Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is RAMZPAUL a Secret Russian Agent?

There was a recent article in The Atlantic creating the narrative that there is some sort of vast Russian-Jobbik-Alt Right conspiracy that is based in Budapest.  I am mentioned in the article because I have had the pleasure of visiting Budapest a few times and I have mentioned how I admire how Hungary protects its borders.

Based on a couple of Swedes and a couple of Americans living in Budapest who share roughly the same ideology, Carol Schaeffer, the author of the article, made the wild assumption that we must all meet on a regular basis and have secret meetings. Carol's vision is that we are a Right Wing version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders.

So to clear up the media lies and slander, here are the facts:

1. I have never met a Hungarian politician
2. I have never met anyone from Jobbik
3. I visited Hungary as a tourist. I never overstayed my tourist Visa.
4. I have never met any politician from Russia
5. I have never attended any political function in Hungary
6. Daniel Friberg (or anyone else) has not "bankrolled" me
7. I have met Daniel, and others, a couple of times for social reasons.
8. I had my own apartment in Budapest. 95% of the time I had no contact with the other so-called "Alt Right" people in the city.
9. I never met Nick Griffin.
10. I do admire Hungary and the Hungarian people.


I also got an interview request from Casey Michael who is a freelance journalist that pushes the "Russian Conspiracy" narrative.  I declined the interview as I already know what he is going to write.

I did another video about the Atlantic article that you can access via my Patreon account.



  1. Enjoy your videos ... Bob Whitaker has passed away. Would appreciate it if you say something about it. The spreading of his White Genocide meme, and learning how to go around the anti-Whites, has changed our political landscape.

  2. Bob was a great man. Sorry to hear he passed.


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