobs are beneath them. So, they bring in foreigners to do it. Japan too is taking in more Filipinos and others. As ‘loser’ jobs become associated with ‘lowly’ foreigners, whites would rather give up and turn to drugs than do them and be associated with ‘lowly’ foreigners’. Over time, foreigners will take over just like Filipinos took over Hawaii and Mexers took over California and Texas. It’s like the ultra-elitist Spartans lost out. And so did whites in South Africa.

    In this sense, Mexicans and Filipinos have a better long term strategy than Japanese, Germans, Koreans, and other quality-obsessives. Mexers and Filos may have lower IQ, but they have kids because they simply like the idea of family. And they love their kids even if the kids aren’t A students.
    In the past, most people in West didn’t go to college, and accepted that as fact, and had kids just to have kids cuz family is nice. But with everyone going to college, expectations of quality are way up. Also, when women go to college, their idea of marrying-up goes way up, and many end up not marrying at all. Big problem in Iran.
    Simple rule: Men will marry women without jobs, but women will not marry men without good jobs. So, when women take more good jobs from men, it’s BAD business.


    In John Judis’ book on the founding of Israel, he mentions how Zionists early on understood that the manual work must also be done by Jews. If Jews came to rely on the labor of ‘lowly’ Arabs, the latter could eventually outnumber and take over. So, many Zionist settlers decided to hire Jews only. They did the opposite of what whites in South Africa did. Well, look at the long-term results of both nations.
    So, Zionism had to go against the grain of Jewish history where Jews settled in middlemen and brainy fields. They had to learn to love labor, like Biff in DEATH OF A SALESMAN. While society is led by brains, it is supported by the body. And unless mind and body are united in blood, they eventually clash and things fall apart.

    1. This is why a nation needs to be capitalist and socialist. Let the enterprisers make money and produce wealth and jobs. But all people should be made to respect and honor labor. Teach school children that labor is honorable. Build a Museum of Labor and take kids on trips to show all the great things made by laborers and maintained by them.

      But the West came to favor only capitalism, money, status, and etc. So, those who succeed or have white collar jobs have respect. Everyone is made to feel like crap.
      In the past, labor was respected. Now, it’s just ‘loser work’. Since it’s ‘loser work’, no problem with shipping working class jobs to ‘losers’ abroad. And no problem with bringing in scab ‘loser’ mass invaders to take American jobs. There is no respect in that kind of work. Thus, the Coming Apart and end of white civilization.

      Worse, as immigrants take menial jobs, the proggy elite class(especially childless women with maternal instincts looking for something to cuddle) will sympathize with them and represent them as the salt of the earth.

      So, we have a strange paradox here, and we see it all over modern world. Take Germans and the whole Syrian ‘refugee’ business. We were told that Syrians were needed to do jobs that Germans won’t do. So, on the one hand, there is contempt for ‘lowly’ labor. Germans are TOO GOOD for such ‘loser’ jobs. Let the dirty ‘refugees’ come and do them.
      BUT, oh… look at those struggling foreigners toiling like salt of the earth and doing all the dirty work to make things work. As such, they are to be championed by ‘progressives’ as victims and unsung heroes. So, Germans are TOO GOOD for such ‘lowly’ jobs, BUT the foreigner are BETTER THAN Germans because they do the ‘dirty’ work.

      Zionists were smart in understanding how Jewish Capital must intersect with Jewish Labor. So, maybe in that sense, it was wise for China to move toward capitalism but also keep communist ethos as national ideology.


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