Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Africa's population explosion

President Macron made the obvious comment that Nigerian woman having 7 or 8 babies is probably not good for civilization if they can't even support one child. Years ago, such a high birth rate was not an issue as nature, through starvation and disease, kept the African population in check. But now that Europeans feed and provide medicine to Africa, the population has exploded. And many of the Africans are swarming to Europe.

Of course, suggesting Africans have fewer children has enraged the Left. It is fine to demand that White women have fewer babies. But it is "racist" and "hate" to suggest African women do the same.



  1. Yup. The Lamestream media are sweeping hard on this. I smelled a rat right away. I have been known to change doctors because they hired a colored receptionist. The scheduling usually faals to shit shortly after an AA hire. Best to learn from the experience of others on these matters. Or you can disbelieve me.

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  3. Catholic fanatics like Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute want to outlaw birth control along with abortion and think it's fine if Africans pop out children that they can't support. They count on continued increases in crop yields thank to advances in technology as well as foreign aid to prevent mass starvation.

    Great job you are doing.

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