Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fentanyl and Libertarianism

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  1. If libertarianism is premised on the trustworthiness of rational and responsible individuals with self-control, should it support the spread of substances and habits that undermine self-control, sanity, and sobriety?

    If there's a drug so addictive that it robs people of self-control and responsibility, then its legalization will undermine libertarianism. While it may be libertarian to allow free individuals to choose to use drugs of their choice, IF the drug robs individuals of free will by addicting them to harmful substances and mindless escapism, then libertarianism becomes pointless because all these addicts no longer possess free will. They've become biochemical mental slaves of harmful narcotics marketed by men of greed. If libertarianism is predicated on free choice, it defeats itself if it champions the promotion of drugs that rob people of self-control and responsibility.


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