Monday, May 22, 2017

Is the Seth Rich affair a "Conspiracy Theory"?

The Democrats primary attack against Trump is that he somehow worked with the Russians to hack the DNC e-mail server during the campaign. This is designed to maintain that Trump is not a legitimate president and he needs to be impeached.

However, more and more evidence is being released that shows Seth Rich, the DNC computer administrator, was the source of the leaks. As WikiLeaks has a long standing policy of not revealing leaks they have been unable to comment directly. But they have done everything they can to give us a clue (e.g., they offered a reward to catch Seth Rich's killers).

Now with have a witness that claims he was involved with the leaks with Seth Rich.

Ironically, the Democrats are just hand waving this off has a "conspiracy theory" while forgetting their own "Trump worked with Russia to hack the election" is also a conspiracy theory.

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  1. I am totally serious about this. If I were right now a Democrat I would be finding a way to get away from the Democratic Party and the mindset they are in. The Democratic Party has degenerated into a Reverend Moon/Jim Jones type cult. Time to start deprogramming your Democratic friends and relatives. Save them before they drink Hillary's Kool-Aid and lie down to wait for the Mother Ship to come and take them to the other side of the universe.


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