Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trump Wins a Supreme Court Victory


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  1. The complete hypocrisy of the US.

    It freely invades Libya and reduces it to rubble. It aids terrorists and Jihadis in Syria to bring down secular modernizer Assad. It illegally militarily occupies huge areas of Syria. It gives billions to Israel that continues to occupy West Bank and take over territory.

    But we must ban the Muslims from traveling to the US.

    During the Cold War, the US sided with hardline Muslims because (1) several secular Arab nations were friendly with the Soviet Union and (2) Muslims were more fiercely anti-communist.

    After the Cold War, the US(now controlled by Jewish interests) sided with hardline Muslims to destabilize secular modern Arab/Muslim nations hated by Israel. This playing with fire led to 9/11. And US declared War on Terror. But it wasn’t long before US was working once again with hardline Muslims to destroy Libya and Syria.

    But Americans are Amnesiaricans. And with PC and Pop Culture having infected all the world, no one remembers anything.


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