Thursday, August 31, 2017

Antifa - Useful idiots for the establishment

On a dime, the establishment has turned against Antifa. Just a week ago the establishment was screaming at Trump for suggesting both sides were responsible for Charlottesville. There was even the usual talk of impeachment based on Trump making such shocking remarks.

Well, now that is all forgotten and Antifa now the enemy. Antifa served their purpose as useful idiots for the establishment. And the establishment is making it clear that if they should conduct more attacks without the establishment's permission, people in Antifa are headed to prison.


  1. Sounds like what Hitler did to the SA.

  2. Same happened in England in the '30s.
    Sir Oswald Mosley formed the British Union Of Fascists. The word 'Fascist' did not have the stigma it has today - but even then their meetings were routinely brutally attacked - attacks led by the usual suspects.
    Mosley had to form a uniformed protection group called the 'Black Shirts' - just as Hitler had to form his SA.
    I was brought up to believe they were just uniformed thugs - I now know better.

  3. What I find really disturbing about the Antifa yob mobs is that most of the masked cowards are white. Do they get paid for being bastards or are they doing this crap for free? These white fools do prove one thing beyond doubt though they are not white supremacists because they are not superior at anything except being losers.


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