Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Protecting our past - Virginia Flaggers

A viewer requested that I make a video concerning Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers. I was not aware of this group but, after doing some initial research, I was impressed. The Virginia Flaggers is an organization dedicated to preserving Virginia’s history and heritage.

Over 150 years have passed since the Civil War. During those years Americans reconciled and honored the memory of the soldiers who fought on both sides in that horrible war. I personally have an ancestor who died fighting for the Union as part of the Indiana Regiment.  Despite my family history of fighting for the North, my father gave me the middle name of “Lee” in honor of that great Virginian - General Lee.

Now extremist organizations such as the SPLC, are cheering the ISIS like destruction of monuments and gravesites of Confederate soldiers. Such organizations hate traditional America and want to erase our past.  Thankfully, we have brave people such a Susan Hathaway who are willing to honor their ancestors.


  1. The ancient Israelis not only committed genocide but were a slave owning society as well.

  2. Name on thing Susan Hathaway or the Virginia Flaggers have done to "protect heritage". They haven't. The entire "Confederate heritage" movement is a giant fraud. This is fake news. The Flaggers are not stopping or conserving anything. Factually, they are losing, as evidenced by the removal of a flag in Lexington, Virginia earlier this year. The Flaggers first vowed it wasn't coming down. Then they vowed it was going back up. Last week, a Tourism Corridor review board/Board of Supervisors ruled that it wasn't.

    The Flaggers biggest trick is that they sit by and wave flags while monuments are being removed, and everyone kisses their asses like they've done something. They haven't. Stop kissing their asses. They've conserved nothing.

    Additionally, white nationalist have now taken over the "heritage" fight, but I ask you, are the Flaggers supporting them? Will the Flaggers be in Charlottesville on August 12th at the Unite the Right event? The Flaggers are happy to sit by silently while white nationalists are attacked by the media for actually doing what they should be doing, but are too afraid to do. Stop the pathetic worship of these two-bit frauds. Susan Hathaway and the Flaggers won't hesitate to throw you under the bus if they think their pyramid scheme is at risk of being labeled "racist".


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