Saturday, June 3, 2017

Paris Accords Scam

The Paris Accords was basically just a scam to transfer US tax money to Third World nations. It has NOTHING to do with “climate change” as the two most populated countries – China and India were exempt from carbon emission limits. In practical terms this was just another way to screw American companies and force their relocation to China and India where they would face no such restrictions.

Goldman Sachs was upset because they had planned to “manage” and “package” this transfer of money as part of their continuing effort to loot America.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, claimed that they support the Paris Agreement and the fight against “Climate change.” And, yet, these hypocrites continue to manufacture their iPhones in China which is exempt for such restrictions.


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  3. I ever heard about this, and this case become story line in on of adventure anime movie I ever watched.
    This could be one of shame history for USA using this scamming method.

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