Monday, June 5, 2017

What to do when the whale swallows you?

As I predicted, Kathy Griffin will soon be "rehabilitated" and accepted back by the Left. While she temporarily lost some jobs, she will gain more in the future as the official narrative is revised to "the heroic woman who dared to stand up to Trump.".

On the Left, if you should go over the edge the worst penalty you will get is a mild wrist slap. Then all is forgiven. On the Right, just daring to suggest that all people have the right to life and self-determination, including Whites, will get you blacklisted forever. After all, there can be no forgiveness for "Hate."

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  1. Ramz, it's now more important than ever to find a way to monetise dissident Blogs/Tubes/websites like yours.
    There are some very cleaver young guys out there - like the ones who tracked down that loser - Shia LaBeouf's little flag for instance.
    These guys also give zero fucks about their reputations.

  2. The SPLC loves you RamzPaul, they have devoted a page on their site too you! Keep up the good work buddy!


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