Friday, May 26, 2017

Far Cry 5 Preview

Ironically, the day after another Muslim terrorist attack slaughtered 19 English children, Ubisoft released a teaser of their new video game which features you know who as the evil terrorists. Yeah, White Christians.

Of course, White Christians are the only safe villains for Ubisoft . In real life, they know that Christians will not behead them for insulting their faith.

The main villain in the center looks like Henrick of Red Ice Radio:

And the villain on the left looks like Pax Dickinson.


  1. If your youtube videos are demonetized, how come I still get advertisement videos on them?

  2. When my TrumpenFührer said he would not call the Manchester terrorists "monsters" as that term could give them bad-ass status he was in perfect sync with your thoughts, Ramz.
    His preferred term "losers" could not be a better fit.

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