Sunday, June 11, 2017

Feminist Magazine Defames Christian Woman

WifeWithAPurpose (Ayla) is a former SJW who turned traditional in a big way. She is now married, has six children and is devout in her Christian faith. And she actively promotes traditional values on her YouTube videos, Twitter and blog.

This alone would be considered "problematic" by the modern Left. But Ayla commits the ultimate heresy in insisting that there is nothing wrong with being White. Gasp!

Ayla is dangerous to the Left because she does not fit the stereotypical image of a "white supremacist."  The SPLC is fine with you supporting White identity as long as you look like a meth head with swastika tattoos screaming racial slurs. Hell, if you sport that look they will probably help to fund you.

The media LOVES this look

The media HATES this look

And if you ever listen to Alya you will quickly realize that she does not "hate" other people. She is a sweet lady who just advocates for her people and heritage. If she was any other race, this would not be an issue. For example, if Ayla advocated traditional Jewish values or Hispanic values, I have no doubt that she would have television show. But because she is White, this is forbidden.

The article also claims that she "promotes white supremacy disguised as white heritage pride." Oh? It would be interesting to for Bust magazine to explains how one can support "white heritage pride" without being defamed as a "white supremacist."

And notice the state of our so-called objective media. The following phrases are used in the Bust article:

  • bigoted beliefs
  • hate-filled rhetoric
  • All That Is Bad About The Internet

But if you spends even the slightest amount of time reading her essays or watching her videos, you would find the opposite is true. This is why the mainstream media no longer has credibility. People can easily check for themselves and see that they are liars.


  1. While I like Ayla and follow her on Twitter and Gab, she isn't a Christian woman. She is a mormon, and the distinction between the two is not a minor theological quibble. That doesn't negate the way she is being slandered but for the sake of accuracy it needs to be pointed out. Ironically the mormon religion which used to ban blacks from their "priesthood" until fairly recently is well on their way to totally cucking out to seem more mainstream. Voices like Ayla 40 years ago would have been mainstream in mormonism but they are rapidly being stamped out, just as they are in actual Christian churches and denominations.


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