Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Homelands - A White Pill Christmas



    Yes. Germany was conquered in 1945. The goal since then was to eliminate the ethnic German people.

    Not true. Yes, Germany was conquered but because it conquered other nations. But there was no effort to wipe out Germany by the Allies. The Cold War made USSR prop up East Germany, and US propped up West Germany. Many Nazi officials were allowed to return to public life. Just like US patched things up with Japan-as-new-ally against Red China, Germany was allowed to be a Normal Nation during most of the Cold War. Also, Germany had citizenship law by blood into the early 90s.

    So, what happened? Anglo-Americans were conquered mentally and politically by the Jews in the US. So, Jews, as new rulers of America, promoted New Western Values of Diversity and Universal White Guilt. Sweden took no part in WWII and Norway was invaded by Germany. But they are all the same now. Why? They all came under Jewish power that took over the US completely by the 60s. Most of the West(and Japan) are US puppets, not only militarily but intellectually. So, what goes in the US goes elsewhere. The key factor is whites in US were conquered by Jews, and Jews spread a New Proposition for ALL white nations.


    It’s become a law in 26 American states that a government employee must sign loyalty oath to #Israel or lose your job.
    . . . . .
    This law is pending in 13 other states.

    Many of us grew up in the 70s and 80s being told that McCarthyism that blacklisted communists and fellow-travelers was the darkest moment in US history. Among intellectual circles, it was darker than Jim Crow. We were told how it violated civil liberties and US constitution. Though only 2% of US population, 1/3 of those suspected of being communists were Jews. So, did Jewish media push this anti-McCarthy narrative out of concern for civil liberties or for Jewish interests?

    Now, we know. Jews got the power and violate civil liberties to attack white liberationists as 'haters'. All of a sudden, there a new concept called 'hate speech'(to be determined by ADL and SPLC). And this isn't about left vs right contrary to what conservatives say. After all, BDS is seen as leftist, but it's being targeted even in Blue States ruled by Democrats. If most Jews were on the left, it had less to do with ideology than 'Leftism is good for Jewish power in nations where Jews are a minority.' But in Israel, the Jewish Right wins big. And even though Israel is 'far right', Liberal Jews in the US totally support it and Wars for Israel.

    Anyway, McCarthyism lasted just a few yrs, and commies were a real threat. But PC has been going on since the 80s and gets worse and worse. And there is silence among the political class that depends on Jewish donations.


    If territory doesn't matter, why does property rights matter? Property rights is territorialism for individuals. National Sovereignty is terrorialism for a people.


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