Thursday, November 8, 2018

America is screwed

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  1. Jewish Liberals and Leftists bitched endlessly about how McCarthyism violated the civil liberties of so many radicals. They lamented about all those who were blacklisted by HUAC. (Never mind Jewish leftists gave Stalin the Bomb.)

    But now, Jews use their immense power and connections to harass, shut down, silence, and destroy critics of Israel and Jewish power. Jews defame White Emancipationists(from globo-homo imperialism) as 'white supremacists'.

    What Jews to do whites, they also do to Palestinians and BDS. What Jews do to Palestinians and BDS, they do to whites.
    White Nakba is upon us. What Jews did to Palestinians was a mere dress rehearsal for what they are doing to all the West. Jews wage Wars for Israel all over and then push the war-torn 'refugees' and opportunistic 'migrants' into the West. And then, Jews manipulate Diversity to play divide-and-rule among goyim.

    A must-see video:


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