Thursday, July 13, 2017

We need more Paul less Sigmund

YouTube made the news the other day from promoting a video in which adults explain masturbation to little children.

I won't link to the video because I don't want to provide views and ad revenue to people who are sexually molesting children. And, yes, discussing graphic sexual contact to children is criminal, as Anthony Weiner discovered.

However, this slide into degeneracy is not new. Ten years ago the German government promoted this:

This is a part of a larger effort to deconstruct Christian morality in the West. This effort was primarily started by Sigmund Freud over 100 years ago.

Freud believed that removing sexual barriers would helped cure mankind of neuroses. Freud saw himself as being on a messianic mission to the gentiles.

But what does a culture look like that has no sexual restraints? Probably the most extreme example was the Aborigine culture in Australia and New Guinea. Below is an account of such a culture:

"Malinowski reports watching the widespread sucking of genitals and intercourse between children in Melanesia, encouraged by parents, so that most girls are raped by the time they are seven years old.40 New Guinea fathers rarely care for their little children, but when they do they mainly fondle their genitals, using the child as a breast-object “because they say they get sexually aroused when they watch them nurse.”4"

It seems that sexually liberation does not bring happiness, but death.

Another Jew who was a missionary to the gentiles had a radically different notion to sex. The Apostle Paul believed that women had more worth than being just sexual toys that could be shared among men. This was a radical notion.

As Kruger writes, "While it was not unusual for Roman citizens to have multiple sexual partners, homosexual encounters, and engagement with temple prostitutes, Christians stood out precisely because they refused to engage in these practices."

As future generations attempt to recover from the ruins of Sigmund, they should look to the teachings of Paul to help restore Western Civilization.


  1. It is almost like the apostles knew what they were talking about 2000 years ago. Good thing we have (((psychiatrists))) to tell us what God got wrong.

  2. Have you ever read Freud himself rather than books written about him? Freud was no sexual liberal, that comes later from people like Wilhelm Reich & Erich Fromm who was from the Frankfurt School & we all know what that was about. Freud found that a certain group of people could not cope with the sexual thoughts & fantasies that are normal for most people & these people repressed their sexual thoughts in order to escape them. The repressed would return however in the form of symptoms & the result would be Hysteria, Phobia or Obsessions i.e. neurotic illness. This group of people i.e. neurotics were too repressive towards themselves. Freud certainly did not advocate free love, interfering with children, paedophilia etc. He saw that harm came from that, See some of his case studies such as Katharina in 'Studies on Hysteria'.

  3. You are giving Paul all kinds of credit he doesn't deserve. He didn't invent the idea that women should be loved! Good grief. You can look at the beauty of the Greeks and Romans at that time and see they weren't genetic degenerates.

  4. The icon of the Apostle Paul leads me to one question: Was Paul a Klingon?


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