Monday, June 12, 2017

Pro Sharia - Virtue Signaling Gone Wild

We had the strange sight of people marching in the West against Sharia Law. And even the stranger sight of homosexuals, transgender weirdos, feminists, etc. opposing the opposition to Sharia!

Sharia Law enforces primitive and barbaric punishment based on the teachings of a violent cult that originated in the desert 1,500 years ago. Unlike Christianity that teaches love and forgiveness, Islam has always been about submission or facing death.

As we have imported these people in our homelands, we are SHOCKED to discover that these people do not intend to change their values. No, many want to impose their religious law (Sharia) on the rest of us.

And crimes under this primitive religious system include married women speaking to other men. Per below, a woman was flogged for this crime.

The Sharia punishment for homosexuality is death.  Such execution methods include stoning or throwing homosexuals off buildings.

So why would leftists advocate Sharia when it would mean their literal deaths?

Typically, SJWs fall into one of three categories:

     1.  Ignorance

One of the favorite slurs of the Left is to scream that we are “ignorant.” But the average SJW has zero sense of history or a knowledge of religions. They just mindlessly parrot what they have been taught in school and see on TV. And their TV has taught them that all religions are basically the same. The only difference with Islam is that they have a different fashion sense. And people who claim otherwise are “ignorant bigots.”

    2. Virtue Signaling

Many SJWs have no desire to live under Sharia, but they also have a high time preference. Meaning, they don’t think anyone will soon throw them off a building for being a degenerate. But, for now, they can get good “virtue points” by taking selfies and making YouTube videos of them fighting “ignorance” and “hate.”

    3.  Hated of Whites and Christians

Many of these people have an absolute hatred of Whites and Christians and would gladly see them die, even if it meant their own death. These people have been taught since childhood that Whites and Christians are the source of all evil.  So, yeah, they may also die at the hands of Muslims. But at least those even Whites and Christians would also die!

The root of the problem in the West is that our people have mostly abandoned Christianity. We are no longer Christian nations. And the modern Christianity that we have in the West is weak and ineffectual. As such, our people like a shield to protect themselves from an alien invasion.


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