Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Woke Uber Driver Meme

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  1. Paypal or J-Pal and the like are using their ethno-monopoly to deny basic services of buying-and-selling to American citizens.

    According to J-Pal ethno-monopoly, anyone who supports Zionism, globo-imperialism, or homo-worship can spend freely. They got rights of Free Spending. They can buy and sell and donate and collect money.

    But if you're into European consciousness(that refuses to bend to Globo-Homo agenda), you are denied the basic services of buying and selling. This wouldn't matter IF there wasn't an ethnic monopoly of systems that allow the transfer of funds. But Jews have a lock on those services and even pressure alternative venues with all sorts of threats and blackmail from allowing Free Spending for dissidents.

    Here is Faith Goldy.

    What can we do about this? Demand a Free Spending law? Or start a movement to pressure companies against allowing services to Zionists(who kill Palestinians) and globo-homo imperialists(who've waged Wars for Israel and Homos all over the world and led to destruction of millions of lives). Fight fire with fire. Make Jewish power get a taste of its own medicine.


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