Saturday, June 10, 2017

ramzpaul - behind the scenes

Thank you all for your support of RAMZPAUL. As I now focus on RAMZPAUL full time, look for the following changes:

1. Update to be a source of news and commentary

As you probably noticed, I have used primarily as just a place to link my videos. I may have added a blurb of text to supplement the video, but that was about it.

My goal is to greatly expand this site to include nationalist news/commentary from around the world.  To that end I am working behind the scenes with some reporters and commentators to provide content to this site. If you are interested in such work, please contact me at

2. Video strategy

As I have a greater commitment to my public videos, I plan to create a new video every day for you. Every morning when you wake up, expect to see a new ramzpaul video.

As censorship is increasing across all social media, these public videos will not be able to discuss sensitive subjects (such as terrorism, immigration, race) in a direct manner. I am proud that in my 10 years of making vids, I have never had a video taken down for "hate." To continue with that streak, I will have to abide by the ever confusing and ever changing censorship policies.

I will also create an unlisted video every morning. These videos will be advertiser free. As such, on unlisted videos I will have more freedom to discuss sensitive subjects. However, I am still required to comply with Google's TOS even with these unlisted videos.

You can gain exclusive access to these videos for only $5 a month on Patreon.


3. Ideology / Philosophy

My ideology and philosophy has been consistent over the years. I believe in identity and self-determination for all people.

A couple of my vids discussing this matter:

Yes, I know that the SPLC will call me a "Nazi" anyway. But I can't let their defamations dictate my positions.

As such, I call myself just a "nationalist." When the "Alt Right" was a broader term I also identified with that label. But over time the term "Alt Right" has changed. Alt Right is now primarily Richard Spencer's brand. And, to be clear, I do NOT disavow Richard. Richard is a very courageous man. He has earned the right to the "Alt Right" brand. When people or the media think of "Alt Right" they think of Richard.

I also don't want to be accused of "co-opting" the Alt Right brand. This was an issue when certain Hollywood Nazi types did an about face and suddenly claimed the Alt Right was always about Neo-Nazism and cartoonish antisemitism. And anyone on the Alt Right who opposed this was a "cuck" and needed to be purged before they "co-opted" the movement. Whatever. I decided (as did many others) that this was not the hill to die on, and I would self-purge.

My original view of the Alt Right was below:

And the mainstream exposure of the Alt Right exploded with Milo's Breitbart article. My views were heavily referenced in this article which explained the Alt Right to normies.

But my view of the Alt Right is pretty much dead. So I moved on.

4. Finances

I believe that transparency is the best policy concerning financial matters. As such, I believe you have the right to know how your money is used.

Background - I am not independently wealthy. I am retired from the IT industry. Returning to consulting jobs is now impossible (I have tried) now that the SPLC has defamed me and put me on a blacklist.

However, I have been wise with my money over the years and I have no debt.

All of my Patreon money will go to This will cover such items as:

1. Equipment (computer, camera, lights, software, microphones)

2. Paying for journalists and other contributers

As such, I can promise you that 100% of your money is going to help with the show and web site. The money I make from Patreon is publicly viewable. I will keep you updated as to how the money is spent.

The money from Patreon has been a blessing, but it is currently not enough to pay for all the above items. As such, any deficit is covered with my own savings.

If you want to contribute to me personally (Paul Ramsey), you can contribute to PayPal. But Patreon income will not be for my personal use. I want to spend it on journalists and commentators!

 I want to thank all of you for your support over the years!


  1. I saw on on the latest video that you were looking for writers. Where could I email you?

    1. Please contact me at

  2. How should I send you a sample of my writing? I am not a professional writer, but would love to contribute. I have experience in research, analysis, satire, short-story, and poetry. Being young, my views are yet molten, and perhaps more radical than yours, but I respect the rights of every group, not just my own, to exist in relative peace.

    1. Please contact me at

  3. Ramz

    Well, I wouldn't say that people at DS or TRS etc "co-opted" anything because the Alt Right is bigger than just Spencer. AA at DS has outlined the coming together of the people in an epic "article" that make up what Richard coined as the Alt Right.

    As for your self purge, that's fine. We had to make that stand because too many new people, mostly the (((usual suspects))) or those afraid of them were allowing (((them))) to co-opt the movement which has been throughly squashed. We now have different categories for new right people such as Alt Light and in this light you seem to have become a Civic Nationalist which contradicts your belief in self determination for all peoples unless of course whites are not a people and don't deserve self determination. And then we might ask, if you say we do, then why did you oppose our purge of Jews and those lumping them with us when (((they))) already have a nation with self determination for themselves?

    Regardless. I wish you the best and hope you might see clear to defending AA and DS as "we" take on the SPLC with the best 1st Amendment lawyer in America "we" just hired.

  4. Very exciting prospect, RamzPaul. I wish you well with it.
    I sorta wrote off Brietbart a few days ago myself.


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