Friday, June 2, 2017

California and Single Payer Health Care

California looks close to passing a single payer health plan. The plan would provide free health care and medicine to all residents and illegal immigrants. The estimated cost (estimated by Democrats) is $400 billion a year - twice the State's budget.

Obviously, there is no way to implement such a plan on a state level. Unlike the Federal government, California cannot print new money. So the money has to come from somewhere. As California is already heavily taxed, any new taxes will simply drive more productive people and businesses out of the state. And the "free" health care will act as a magnet for the loser of the world. 


  1. And of course when this "free stuff" scheme melts down as they all eventually do then the blame game will be put on those nasty Trumpians that have infested the federal system and deliberately abandoned the good infantized people of California by denying them federal bailout funds which would be hard earned money taken from producers at gunpoint by the government. California used to be a great state. Too sad.

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