Monday, August 28, 2017

ADL Starts YouTube Censorship

It did not take long for the ADL to start censoring videos on YouTube. Jared Taylor's video had the honor of being targeted first.

You can still see his video is a sanitized state at this location. Note that YouTube will not allow me to embed his video.

It should be noted that it was not a fundamentalist Christian group that has started wide spread censorship of political videos. No, that honor goes to a left wing Jewish group. It looks like the ADL are the intolerant bigots attempting to silence speech and debate.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are the big three that form a virtual monopoly on social media. If you are censored on these platforms, you basically cannot reach a large audience. This is the obvious goal of groups such as the ADL. They are OK with your freedom of speech, as long as you don't get an audience. Once you get an audience you are a threat to their control of information.

In the short term these companies must be regulated as utilities and be required to respect lawful speech.  The other alternative is to break these companies apart via antitrust legislation.

The long term direction of the Internet is the use of peer-to-peer hosting. Under this model information is distributed and not stored in giant data centers. As such, political groups such as the ADL will have troubles censoring videos in a distributed environment.

The problem of peer-to-peer computing was that it was somewhat complex to use for the average user. However, that has recently changed with applications such as BitChute. Now you can watch distributed videos with a simple click in your browser.

I have recently joined Bitchute and I plan to mirror my YouTube videos at that location. My first Bitchute video can be found here:

A video explaining Bitchute:


  1. God bless you Ramzpaul. You are blessed.

  2. Gosh! How I wish the ADL, SPLC, Antifas, Black Lies Matter and other lefty anarchists would please stop being so damn nice to us. They must spend most of their waking hours deciding what we should see, hear and read. They are obsessed with determining what is in our best political interests also since they think we are incapable of deciding these weighty things for ourselves.
    They are as rotten and oppressive as those Anonymous hacker yobs who decide what internet sites we can access and which we can no longer access. Please just stop being so nice to us.

  3. I hope you have your bug out bag ready, Ramz.

  4. I first became aware of the ADL when I was a kid in the early '70s and they lobbied for swastikas to not be depicted on the box cover art of model airplane kits and it wasn't long after that that swastika decals inside said kits became verboten as well.


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