Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Seth Rich - had contact with WikiLeaks

If this story was about Republicans it would be the story of the century. My suspicions in the video I made on January 4, 2017 have proven to be correct.

It has now been confirmed that Seth Rich, not Russia, was the source of the DNC e-mail leaks. We also have statements from an ex-homicide detective that the D.C. police were given the “stand down” order concerning his murder.

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  1. Another great vid, Ramz - America and the West in general are rapidly approaching civil war territory.
    The dead body of a young British mathematician working for MI6 and specializing in cryptography was found zipped up and locked inside a sports 'hold-all' bag.
    Authorities claimed it was a self-inflicted sex act gone wrong - even though it has been subsequently shown to have been a physical impossibility.
    The week before, he had been reprimanded by his superiors for tapping into correspondence concerning the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and passing the information on as a favour to a friend.


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