Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Homelands - Kerry Bolton

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  1. The question Non-white immigrants must ask is "Why did we deport ourselves from our own homelands, peoples, and cultures to come to live in a white-made white-majority nation? Why do we prefer to live with whites than with our own kind? Why is our self-worth and self-esteem incumbent upon whether whites accept us or not?"

    After all, if Japan and China said, "We won't allow white immigration", white people would not lose self-esteem or feel rejected. They will just happily in the White West. White self-worth isn't based on whether Asia, Africa, Middle East, or Latin America will take them and accept them.

    But so much of the non-white world's self-esteem is utterly based on the question of "Will whites welcome us, accept us, love us, hug us, praise us, marry us, etc?" And even as Jews berate whites 24/7, their greatest wish to follow whites wherever they go.

    The fact that non-whites fear being 'deported' to their own ancestral homelands, peoples, and cultures suggests that they see whites as superior. They want to stay with whitey than be returned to yellowy, blackly, or browny.
    Just like dogs prefer to live with humans than with other dogs, so many non-whites prefer to live with whites than with their own kind. They overlook the fact that they voluntarily deported themselves from their own homelands to start new lives in white majority nations. Despite all the PC rhetoric of anti-whitness, non-whites subconsciously see whites as the superior savior race.


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