Friday, May 26, 2017

CNN Attempting to Shut Down RAMZPAUL

Logan Whiteside of CNN interviewed me concerning Youtube's monetization policy. I have since learned from the video below that she is attempting to interfere with a contract I have (tortious interference) in an attempt to silence my point of view. Logan's interview of me was conducted in bad faith as she has gone behind my back to smear me in an attempt to harm me financially.

I have ALWAYS followed the Terms Of Service, and I have never violated Youtube's policy in 10 years which represents hundreds of videos.

CNN has not yet released the hit piece, but if they do, I promise I will take them to court for tortious interference and defamation. This is an attack not only on me but on all Americans who wish to speak freely in America.

It is absolutely disgusting that a news organization would attempt to silence Americans.

I am willing to debate ANYONE on CNN. But CNN does not want debate, they want to shutdown opposing views.

As CNN is too chicken shit to allow me to give my side of the story, I hope my viewers can help to spread this message.


  1. Why did you agree to be interviewed by CNN in the first place? You should know better by now! You should already know the will ask loaded questions and edit your answers to make you look evil and or ignorant. Paul! Wake up! Stop casting your pearls before swine and refuse their requests for interviews and comments because they aren't going to give you a fair shake unless they send Suzanne Malveux over to sit on you and wiggle! Carry on and stop playing footsies with propagandists who have serious ideological disagreements with the agenda you promote!

  2. Next time a dip shit fake news media like CNN wants to interview you make them pay you a fee. They are using you to increase their audience to make more money so why can't you have a fee based interview?


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