Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Should Alex Jones be denied a platform?

There is a debate if people who have “conspiracy theories” should be denied a platform. It seems that Alex Jones previously doubted the official Sandy Hook story. And giving Alex a platform causes “pain” to a mother of one of the victims.

For the record, I do not believe Sandy Hook was a false flag to generate support for gun control. However, it is obvious that gun control advocates jump on any shooting to push their political agenda. But this does not necessarily mean that they create these incidents.

Within a free society we must allow open debate about all subjects. Because sometimes the official story is wrong or a lie. And we can’t censor the investigation of truth because it might hurt someone’s feelings. A civilization that is based on lies cannot stand.

One such “conspiracy theory” that turned out to be true was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. We now know that this incident never happened. The only debate now was if it was an honest mistake or if it was a false flag to get us deeper in the Vietnam War.


  1. Jones might be on the money regarding Sandy Hook. The state of Connecticut maintains two medivac helicopters, despite perfect flying weather that day and many seriously injured people neither helicopter left their pads. This fact has been confirmed by flight logs obtained through the freedom of information act. If there was ever a day and a need to send those helicopters into the air, that was the day! I'm open to the possibility of a hoax!

    1. Got a link to substantiate your claim?

    2. Debunked:


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